You have no idea how excited I am to finally be introducing Character Badges to you! This program is not brought about by anything I’ve done, rather it is the work of my very talented husband. During his summer break (he is a senior in college) he surprised me by creating the program because he saw a need in our home. You won’t see any clip art in this program! All the graphics were painstakingly created from scratch by him.

Why did we create Character Badges?

It was one of those days. You know, the one where the 8 year old is taking an hour to do his 10 minute chore. The 10 year old has a bad attitude, and the 5 year old is upset because you picked out her clothes that morning. The house is a mess and all of a sudden it happens.

You start yelling. And grounding everyone to their rooms for the day. The tears come, you march to your room and shut the door, and wonder why you can’t get everyone to obey. You rest, you recoup and purpose to do better the next day.

But it happens again. And again. You start to see discouraging signs of fatigue in your children –  they’re beginning to disregard your instructions. Your raised voice startled them at first and they straightened up their ways, but more and more they just ignore it. You start to feel guilty about being harsh and pull back from correcting your children, fearing you’ll lose their respect all together but you know this isn’t the solution either. You need to be firm yet encouraging in the way you train your little ones.

Character Badges was created out of a need in our home to bring consistency to the way we train our children.  Instead of just blindly coming up with consequences when misbehavior happens, Character Badges helps you and the child know exactly what consequence is affixed to the wrong behavior.

How Does Character Badges Work?

The unique and most rewarding part of this program are the reward charts and badges. Being consistent with correcting your children is important, but being consistent with how you reward them for their good behavior is just as important. As the child is seen exhibiting good character attributes they get to put checks on their Obedience Chart. They work towards earning character badges, and extra special #1, #2, and #3 badges. Each of these badges are colorful stickers that your child can wear on their clothing or display in a prominent place.



There’s also a flexible reward system that has been designed to go along with the system. Parents are able to award Character Coins to their children when they receive a #1, #2, or #3 badge. These special coins can be saved and applied towards the rewards listed on the rewards chart. Most of these rewards don’t cost a thing (family bike ride, family movie night) and there are even empty slots provided for parents to come up with their own rewards!


Character Badges is designed for ages 5-12.

How Has It Helped Our Children?

We have been blessed by using this program for 6 months now. Our children have become accustomed to the charts, and love earning their badges and good checks. The behavior in our children has really improved and they know exactly what to expect when they do something wrong. We even find them encouraging their siblings to do better, as sometimes we give them group prizes to work towards together.

Every month we erase their charts and start fresh and if we forget a day or two and try to run on autopilot, we can definitely see a difference in how we parent and how our children behave. This system has become a great help for us and I’m so grateful to have it in our home!


Another great feature of the program is its flexibility. If you decide you only want to use the reward system, that is fine. If you only want to use the disobedience charts to keep track of your children’s behavior, that is fine too. We encourage use of the full program, but we know every family is different!

The feedback from those that have seen the program has been very encouraging. Here is what one mom said:

“From the first moment I began looking over the Character Badges Manual I just knew this was something I wanted to use with my children right away. We’ve let way too many acts of disobedience slide through the cracks and it’s time to get a hold on it. I’m excited about starting the Character Badges program with them and can’t wait to see positive results. And, I just know they’ll be more eager to obey when wearing a badge is involved! ” –  Heather at RaisingMightyArrows.net

How Do We Buy This Program?

Just head over to characterbadges.com/shop. Everything you need is right there.

We wanted to celebrate the release of this parenting tool! We tried to decide what you all would like best, and decided that everyone would love getting a little bit of extra cash.

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162 Comments on Introducing The Character Badges Program Plus Win $100 Cash!

  1. What a great idea Caroline! I really struggle with consistency in correction and remembering to acknowledge good behavior regularly.

  2. What a wonderful idea! Things seem to slip by me in the busyness of everyday life; this seems like a great way to stay on track with training my children in good character and to remember to reward them for it. The hardest part for me is remembering to build them up by being purposeful in pointing out what they did right more than what they are doing wrong.
    Thank you!


  3. This looks like a great program. I can so relate to the child disobeying, I yell, and start over the next day trying to do better. We are making no progress and I’m afraid, creating a wedge between us. Maybe this would work for him.

