Week 11 of my pregnancy!


It’s official, I look pregnant! I’m getting the twins comment, but I really think it’s just because this is my 6th baby and I just show quickly now. I’m still in regular clothes, the Rainbow Skirt fits me ok still, I just wear it a little higher on my tummy. 🙂

The children are always asking how big the baby is, so I looked it up tonight and told them all the latest info. The baby is the size of a fig, and is perfectly formed. It’s so sweet to think about it!

This past week was a critical point in starting to feel a little better. We had a Labor Day church retreat, and I decided to go ahead and go. The cabins are air conditioned, and the food is always really yummy. The downside is the walk to the bathrooms, but I survived. Actually I did better then survive, I actually ate a meal there! It was the first time I felt full in weeks, and it was a wonderful feeling. I was surrounded by loving friends, and if the meal wasn’t something I could eat, the cooks warmed something else up for me. I was still really exhausted at the retreat, but everyone helped and I rode the golf cart to get around.

It was wonderful to not only be fed physically, but spiritually. The sermons were really good, and I came away very encouraged to keep striving towards higher ground.

I received really good news this week…my progesterone levels are not only up where they need to be, but super high! And I was able to be on progesterone pills this week instead of shots, which was a huge answer to prayer! I think the pills actually make me more tired then the shots do, but emotionally the shots were very difficult for me to handle, so I’m sticking with the pills. I don’t know what my doctor has planned at this point, if he wants me to just get through the first trimester or if I have to stay on the progesterone longer.

I’m starting to get excited about having a baby. That might sound bad that I’m just getting excited, but those of you who go through really bad morning sickness or fatigue probably understand that statement. It’s been all I can do to just survive, but now that I’ve been able to eat a little more, the joy and excitement is starting to come.

OIOI diaper bag that I got for the new baby!

I ordered a new diaper bag for this baby from Zulily. It was discounted a lot on there and I wanted a messenger style diaper bag. I really like it, and can’t wait to use it! It’s not available on Zulily now, but it is on sale at Amazon!

Today we are getting a new mattress set delivered! We bought a cheap set 9 years ago, and it has definitely seen better days. We are both looking forward to getting better sleep on a comfortable bed! It was a big purchase for us – we are Craigslist shoppers normally, but decided we wanted to spend the money on some mattresses that should last for quite awhile.

My goal for this week is to be able to eat more food, and be out of bed more. Since the medicine makes me groggy I only have so much control over that, but I’m really needing to be out of bed and doing a little more housework!

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  1. Congratulations! I know it’s silly but I cried reading your post today-because I’m 8 weeks with our sixth and everything seems so overwhelming right now, especially not feeling so well. It was nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂

  2. I’m very happy for you, it’s a great joy…
    I await the eighth baby and I am more and more amazed.
    I wish you the same joy.
    Prepare, meditate with God the baby is very comforting.
    Catholic Mom I really appreciate your blog.

  3. So glad to hear you are feeling better. I will pray for your continued improvement. I wish our church did something like that getaway it sounds soul soothing..

  4. I normally consider myself a very thrifty shopper….but when my husband and I got married this past January and realized we needed a new mattress, we went all out! After talking to several couples we kept hearing that buying a more expensive, better quality mattress was SO worth it! And while we may only be 8 months in, so far it is serving us well 🙂

  5. I’m glad you are doing better and progesterone levels are high. I am 10 wks today with our 8th blessing. I have to start progesterone suppositories starting 3 days past ovulation when ttc. I’ve had 5 babies this way 🙂 Prayerfully 6 babies this way come March. We’ve lost 6, so I can completely empathize with survival mode. Remember this is a season and won’t last forever. As you’ve had to let things go, it’s ok, more than ok to continue to let things go. Your rest, children and dh are your priorities. We do a lot of school while I am couch bound and my kids help out more. We haven’t told anyone except our children as the news won’t be welcome. It won’t be long before it’s obvious. As you said, you show sooner with each one. May the Lord bless our pregnancies and babies!

  6. I was wondering how much of the progesterone cream you used each day before you conceived. I’m also using the cream, and was curious as to what was recommended to you. Thank you, blessings to you, and glad to hear that all is going well. 🙂

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