A Red Floral Maxi skirt and a black jacket.

2. Because they are easy to be modest in.

I’m not going to say that it is impossible to be modest in pants. My sister and I were out together recently, and saw an elderly lady walking to her car in pants and we commented that they were actually pretty modest. But that is because they were loose and not fitting her snugly at all.  I honestly would rather wear a skirt that is cute and pretty than wear loose, baggy pants. Most of the pants/jeans I see on ladies fit them rather snugly, and draw a lot of attention to their backside. Every curve is outlined for everyone to see.

I do think there is a way to wear jeans that is modest. Since I originally wrote this post, I’ve worn jeans a few times with a tunic type shirt, or short dress. It’s just not my personal preference to wear jeans with a t-shirt everyday. I feel much more feminine and modest in a skirt.


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