I firmly believe in eating healthy. But I don’t follow through with that belief very well at times. I’m sitting here right now with a nice warm cup of cocoa with marshmallows! In my defense, I did make the marshmallows-and I had a blast doing so! They are so yummy, and taste way better than the store bought ones. Those are stale and dry compared to these. But I digress….

For 8 years now I have either pretty much been pregnant or nursing. I have four children seven and under, and I’ve never had a child turn two without being pregnant, or already holding a new baby in my arms. My youngest, Olivia just turned one. So if my pattern follows-there is a good chance at some point this coming year I will be pregnant again if the Lord so blesses.
It takes a great deal out of any woman to be pregnant. And while I don’t view nursing as quite as much of a strain, it still demands health of the mother. I know Mom’s who are blessed with easy pregnancies, sadly I am not numbered among them! My last pregnancy was the hardest as far as morning sickness, I threw up daily for a month straight. I’ve started taking Milk Thistle, as Shonda Parker from The Naturally Healthy Pregnancy recommends this herb to support your liver, and possibly ease your morning sickness. You are supposed to take it several months before conceiving. I figure it can’t hurt to try!
Another goal of mine for the new year is to remember to take my vitamins! I’m terrible at taking my pills each day. When I found out I was pregnant with Olivia, I was stressed for quite a while because I had not been taking my multi-vitamin, and I know how important it is for the baby’s development to have enough Folic acid in you when you conceive. Thankfully she is fine, but for peace of mind, and just for my general health I want to be more diligent about taking them daily.
This seems to be on every ones list this time of year, but I have to mention the dreaded word. Exercise. I have started and stopped more times than I care to count, but I really do want to be more diligent about doing so. I’ll be sharing next month with you my favorite workout, and possibly even do a giveaway!
I normally bake my own whole wheat bread out of flour that I grind. The past few months I have gotten out of the habit and have been buying bread at Costco a lot. I really want to get back into it this year as I know the health benefits are great. And what excuse do I really have since I have a fantastic Bosch Mixer?
Finally, I really need to work hard on eating healthier, and drinking more water throughout the day. I have a problem with low adrenal glands (I will share more about that next month) and since my Mom’s passing the stress has not been as nice to to my adrenal glands as I would like. I did an adrenal test this week and I’m waiting to see what the results are. I’m forcing myself to lay down and rest in the afternoons, something I really don’t like doing but I know it is needed during this season of life. Reducing my sugar and white flour intake is important for my adrenals-and fatigue in general.
I know I can do all these things and more to achieve good health, but ultimately my good health comes from God. Praying for strength and health is just as important as all the steps I outlined above. I do not take the health I have lightly, as I have seen so many people suffer from terrible sicknesses, or worse heard of young Mother’s passing away during tragic accidents. I am incredibly thankful to be in relatively good health compared to many others.
What are some of your goals for a healthier 2011?

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  1. I'm still working on my 2011 plans maybe I'll be done soon. Hubby has the month of January off so I will have time to pray and foucs. I might even plan next years schooling.

  2. Have you checked out SuperMom Vitamins from beeyoutiful.com? They are a Christian company and their products are excellent.
    SuperMoms have it all in one multivitamin, so you don't have to take alot of separate ones. They also have SuperDad and SuperKids Liquid

  3. Hi! Stopping by from Friday Blog Hop. LOVE YOUR SITE and this post! I would be interested in learning more about how you grind your own wheat for bread. I am now following you, would appreciate you following me back. Blessings to you!

  4. I've been working on similar things. It seems to be paying off. I found out a few weeks ago that we are expecting baby #7! By this point in pregnancy I'm usually throwing up (and continue every day for at least a month, even with medication), but I have yet to do it this time! I'm still feeling sick and very tired though.

    Have you heard of the bean diet for pregnancy? I read about it on inashoe.com and figured if it was helpful during pregnancy maybe I should eat more beans BEFORE getting pregnant. Maybe that helped me this time? Just thought I'd pass on the tip.


  5. Gabe,

    Yes I have heard of the diet that Kim talks about on In A Shoe. It has intrigued me, I read it after my last baby so I haven't had a chance. We are eating beans for dinner tonight, the pioneer woman's recipe. 🙂

    Congratulations on expecting baby #7!! What a blessing!!

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