A maxi dress is so comfortable for the third trimester! I'm sharing a tip on how to save money on maternity clothes....So…I’ve had a massive head cold all week. This has made trying to sleep at night somewhat difficult. When you combine that breathless feeling that comes from being pregnant with not being able to breath because of my cold, I find myself sitting up in a panic wishing I could just go to sleep and then wake up with a baby in my arms! After giving birth to five little ones, I know its far from being that easy. 🙂

I had a cold like this during my last pregnancy, and it took awhile for me to recover. I’ve been in bed a lot, faithfully taking elderberry syrup, oregano oil capsules, grapefruit seed pills, putting essential oils on my feet, and recently, the E Immune Tincture. My husband is amazing and has been praying with me, encouraging me, and helping around the house as much as he can.

Flexi clips make an easy way to pull your hair back into a cute ponytail!

We really needed to run some errands Saturday and I thought I would be up to it. The children were surprised to see me dressed – most of the week they’ve seen me in yoga pants or pajamas. 🙂 This maxi dress is super comfortable, but I have to layer it just right to be modest. It can be converted into a strapless maxi dress (think a summer maxi), which is why I not only put the jean jacket on, but I also layered the scarf to cover the lower cut of the dress. It worked out great!

I purchased a maternity jean jacket from ThredUP to wear, but so far it is still just swimming on me (or am I swimming in it?). A pregnant mama likes that problem though. 😉 I already have had to stop wearing certain clothes because they are getting tight, so it’s nice to wear a regular, pre-pregnancy piece of clothing!

Available only in January or while supplies last! Sapphire Ice flexi and matching bobby pins!

The new flexi clip and bobby pins for January are available at Lilla Rose. They’re stunning. I can’t wait for the ones that I ordered to arrive! Sapphire Ice is available in sizes Mini through Mega, plus they have the matching bobby pins!

What I Wore

Maternity Maxi Dress – Found on ThredUP, a place to purchase gently used clothing (get $10 credit for new customers that sign up through this link!).

Jean Jacket – Thrift Store

Scarf – Zulily

Shoes – Thrift Store (my sister gave them to me for Christmas. She had texted me a picture asking if she should buy them and I fell in love with them! I was so surprised when I ended up getting them for Christmas. 😉 )

Flexi Clip – Rainbow Cluster Flexi in size Medium (what size you wear varies depending on how thick your hair is).

Makeup – L’BRI Pure and Natural. Yes, I really did have a little bit on, though it doesn’t look like it in the pictures!

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10 Comments on Modest Monday {Denim Jacket and Maxi Dress} and a Link Up!

  1. You know I have never seen you look anything but fantastic in your photos, so be assured you are beautiful inside and out. You are not huge by any means you are pregnant – what a wonderful blessings. Thanks for hosting such a great link up. Blessings to you and your family and I hope you are feeling better soon. Blessings

  2. Oh, I remember the difficulties of pregnancy… being stuffed up… having trouble breathing… and yet having many other children to take care of… I hope things improve soon for you… 🙂

  3. You look fantastic! I had a cold, for at least the last month of my last pregnancy. It was so miserable! It seems like it literally cleared up as soon as the baby was born! I have a viral thing right now and was just remembering how terrible the end of that pregnancy had been. Praying for a quick recovery for you. So glad your husband is there to help.

  4. Hi! I hope you feel better soon, being sick during pregnancy can be tough! Please check into the oregano oil…I have heard it’s a big no no during pregnancy.

    • I totally wrote down the wrong thing! I’ve been taking Olive Leaf, not Oregano. 🙂 My midwife has asked me to not take essential oils internally during my pregnancy, so I haven’t taken any. Thanks for the warning!

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