Somewhere along the way it has become a crime to say there are inherent differences between a man and a woman.

And it has happened in my lifetime.

Another evidence of this just recently cropped up in the news. A senior engineer from Google wrote a company memo suggesting, among other things, “that men and women biologically differ in many ways.” He went on to suggest that these biological differences, though small, contribute to different strengths and weaknesses in men and women.

He said that “women on average, have more openness directed towards feelings and aesthetics rather than ideas. Women generally also have a stronger interest in people rather than things…These two differences in part explain why women relatively prefer jobs in social or artistic areas.”

This man ended up being fired by Google for “perpetuating gender stereotypes.”

What a sad world we live in.

For centuries it was a given that there are clear differences between men and women that contribute to clear differences in their strengths and weaknesses. Now it’s considered shameful to acknowledge this. Now everyone must bow before the altar of gender equality. This man refused (or forgot?) to and it cost him his job, maybe his career.

So there are real and present consequences for asserting that there are substantive differences between men and women. Does that mean we have to go along with it? Absolutely not.

To be sure, there’s a fiery furnace of sorts that awaits those who openly maintain a clear distinction between sexes (and the furnace grows hotter when you say that this distinction was purposefully designed by God). The good news is that just as this same God supported Shadrach, Mishach, and Abednego for not bowing before the idol of their day, so he is willing to support those who refuse to bow before the idol of gender equality. This is not to say that we will not endure ridicule, or the loss of our job, or worse, but as long as we remain faithful, especially in the midst of the fire, God will be faithful to help us in all our troubles.

What’s the alternative? Should we begin to pretend that, generally speaking, men and women don’t look, act, or think different than one another? Should I treat everyone I meet like a man? Or a women? Actually, if gender distinctions don’t exist, what are we all supposed to be? Have the powers that be decided that yet?

I really don’t care if they have or if they ever do. I am a woman and I feel privileged to be so. I will raise my daughters to cultivate the virtues of womanhood. I will raise my sons to cultivate the virtues of manhood; and I will raise both of them to embrace the differences between men and women and to rejoice in the God that made them. It should not be a shameful thing to acknowledge the peculiar strengths and weaknesses which men or a women possess respectively; God ordained it so and we should not try to pretend otherwise.

What if we acknowledged that men generally (please, I beg of you, don’t forget I just said generally) are stronger than women, and there are certain jobs they just are better suited for. When you drive by construction jobs, why on average do you see more men out there working then women?

Why can’t we accept that women can be (on average, generally speaking!), much more relationship minded, which makes them more suited for certain jobs? We women love connecting with people, and we are good at talking through what we feel.

These are not signs of weaknesses. They are not something to hide away and feel ashamed of.

When the world begins to lose site of who created them, which is God, the perspective of what God created men and women to be gradually disappears.

Stand strong, Christian families. Look to the godly examples we have been given and teach your children to strive after those godly traits. Encourage your boys to be men, teaching them about Moses, David, Joshua, and Noah, how these men stood strong at times, and how they gave into temptations and what happened. Teach your girls about Eve, Ruth, Mary the mother of Jesus, the Proverbs 31 woman, and help them learn from the lives of these women.

Each of these men and women had very important, but very different, roles to play in the kingdom of God. Notice also that these roles were not interchangeable. Moses clearly could not have filled the role of Mary, nor could Mary have filled the role of Moses. They each had unique calling that were suited to their unique abilities as men and women.

The world is quickly changing, but that doesn’t mean the ways of God are changing. His truths are unchangeable, unshakeable, and they endure to the end.









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  1. Thank you for bravely and lovingly speaking the truth in love. I admire you for speaking out and wish more young bloggers would do this. Don’t get me wrong, I love homemaking and modesty posts as much as anyone, but sometimes we need to hear the harder things and encourage each other on the really difficult things Christians are facing today. It feels like so many issues out there are swept under the rug because no one wants to publicly address them, or the Biblical approach to them. And I get it, they are controversial issues and there are nasty people out there waiting to pounce on anyone not giving in to political correctness. But it is so encouraging and helpful to know that as Christians we are not in this alone and to remind us to keep pressing in in faith for God, not giving in to fear of the enemy and all who do his bidding.

    I think so many people are trying to fill up an empty, lonely void they have (where God is missing) with money, fame, sexual immorality, making political correctness as an idol, etc. They’re never really content because true, lasting joy only comes from God. So many seem to have lost their sense of reality, turning facts into something subjective instead to suit ungodly agendas. There is no moral compass at all. It is so sad, especially when it’s pushed on young children.

    One of my favorite quotes is this – “The only one who can truly satisfy the human heart is the one who made it.”

    Thank you for the encouragement to press on, teaching our children to love and serve God first. No matter how dark the days may get for Christians, we can have comfort in remembering God is ultimately in control and will be with us through everything. He has us here in this period of time for a reason and will equip us to do His will. We will keep praying, sharing the Good News, loving our husbands and raising our children as the Bible instructs. The enemy loves seeing families destroyed, and the gender idol is a tool of his, so we must be on guard at all times, putting on the armour of God. What an awesome God we serve! 🙂

  2. Very well written. It is why I embrace my womanhood by wearing dresses. It is why I love nursing my babies and being pregnant. I’m a woman and hear me tenderly say—I, alone, can do these things with grace and distinction. God made me female to be distinctly different from the male I’m married too and I love it!!!

  3. Very well written loved it and I plan on forwarding to a few friends. I myself have always enjoyed the fact that I am a woman and I also wear skirts or dresses. I have my strengths and my weaknesses where I may be weak my husband is strong. It works for us.

  4. So true but a truth that does seem to be falling at the wayside. Praying the God will continue to raise up people, like you, to speak the truth.

  5. Very good message! This is why it is so important to model for our girls what true womanhood looks like. What a confusing world they are to inherit.

  6. Interesting post. I was raised in a church that had very distinctive gender roles, and girls were raised to believe that they were to be protected by men, that men were somehow superior, and that the only thing they could ever be was a housewife. I don’t say “only” like it is a easy job, I mean that that was the one job you could select and if you didn’t want to do that too bad. You couldn’t even go to college! Most of the girls around me accepted their fates; that was all they were raised to do.
    Then there was me, who loved kids, but never wanted any, never wanted to get married, didn’t understand how to relate to other girls, etc. You see, my dad was never a part of my life, so from a young age I had to work very hard for everything I had. The very thought of a guy ever trying to protect me is laughable. I am just as smart as any of the guys my age, just as capable of working long hours, can look out for myself, and have never relied on any man for anything. Yes, I am outspoken. Yes, I can drive big trucks and stack wood and shoot guns and fix the plumbing when it leaks. Yes, I am an equalist. And, yes, I am a christian who is extremely thankful that God has created me to be a strong, capable woman who sees every human being as her equal.
    I do think that it is great that your girls have the privilege of having a dad in their life and that you have raised them to be protected from the world–it is truly remarkable. Just remember that not everyone has had that luxury 🙂

  7. I wrote an article on the absurdness of the whole “transgender” movement from a non-religious perspective on my blog A Lady of Reason. What a shame that merely expressing an opposing opinion is now akin to heresy these days! One does not have to be religious to acknowledge the absurdity in gender fluidity, and the denial of the differences between men and women.

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