Have you ever had a day where you were busy all day, but felt like you were getting nothing done? I had one of those days recently! The laundry was overflowing, the whole house needed cleaned, my baby was fussy all day, and I had 5 skirts to sew for some orders from The Modest Mom. We did manage to get homeschooling done in the morning, but after that nothing was going right! I kept wrestling inside with wanting to do my plans, yet also wanting to be a good Mama and somehow be sweet and loving to them in the midst of chaos!

Finally, I had an idea! We were going to have a tea party! I asked Israel if he wanted to have a tea party and his eyes got all big and round and he shouted “yes!” We quickly switched it to a juice party though as this Mama is not into drinking tea very often. It was torture as a child to drink tea, so even as teenagers my Mom would have juice or chocolate milk parties with us!

I went and unpacked a little tea set I had saved from when I was a little girl, and set it all up at the children’s little table. They were estatic when they realized that I was going to sit at the little table with them. How often do we as Mothers rush around and forget to get down on their level? I know I do quite frequently.

We sat and had juice, cookies, and trail mix and I rejoiced inside that in spite of the mess and my busy schedule I was creating memories for my children. It was a perfect opportunity for learning manners, we worked on saying please and thank you and reminding them to be little gentlemen! They loved it, and felt so grown up getting to pour their own juice. Each of them thanked me on their own for doing this for them.

The mess can wait, but our children grow up so quickly. Let’s try and grab hold of their hearts while they are still young! One day you won’t be given a chance again.

If you would like to set up a regular time of having tea with your children, these books may be helpful. Let’s have a Tea Party by Emilie barnes. It’s a perfect chance to discuss manners with your chidren, what child doesn’t catch on to the fact that they shouldn’t be screaming or yelling with dainty tea cups around? Here are two books that could help. A little Book of Manners: Courtesty & Kindness for Young Ladies or A Little Book of Manners for Boys: A Game plan for getting along with others, by Emilie and Bob Barnes.

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