Creating a Morning Routine {Day 9}

Disciplining ourselves in the mornings is hard, hard work. Especially when you stay up late. I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of staying up late since my husband is often up until the wee morning hours working on homework. The truth? I’m seldom in bed before midnight these days, sometimes later. I seem to go in spurts of good health (thyroid and adrenal) while doing the late night routine. The reality is that I get the most work done while the house is quiet! I don’t have to stay up late to get that quiet time though. If I went to bed the same time as my children and got up early, I know it would be ┬ámuch more productive for my days and my health.

If we want to truly get up and have the opportunity to get dressed, we need to plan our mornings out! Having a plan in place for breakfast is huge for me. I go through seasons of life where I’m able to get muffins and waffles made and in the freezer to pull out. Other times I go through lots of cold cereal for the children, and greek yogurt smoothies for me (I need more protein than just cereal!). Scheduled chores is helpful, but we don’t do a huge amount of chores before school. A quick pick up, and my boys each have one chore and then we start. Lately I’ve been sleeping in much later, so school has been starting later. I had no clue that breaking my foot could make me so tired! All my strength seems to be going towards healing this foot. I remember my husband was the same way when he broke his foot earlier this year though.

A good morning routine might look something like this:

Wake up

Get Dressed

Bathroom Routine – fix hair, wash face, and put on some makeup (for those who use it)

Quiet Time – even just a few minutes praying and/or reading scriptures

Help get little children dressed/direct older ones in chores

Fix breakfast

Start devotionals with children

My mornings do not always look like this, but it is a good goal to have!

I just read a good post on routines to reduce stress, that included some great tips for a smoother morning routine. You can read it here.

I like a routine for mornings, but not a strict schedule. Others might like something very strict. Having something written in place is good. Below are some good printables for creating your own morning routine!


Basic Morning Routine Chart to fill in yourself.


Here is a great daily To Do list, along with lots of other printables!


This is a Goal list that you could use for a morning routine goal list!


Today’s Challenge:

1. Get dressed!

2. Find a morning routine printable that you like, print it off and fill it in. Create a realistic morning routine and work towards getting it all done every morning.

3. Read Day 9 of “From Frumps to Pumps.”



4 Comments on Creating a Morning Routine {Day 9}

  1. hi, love your blog, i read on a post from 2011 that your husband was going to write about his veiw and take on modesty but i couldnt find it. I was just wondering if he wrote about it, because id really like to hear a mans view as well. thanks so much for all you do and write about.

  2. I must say that I needed this!! I have been following your blog, but I have been struggling with time to actually sit down and get time to relax, blog, and get enough quiet time with the Lord. I am going to use some of these tools to get myself on track.

  3. I’ve been trying so hard to get morning and evening routines going, which is embarrassing as I don’t even have kids! I think it will be forever a work in progress! I work MWF, so sometimes I need to be up early and sometimes I can just go at my own pace in the morning. I also struggled very badly with severe chronic insomnia for the last several years; it has gotten much better recently, but I still struggle sometimes. And if I haven’t slept well, I will either sleep as late as possible in the a.m. or get up on time but take it really easy. In theory, my morning routine would be: Rise, make the bed, eat breakfast, put dishes away, brush teeth, change into sweats, walk the dog, then shower/dress/hair/makeup. (I have found that my workouts are MUCH more productive if I do them in the evening. Same with Bible reading.)

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