  4. What a wonderful implementation of character training! Over the past year we have become increasingly aware of how important installing good character qualities into our children is and this looks so helpful!

  5. I could use help with teaching them to play nicely with each other. Half the time they are friends- the rest of the time they are fighting.

  6. Consistency is an issue here. The 4yo seems to have some processing delays (he “spaces out” frequently), and it’s so hard to tell sometimes whether he’s “with us” enough to have heard/understood the instruction/correction, so then it’s hard to know whether he needs to be told again or disciplined or what. Sometimes he’s ignoring us, but sometimes he simply didn’t hear/understand what was said to him.

  7. Mine are younger right now, but we’re already having trouble with our almost 3 yr old in just obeying. He loves to “explain” why he shouldn’t. I would love to have a program to work on with him as he starts to mature and grow.

  8. Looks fantastic. Being constant is something I struggle with. Easy to slack off, when you are tired and grumpy yourself. :p

  9. Looks great! Your husband looks like a wonderful designer. Oh there is so much we need to work on… But our focus with our son is obedience. If we tell him not to do something, he does it. He will throw tantrums for hours rather than do a simple task (like get dressed). I have started to notice myself just ignoring bad behavior because I don’t want to deal with the whole thing.

  10. Lately it seems like we need help in every area of training! I have 5 ages 8-5 months and most days I find myself just trying to get through it 🙁

  11. For the kids- whining, and not obeying right away with a happy heart –that’s pretty much everything! And I need help being consistent.

  12. We need help training our kids to take initiative. They have a chore list to complete each day, but the leave a lot of chores undone unless I stand over them.

  13. I sure wish I had something like this when my kiddos were little (mine are 20, 13, 11). I have gotten much better, but I often think I screwed up my oldest. He’s a great kid, but his heart isn’t where I had hoped. I pray for all the mammas who are struggling to get their homes under control and lead the hearts of their children to be wholly devoted to their Lord.

  14. This is a wonderful idea! Thank you for sharing your husband’s work. I am praying for you as you get through this semester. I cannot imagine the stress on your family. (hugs)

  15. I did that wrong and didn’t realize that I was supposed to answer a specific question. Sorry.. I need help with my attitude. If my attitude is correct the whole day goes so much better. Is there a character badge for that???? I would be very motivated to work for starbucks latte’s :).

  16. What a wonderful idea!! I definitely need help coming up with proper punishments. Time outs don’t work for my daughter, as she told me, because she makes up stories in her mind during that time and it’s like a little t.v. in her head. =) It’s amazing what kids will do to make something not so fun, fun.

  17. This helps with consistency on our part in encouraging our boys to remember to listen with cheerful hearts. Help is needed in the whining and doing something with diligence.

  18. One ours really struggles with his temper. He glares, speaks rudely, hits, kicks, etc. His behavior has come a long way but it doesn’t seem like we have been able to effectively reach his heart.

  19. Oh this was my day yesterday, chores taking way to long school work too, or not finishing and saying it was. Wanting to run away and give up. This looks like a great tool! Thanks for the giveaway

  20. There are a lot of things we need to work on. Cheerfulness, diligence, obedience, truthfulness…This will be very helpful, I’m sure.

  21. I love this Caroline! Reading it, it sounds like I wrote it. We’ve been having our fair share of struggles with our two oldest (7 & 6) and I think this would really help us. Consistency being on of the biggest things, but my list is too long to put in one comment! 😉 Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  22. Very neat! I’d love to try this program.
    We go through phases where we are more consistent and always see
    A huge improvement, but it’s so hard to stay that way.
    This would be something my kids would be very excited about. Getting the kids
    to obey without tons of questions and protest is a problem we struggle with.

  23. I need help with teaching my children to follow through. Many times I’ll ask them to do something and they’ll start to obey, but then get sidetracked with something else. I would love for my little ones to immediately obey and finish the task quickly instead of dragging it out!

  24. Consistency would definitely be helpful. Especially when Daddy comes home after being gone all day he doesn’t always want to discipline immediately for poor behavior, this would make it so much easier to remain united :)Thanks for the giveaway chance too!

  25. I could really use help getting them to do things without constant reminders each day. I would like them to be able to get their daily morning routines done without being dragged or nagged off the couch.

