I feel like so many moms are battling these feelings, myself included. It can be over the simplest things, or it can be intense, put-you-on-your knees type battles.

The struggle to be a good housekeeper, to not yell at our children, to get all the homeschooling accomplished each day, meals on the table, somehow grab some time with our husband, struggle through pregnancies and sleepless nights are very real. And somehow we are supposed to spend a whole month being thankful?

Actually, we are told to be thankful always. Not just in November.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

It’s one thing to read that. It’s a totally different thing to live that scripture verse out.

Just as I was writing this post my 2 year old took a gel pen and scribbled all over my freshly washed Ikea chair. Did I mention that I had just taken all the slipcovers off yesterday and washed it? I stopped writing my post and quickly went and sprayed the stain and got it in the washer machine.

I could chose to be upset, or be thankful that I caught it right away and that I was able to treat the stain. I could dwell in the feelings of “it’s so hard to keep anything nice with little children around” or be thankful that it was a used chair I found off Craigslist, and that it’s so easy to wash.

Choosing thankfulness is as simple as that.

Daily choices over and over again in the mundane life.

Choosing joy instead of sadness. Deciding to be thankful for the things you do have, instead of pouring over Pinterest or the latest catalogs and wishing you had all the nice furniture or clothes that you see there.

Sometimes it’s simply choosing to be thankful for where you are at in life. Right now I’m thankful to be a stay at home mom. I’m thankful I get to homeschool, even though the days can be terribly difficult. I’m thankful for our new house, even though we finally just got the hardwood floors finished for the second time and I can now start to unpack.

I’ve had Novembers where I had to just take a break from everything Pilgrim and festive. But let’s be honest. You can only do that so long. Your children need to have the flow and ebb of seasons coming and changing, holidays to observe and life to live. You might be in the middle of crisis, but there are simple things you can do to observe the Thanksgiving season!

Try picking a few things off this list to do.

Put up a Thanksgiving Gratitude Tree!

Use our printable Gratitude Tree and start this on November 1st. Every day you write on a leaf something you are thankful for and put it up on the tree. By the end of the month you have a full tree and a thankful heart!

Gratitude Tree Printable for the month of November and Thanksgiving!

You can get our Gratitude Tree for just $2.99 here. Get instant access and print it out, for a super easy Thanksgiving tradition with your children.

Make some fall goodies with your children! 

This caramel apple dip is a healthier choice and super easy to make. Pumpkin muffins are always a hit, as well as these Pumpkin bars with cream cheese that are a favorite in our family!

Go for a walk

Take your children outside and collect pretty fall leaves, pinecones, acorns, and let them have fun doing crayon sketches of the leaves and decorating with the pinecones!

Decorate Pumpkins! 

We don’t do Halloween, but my children went to a pumpkin patch this year and had fun decorating their pumpkins.

Do a Thanksgiving Curriculum

Take a break from your normal curriculum and go through this free History of Thanksgiving curriculum that I put together a few years ago.

Do a Daily Choose Thankfulness Page!

Grab this free printable designed for wives and mothers. Fill it out daily or weekly. Stop and reflect on what you have to be thankful for! Enter your email address below to get the free printable!



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