We have had so much fun homeschooling this week! Without planning any of this, we have spent the week studying about bees. Thanks to the wonderful generosity of my Mother, we have been blessed with many homeschooling books we would not have otherwise had, and one of those is “Parables from Nature with Mrs. Gatty.” They are really sweet stories written in the 1800’s about animals. We read the story about the bee which Mosiah really liked. So I checked out some books from the library on bees. Then I let them watch City Of Bees by Moody Science. We did some coloring pages of Hives, and a Beekeeper. I pulled out some honey from the pantry, and the boys looked at it with whole new respect, and talked about how long it must have taken the bees to make it. Mosiah was really sweet, yesterday at lunch he told me that I should have prayed for the bees because it is so sad how they don’t live very long. 🙂 Next week we are going to study about what the scriptures say about bees and honey. I got another DVD from the library that looks really neat for them to watch, and some more books are on the way from the library. The only bad thing about doing it this time of year is I don’t think I could actually take them anywhere to see a real beehive. Oh well.

We just got done studying about the life of Joseph, and much to the boys excitement have moved on to Daniel. They can’t wait to get to the lions part. 🙂 I just love seeing them soak in knowledge concerning the scriptures. What a blessing. At night during dinner we try to review what we have learned and share with Papa.

On another note, I finally let Mosiah do some phonics work at starfall.com and that has helped him tremendously. I just won a bid on Ebay for Color Phonics, which was recommended to me by a friend, so I’m eager to let him try that. He is such a visual learner, so doing some computer type activities seem to really help him.

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