It’s been awhile since I did a pregnancy update, and I felt like 30 weeks deserved an update! It’s always an exciting time when you reach these weeks of counting down until 40 weeks. 🙂

30 Weeks Pregnant. You can still look stylish while pregnant!

30 weeks pregnant, wearing the Rainbow Denim Skirt.

I struggled through a head cold for over a week, and was very miserable during that time. Trying to get comfortable to sleep at night is getting difficult. When you add a head cold where you can’t breath at all, it makes it super difficult! I’m so thankful to be over that, and hope I don’t get sick again before the baby is born!

They say movements slow down in third trimester as the baby gets larger. So far this baby is not slowing down at all, if anything it is moving around even more! Whenever I lay down to rest the baby wants to visit. 🙂 Sean and the children get to feel lots of kicks and punches, which is sweet.

I finally broke down and ordered compression hose to try for my varicose veins. While they don’t take all the swelling away, they do seem to be helping. Some mornings I’m almost wiped out of my energy after trying to get those crazy things on! I ordered maternity compression hose from Ames Walker, and like the quality of them.

There are some days I feel like nesting, and want to take on my whole house. Sean found me in tears in the garage the other day, I was trying to move some tubs of clothes around and basically got stuck because a huge cramp started in my leg. He told me I had to slow down and helped me out of my predicament!

Other days I want to snuggle in bed all day long and read a book and sleep. So I have to try and balance those two extremes and stay somewhere in the middle. 🙂 I’m definitely taking a lot more naps than when I’m not pregnant, but I keep telling myself it’s just a stage of life and it really is ok to rest more!

I’m working on finding space in our small bedroom for the baby things. I have a vision in my mind of what I want it to look like, but it involves some painting of baby furniture, which involves my husband. 😉 He is the realist between the two of us, after owning a custom cabinet shop for several years he knows these projects can get more complicated than you would like them to be. We are still talking through what we might do, but he understands my need of having a sweet space for the baby.

How are the other pregnant mama’s doing? I love hearing updates! 

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  1. Your outfit is adorable! Glad you’re feeling better and that your husband is taking good care of you. My daughter and I are battling influenza A at our house.. Thieves oil is my best friend these days! I enjoy reading this blog and said a quick prayer for you and baby this morning! Blessings~

  2. So glad to hear you’re feeling better! I am expecting my fourth baby and my family is preparing another cross country move in just three short weeks! We are anxious, excited and a bit nervous for this move as we have three kids 6 and under, 2 dogs and i will be entering my third trimester when we hit the road 🙂 But God is good, He is faithful to provide what we need to make it through another move! I am with you on needing to be reminded to slow down at times, if my body doesn’t tell me to, my husband reminds me! Thank goodness for wonderful husbands!

  3. I can totally relate to the one day taking on the world, one day wanting to sleep all day feeling. I’m at 23 weeks and having a similar struggle these days. Our little one is moving a LOT! Such a sweet feeling… lets mama know he’s doing okay. 🙂

    Love your outfit! I hope you get your nursery space figured out soon.

  4. Dear Caroline,
    I, too, love your outfit. I’m glad you’re finding the place in-between resting and getting things done. You need make no excuses for resting!

    I know how hard it is to get compression socks on! This is a link for a Jobst Donner at Amazon, about $23, free shipping. The picture will explain it. It makes all the difference in the world. It does require bending over, or scooting down a bit, to pull it up, but maybe your husband or one of the children could help with that. There are other kinds of devices for getting compression socks on, but this is the best we’ve found.

    If the link doesn’t go through right, just look up Jobst Donner at Amazon, or google “Donners for compression socks.” The google will also show you some other options for devices to get the socks up. I so hope it works for you.

  5. I can completely relate to taking more naps! I am at 18 weeks now with 4 already 🙂 Glad to see your feeling better, we all passed around a stomach bug this week but its finally vacated our home! Prayers for you and your sweet family.

  6. You really look as though you are blooming. The outfit you are wearing is really well put together and looks so cosy against the snowy backdrop. Not long to go now, you have carried this little precious gift from God for a longer period than you have left before you can see their little face. God bless you and may He grant you the energy to see you through with ease and good health the coming 10 weeks. X

  7. You look great! I love hitting the 30 week mark, it feels so amazing! I am at 31 wks and possibly nesting??? Or just recovering from Christmas and a move, by purging all extra stuff and sorting through baby clothes…who knows. Love reading your updates!

    – Joanna

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