  26. Just one? Seriously, though….I would like to see my son (9) and daughter (2 1/2) respond positively to each other, and not escalate into yelling. When they are guided through a disagreement, it goes so well. I would like to instill this deeper in their hearts. Oh…and first time obedience for the little lady. YEAH.

  27. Consistency in reward if good behavior and consequences of bad behavior is where we could use some help. I’m so tired of repeating myself over and over.

  28. I have a hard time balancing showing grace (as God does to us) with training and disciplining (as God also does to us and commands us to to with our children). I am always hoping to learn and grow in the area of teaching character to my children!

  29. Pick a topic and we need help training our boy in it…Ever since our second son was born it has been a huge struggle, everything. Nothing seems to be working and I find myself melting down too when he does!

  30. Great idea! We have been using the If/Then and Blessings charts from Doorposts, and they have been so helpful! But I do feel that they’re maybe becoming rote now, and we could definitely use some new positive reinforcement around here!

  31. We’ve been working on “Listen and Obey” (first time obedience). Also, one child has a big attitude problem when we ask him to do things that he doesn’t want to do.
    From the little story you gave at the beginning of this post, I’d say we’re in the same boat! =)

  32. This program is definitely worth looking into! As a mommy to seven, I understand how easily behavior can become unruly without a plan on how to correct and discipline!

  33. I would say having a good attitude about chores and also not taking an hour to do a 10 minute chore are the biggest problems in our house.

  34. My only concern is the disobedience chart. If the child asks for forgiveness, it’s over. Like with God, we ask for forgiveness and God wipes it off the slate. No record of wrong doings. What are we teaching our children if we keep a record of their wrong doings?

  35. Our biggest struggle is obedience. My daughter is super sweet, kind and caring, but questions everything I do or say and has her own way of doing things!

  36. This a wonderful thing that your family is offering to others. Our family needs to work on first time obedience and yes, mom/dad. Thank you for all you do! You are truly an encouragement to mothers.

  37. Oh, my! I have been thinking about implementing a program like this in my home, but I figured I would have to create it myself!

    I want to instill character traits like kindness, obedience, and doing things right the first time in my kids. I think maybe this is the tool I have been praying for.

  38. My 5yo could use some help in obeying with a good attitude. But maybe it’s because her mom could use the same…
    On a side note, your husband is so talented!!! I was impressed when you said he made all those graphics. They look so professional! You have created the resource that we all want and need, but without the cheesy homemade pieced together look that I would have given it. 🙂

    • Thank you! My husband will graduate in May with a BFA in Graphic Design, so we were happy he put his talent towards a project that will not only bless our family but hopefully many others. 🙂

      If could leave that review on the actual Character Badges review area I would SO appreciate it! Here is the link: http://www.themodestmomblog.com/shop/

  39. I’m looking forward to getting them, I’ve already ordered, now I’m just waiting for the email with the bundle. I hope they are sent to my email soon… I need to work on my own patience but we need a lot of help here and I was hoping to start with my kids asap.

    • Barbie,

      Make sure you check your receipt. That is where you will find the link to download the bundle set. Thank you for ordering!

      • Thank you! Sorry about that,I am not very tech savvy. 🙂 I have to ask my kids for help when it comes to computers and cell phones.

  40. This looks pretty neat! I may just be investing in this soon! One question though – it looks like the badges are to be printed on adhesive/sticker paper. Is that right?

    • Carmen,

      Hello! You actually just print everything off on regular computer paper, and you laminate the badges and put pins on the back. You can order pins on Amazon for a few dollars, or find them at your craft store. If you don’t have a laminating machine any copy store can laminate for you. I hope that helps!

  41. I like this concept and at an affordable price too! One of the main character issues we deal with in our children is whininess/ laziness. Of course, sometimes this issue pops up in Mom and Dad as well! 😉

  42. love this:) i think this would be great to have we have five children from 10 to 1yr 9m and one more due in july:) it would be a great way to motivate them!! thanks for a chance to win:)

  43. We definitely struggle with being inconsistent in our training. I would love for my 6 boys to work on being more joyful and thorough when they are asked to do something.

