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Hi! It’s Angela Coffman, mom to 6, and blogger at the Grocery Shrink where I write about sticking to a modest budget. Today I’m visiting to tell you about some amazing natural cleaning products. I gave some samples to Caroline who will be popping in at the end to tell you her personal opinion of them.

For years I made my own cleaning products. They were super cheap and safe for my family. They didn’t work as well as the name brand cleaners, but I was willing to give up some efficiency to trade for safety. The main ingredient in most of my formulas was vinegar—and it smelled. I told myself the smell wasn’t too bad, but I noticed I was cleaning less and less. Just thinking about smelling the vinegar smell again was enough to give up on basic chores. Plus, I kept a bottle of Tilex on lock up for the times when I had tough cleaning jobs. I knew it wasn’t safe, but it worked…what to do?

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A friend gave me a few bottles of safe “green” cleaners to try. I was skeptical, but agreed to give it a go. I was surprised to discover they not only worked, but smelled amazing. Would they be affordable?

She explained that a bottle of concentrated cleaner was $5.69 and diluted to make 6 spray bottles of cleaner…or $.94 a bottle. Then she showed me how I could get extra discounts or profit share with the company. It all of a sudden didn’t make sense to make my own products any more.

They make more than 400 products; I chose these for Caroline to try:

  1. All purpose cleaner: cleans up everyday dirt and grime anywhere—counters, tables, appliances, even natural stone—using no caustic chemicals.
  2. Bathroom cleaner: It melts away soap scum and hard water stains with minimal scrubbing and no harsh fumes or abrasives. This one is amazing….my secret stash of Tilex is officially gone.
  3. Disinfectant: An EPA approved disinfectant that combines thyme oil and citric acid as active ingredients. It’s good for doorknobs, toilet handles, cutting boards, and toys. Stop illness in it tracks before it can spread!
  4. Glass Cleaner: Fingerprints gone, no streaks… it.
  5. Dishwasher packs: My toddler comes running when he hears me reaching for the dishwasher pack bag. It’s his favorite job to help with. These enzyme powered packs dissolve fully and leave your dishes sparkling clean, even the glasses. No need for rinse agents.
  6. Vitamins: I know these aren’t cleaning products, but they changed my life. These vitamins bind the minerals to fiber and protein so the body absorbs them more readily. They’ve been proven to significantly reduce free radical activity. After 3 days, I was a new energetic person. With everything Caroline has on her plate, I really wanted her to try them.

Normally a lifetime membership to the company costs $29, but they are having a New Year Special. Until January 20th memberships are just $1. Click to find out more.

Caroline here ~ I really like the cleaning products I’ve tried! I’m very sensitive to smells and often get products with no scent, which isn’t any fun! I actually enjoy the smells of these cleaning products (which only happens when they are natural products).

Beyond the nice smell, they actually work! Our son told me they make his job of cleaning the bathroom so much easier, which is a huge plus! The dishwasher packs work great. Our oldest son loads the dishwasher, and isn’t quite as careful about how he loads it as I am. They came out shining clean using the dishwasher pack, so I was happy!

So many natural cleaners are really expensive, so I’m thrilled to find something that my children can safely use, and that is super affordable!

9 Comments on Natural Cleaning Products for Less Than A Dollar!

  1. I make all my own cleaners, I use vinegar in some of them, and they work as well as, if not better, than commercial products. Also, the vinegar smell dissipates in seconds. I love my safe, cheap homemade cleaners.

  2. I know exactly which products you are talking about an I absolutely LOVE them!!! The company awesome and their customer service is top notch. I have been a member for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. Their shampoo and conditioner is great (they even have kids shampoo that truely does NOT burn kids eyes at all I have tried it on myself). I also love their toothpaste (tooth polish). Their cleaning products take the work out of cleaning 🙂 My number one favorite though is their special oil that works for everything from burns and scrapes to even clearing up acne and stopping itching from mosquito bites! Great company…amazing products!!

  3. Ummm… I just don’t appreciate a company where you can’t get on the website and see pricing without having to give them an e-mail address. I don’t like those business practices. Maybe that’s just me.

  4. I know what products are talking about as well! I’ve been ordering these green products for about nine years now and have been very pleased customer. 🙂 I use everything from their cleaning products to their makeup.

  5. Sorry to say, but I had just started a membership with this company and it seemed really scammish….there was something just not right. After talking with someone who used to be a member, I was told it is a pyramid scheme and that the prices of the products are actually really high and they still contain chemicals. Kind of negates the purpose of the whole thing, right? To be able to buy them at comparable prices to grocery store items, you have to sign up to spend a large chunk every month. If not, just as a direct customer, the prices are outlandish. You are also encouraged to get people to sign up under you so the people “above” you make more money. What???? All I wanted were some “affordable” natural products to use! I had a horrible feeling and tried canceling my account and got the run-around on the phone by several people. I hate to sound like a downer, but I want everyone considering this to be careful… I tried getting all of my information off file and the lady I spoke with was rude and said they’d still be able to pull up all of my info (including credit card) whenever they wanted, even though the account was FINALLY cancelled – great customer service, right?? Anything but! Lesson learned… hopefully this was an isolated case, but I wanted to share so no one else goes through that. Just please be careful and know what you’re getting into first. Never again will I sign up for anything like this.

  6. Hi Caroline! I am also trying to switch to only green cleaners but exactly the smell of vinegar makes me keep some emergency bottles of store-bought cleaners. I am willing to try these natural cleaners. They are not that expensive for what they are. Thank you for the post!

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