December is extra busy for our family! Besides all the usual hustle and bustle of Christmas, two of our daughter’s birthdays are this month.  Olivia turns 10 and Deborah turns 8 this year, so we celebrated with a friends birthday party.

They both love ballet and wish they could take lessons. We have a really good Christian ballet studio in our area, but we can’t afford to do anything outside of music lessons, and that’s top priority for me.

Sean’s cousin’s wife has taught dance professionally, and she was so sweet to come over and do an hour long class for the birthday party! She taught them a dance to one of the Nutcracker songs, and the girls had such a fun time!

After that, I wanted to do a little craft with the girls, but I didn’t necessarily want to keep it ballet themed. The girls and I spent an hour wondering around Hobby Lobby, and finally decided that we would buy wooden picture frames, paint them and have all the girls decorate them with stickers and flowers.

I had modge podge on hand that I used to lightly coat the stickers that wouldn’t stick very well. I didn’t want a huge amount of modge lodge because I wanted the pictures to dry quickly.

The girls put their names or initials on the frames, which was a cute touch to personalize it.

Sean designed the quote “Have Courage and Be Kind” that we printed off and put in each picture. I love that quote!

We wanted to share this printable with you! This would be sweet to print off and frame for your daughter’s room, or do this craft with your girls or for a birthday party!

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List of Supplies For Wooden Picture Craft

Wooden Picture Frame

Puffy Alphabet Stickers 

Flower Stickers

Puffy Flower Stickers

Modge Podge

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