  44. I have trouble being proactive in praising for good behavior/attitudes instead of focusing on the negative behavior. With my oldest w/ ADHD and my youngest w/severe developmental delays, it’s hard to maintain a consistent focus on one or two character traits. I generally try to hit them all at once and it overwhelms the kids and me. I look forward to trying this out.

  45. My son has autism so he has impulse control problems,trouble with shyness and his table manners are pretty horrible too! HA! Thanks so much.

  46. I picked tone of voice as the character area that I could use the most help with. Some of that is outright fussing/whining, but some is older children speaking to younger children in a frustrated/upset tone.

  47. I really struggle with staying consistent and admit that I fail in rewarding good behavior. My 3 girls are 2 1/2 to 12 weeks, and I have your character badges bookmarked for when my oldest is ready for it. Won’t be long now!

  48. What a blessing it would be to win this giveaway! I am planning on purchasing the Character Badge Program…I can’t wait to get it started with my 4 year old!

  49. My son is still very young (21 months in 2 days), so the biggest area to work on would probably be obedience. I guess the little character badges would work best for now.

  50. I need help on how to teach obedience with a good attitude. Just ordered the Character Badges bundle! Excited to get started.

  51. Wow, that’s amazing that you all carved out the time to put this together. I’m sure many families will appreciate it.

  52. Application. It’s easy to tell them why we do what we do, but helping them to identify those situations in real life is the struggle.

  53. I struggle with being consistent every.single.time. I feel like I am correcting all day long sometimes and just get tired of what feels like nagging. I need to have a positive attitude and do better at pointing them toward our savior and the reasons doing the right things are so important.

  54. My child is grown but with the grands it is to make myself be stern enough that they know “no” means no.

  55. Right now our daughters are a few weeks shy of three and six and a half months. My oldest has issues with obeying the first time. I have trouble being consistent with her, especially when I’m dealing with the baby, and with not giving in when she goes around me. We’re living with my parents while my husband’s deployed, and my step-dad especially is bad about giving in to her demands even after I say no.

  56. Thanks for this opportunity! I hope I win 🙂 Unfortunately, consistency and positive reinforcement are my pitfalls 🙁 Seems so easy, but WHY so hard?

  57. Backtalk, sassing, and not taking ownership for disobedience-sigh… If I win the $100, I’m springing for the badge program for sure! I have one child that is golden, and one that knows every single one of his momma’s buttons! It keeps me at the feet of Jesus, but then again, that’s where I need to be anyway:)

  58. Listening is a big deal in our house right now. My boys don’t mean to be disrespectful but good listening is a problem for us right now.

  59. I would say having a positive attitude – even when asked to do something you don’t want to do – is an area I’d like to work on with my children.

  60. We live in a culture (China) that has little regard for kids being taught character. My kids are sorely lacking in obedience. I”m so excited about this program and can’t wait to see the results!

  61. I could use help with diligence and consistency in me. We seem to be stuck in a loop, and right now we’re in the phase where the house is a complete disaster, the kids won’t listen to a thing I say unless I hand out spankings, and even then they only stick to a task until I glance away. The moment my attention is diverted by the needs of one of the smaller kids, the oldest ones make a mad dash out of the room in which they’re supposed to be working. I am newly pregnant, exhausted, and nauseated, which makes it harder to deal with character issues, but we must. My kids respond very well to charts and stickers, so this character badges system could be a great chart. The consequence charts would help me remember what consequence we’ve set, which would help with consistency, and the girls would enjoy watching their charts fill with stickers for good behavior.

  62. I would be grateful to have help in having consistent non-angry/frustrated discipline that helps the children learn to be responsible for their actions and want to be helpful to their siblings (rather than point out their errors). We have 9 children with one on the way and can definitely see that it’s a chain reaction starting with the oldest and how they relate is copied on down the line.
    Thank you for such a generous giveaway!

  63. I am so proud of y’all for creating such an inspiring tool, by the grace of God and for His glory! I think it is awesome and have pinned it to my Pinterest board of things to refer back to when I am a mother (Lord willing!!) (AND I’m SO GLAD my family isn’t the only Christain family that has “THOSE DAYS”… too bad our kids are all 10+ already 🙁 lol) GOD BLESS!!!!

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