I came home from church and instantly crashed, so these pictures are taken after I woke up from a nap.  It was a very late night Saturday, Sean got home from doing homework at college around midnight, and I was up baking so I definitely needed a nap on Sunday!

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Modest Monday Outfit Post at themodestmomblog.com | Grey Maxi Skirt from Deborah & Co!

The nice thing about this skirt is that it doesn’t wrinkle easily!

Grey maxi Skirt from Deborah and Co. Heavier knit fabric that is great for the winter months!

Oh and did I mention that this is a brand new skirt?!! We are now selling solid color maxi skirts in a heavier knit that is perfect for fall and winter! I love it.

Cream cardigan with belt | themodestmomblog.com

I love wearing cardigans. This is one is especially soft and cozy!

New pearl headband from Lilla Rose!

My new pearl headband from Lilla Rose is everything I had hoped it would be and more! So perfect for so many outfits!

Besides the grey skirt we also have the maxi skirt in a deep red color!

New red maxi skirt from Deborah and co! | themodestmomblog.com

And our other new product is the Undercover Mama Nursing Tank in a slimming style! I’m in love with this tank, and can’t wait to be nursing a baby again so I have an excuse to wear it!!

new undercover mama slimming nursing tank | themodestmomblog.com

Finally, I’m so excited to finally share that we now have matching ruffle skirts for 18″ dolls! This is a lovely gift for the holidays, order matching girl and doll skirts!

Matching Girl and Doll Ruffle Skirts!

What I Wore

Skirt – Knit Maxi Skirt from Deborah & Co.

Tank – ThredUP

Cardigan – Marshalls

Shoes – Thrift Store

Earrings – Handmade

Headband – New Pearl Headband from Lilla Rose

Lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow from L’BRI

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14 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. Hi! I’m sorry if this is prying, but I thought I may have missed an announcement somewhere. Are you expecting again? Please forgive me if I’m being too rude and don’t feel that you have to answer if you choose not to. But, I sure will be happy for you if you are!! Love your blog–keep it coming!

  2. Caroline, the grey maxi is very tempting. Do you happen to know the approximate length in, say, a size L?

    Love the Lilla Rose pearl headband on you! You look darling as always.

  3. Can’t shake my interest in the grey maxi. Would love to know its length in a size L. I’m taller, but think perhaps the foldover waistband would allow for a little length adjustment? The skirt would be so versatile in grey, not to mention warm! Right now temps are in the 20’s in Michigan! 🙂 Thanks, Caroline!

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