Here is a snippet from part two of Raising Boys written by the Boyers. It was so encouraging to read the part about boys and there energy. My boys never seem to slow down! I had to laugh about her writing that her boys would butcher their playdough cows. That seems so much like something Israel would do. He will drag stuffed animals around by their tails, and tell me that is his meat that he just killed. I have no doubt that Israel will want to go hunting when he is older. 🙂

“One thing is that boys have lots of energy, even the laid back one, like Tuck. Almost every day, my son Tuck, who is 16 now, will ask me if he can take a break to go outside and jump on the trampoline to wake himself and his brain up. IT WORKS! It is extremely hard for boys to sit still for long periods of time. They just function better if you break up their time with exercise. Even when they were very little, I would let them stop studies and play with play dough if it was raining outside. They would make cows with their molds and then proceed to “butcher” them with their plastic knives. They just needed to do something active. I remember them quoting their Scripture verses while sometimes standing on their heads or pacing around the room!

The activity helped them to think.

For preschoolers it is best to have maybe two or three 10 or 15 minute periods of book type study- broken up by active periods, than trying to do 20-30 minutes of concentrated book time. “

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