I’m so sorry everyone! I know you all are wondering what happened to the Modest Monday link up this week, and why I’ve been so quiet. Everything is really ok!

Once a year we go away for a church retreat, and most of the times I have very little, if any internet signal at all. We were away this past weekend, and even though I tried hard to get a Modest Monday post scheduled before I left, I just couldn’t squeeze it in. We had a wonderful weekend away, and I hope to write a post about everything I learned and share some pictures soon!

A few updates on our family, since I haven’t written any chatty family updates in quite awhile. :)

We did something I never thought I would do, and we enrolled the children in a one day a week homeschool co-op that feels more like a private school to me. We drop them off in the morning, and pick them up in the afternoon. It’s certified teachers, class uniforms, school lunch bags, class parties, grandparents day….but it’s set up by a homeschooling mom just for homeschoolers. There are over 300 children there, so it’s huge! We thought about doing it all summer long, but didn’t really want to spend the money on it. After we started our new school year, I realized I just needed that one day a week break right now, and we really did like the idea of all the extra things they would get to do there (science labs, art classes, computer classes, math class, etc). So…we enrolled the three oldest children.


(Sorry for the awkward block of color on my son’s shirt, for privacy reasons I covered the name up!).

They enjoyed their first day, and I really enjoyed doing school with our first grader at home where it was much quieter!

One of the biggest reasons I need the one day a week break, is because I’m worn out by our youngest! Honestly, everyone in our house is. I hate saying that, because she brings us SO much joy, but she also screams – a lot, and is a super busy, noisy baby. It’s been very difficult homeschooling with her, and homeschooling in our small house has been an extra challenge. It seems the older the children get, the less space we have to homeschool in this house.


I love this girl to pieces! I’m convinced that God has yet more parenting lessons to teach me through this girl. 🙂 She “talks” all day long, and her baby talk is adorable!

Sean spent a few weeks getting an Etsy store put together with some of the digital products he has made. Bloomington Design is a project that he hopes to keep adding a lot more projects to as he makes them.

Bloomington Design Etsy Store

I really do have some posts in the works…I’m just in a writing slump. I sit to write and every paragraph takes 3 times as long as it should. But I need to get back at it!

And with that…I hear Sophia crying! Time to wrap this up…. 🙂


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  1. Our youngest who is 18 Months old is also a very busy one year old. She is our fourth child and my husband and I both agree that she is the busiest and most ornery of all of our children at that age so far. It is also just our daughter’s personality. We have started homeschooling full time this year and it has been had for me to find things to occupy her with during school since she is so busy. We definitely take advantage of her nap time. Lol. I wanted to write this to encourage you that you are not alone in this! 🙂

  2. Enjoy the margin the one day a week provides. At one point we enrolled 2 of our children in A small Christian school for a year. We had just adopted internationally and I needed time to readjust and bond. It was a wonderful decision. For our family at the time. I am sure your children will enjoy all they are learning and will have fun making new friends. Blessings to you and hugs from your friend in Ohio.

  3. We had the same type of homeschool “day” when we lived in AZ. It was wonderful! I got a day to “catch up” on life and my kids got to enjoy the little things they miss with being homeschooled. Like taking their lunch to school! Ours was put together by a homeschool mom as well, bless them!
    We miss it now that we have moved. We still have a co-op, but I am required to be there all day! It is still fun, but not the same.

  4. This could be ME writing this post! My seventh (and final) child is the sweetest thing but loves touching me at all times and crying and talking. He is 19 months and has been this way since he started walking at 9 months. Last school year was rough. He even cried when I held him and did school. We have a family of 9 in 1100 square foot house and its not working at all either. Blessings on you!

  5. You are not alone. I am trying to homeschool my first grader son, and teaching him to read etc., and our 15 month old and 3 year old, are constantly making noise, climbing on the desk, and just making it really hard for my son and I to pay attention. It’s hard to give attention to all 3. I think when my son learns to read well, I will probably be freed up to give more attention to my other 2.

  6. I have been seriously considering doing digital graphics/worksheets/printables/etc. (like what you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers or on your new Etsy site or like so many others) but I have NO IDEA how to begin. I like to consider myself pretty techie but this is one area I’m at a loss on. How does one get started in something like this? I have no clue what program(s) to get and think this would be a lovely way to help bring in extra income for my family – even if a few dollars here and there 🙂 Any advice/suggestions you can offer I would be ever most thankful.

    • Yes. She is required to wear khaki pants or a skirt to her homeschool co-op, and I haven’t found her a skirt yet. We are not an exclusive dresses/skirts only. I let my girls wear pants at time to play in, they wear skirts or dresses probably 80% of the time. It’s on my list to make her a skirt, or find her one, but it just hasn’t happened yet. 🙂

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