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Discipline. One word can stir up so much emotion. As I write this, I’m fighting a horrible head cold that came out of nowhere.  The last thing I want to do is write, but I must discipline myself to stay on schedule and get day 10 out.

Women are known for acting on feelings. I think some of that notion is used as an excuse sometimes, but generally speaking, I do believe women act on feelings more than men do.

Our feelings can get us into some serious slumps if we are not careful. If we’re not careful to consistently steward them, we might find ourselves sitting on the couch eating bon bons all day because we are don’t want to face real life.

As with anything else, discipline applies to our dress habits as well. If we truly want change, we have to work at it. If changing your overall look at once seems too overwhelming, work on one thing at a time! This isn’t just about your clothes. It’s also about how disciplined you are in your daily habits of cleanliness. Let’s face it, you can look adorable dressed up in your cute maxi skirt and earrings, but if you forgot to put deodorant on, then nobody is going to want to come near you!

If tackling the complete outfit and personal care is too much, then focus on one area of personal care that you are going to work on during this series. Going into the series I was planning on putting some makeup on every day. But then I broke my foot right before the series started and it put a huge damper on everything! Trying to stand that long at the mirror on one foot just wasn’t going to happen. So I created a new challenge for myself. Every day I was going to use a complete facial skincare set, to wash, freshen, and moisturize my face. The results have been amazing, and I’m so glad I took the time to add the 2-3 extra minutes to my morning and evening routine.

How do we become self-disciplined?

We train. We start each day with one small goal and we build up to more. Today, you get out of the sweats. Tomorrow, you make the effort to wear a pretty shirt. The next day you put some make-up on. The day after that you get dressed by a certain time.  Sara Mae

It’s as simple as that. One step at a time. You make the choice of what you want to conquer. Only you can change your appearance. If you make the effort, your husband and children will thank you for it!

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