The Holiday season is such an exciting time, however I find it difficult to keep momentum going in our homeschool days. We took a week off for Thanksgiving and I kid you not, after the first day back to school I had a child ask me when we could take off for Christmas break!

You have a few options when it comes to trying to homeschool through the busy holiday schedule and keep your child’s attention.

Stick with the Basics

Go down to the basics of what you need to accomplish over December. Let go of all the extras, like handwriting, art, etc. and be satisfied if you can cross off math, english, and science. Every state is so different with requirements, but often times you can count the caroling parties, and even Christmas baking days as school credit. Caroling parties count as music!

School With A Christmas Focus

Keep math going and focus just on Christmas related school. Honestly I feel this is a better option for elementary school. My high school student can’t stop his biology class to make Christmas crafts right now. Since we are a large family we have a wide range of ages, so I’m being flexible depending on the ages.

I tend to break down our school days into the older three children, and the younger three girls. We all hope the baby will sleep well for her naps so we can all get our school done. 😉

The oldest three right now are staying on task with their regular school. Their holiday break will come when Christmas break happens.

The younger three girls are 3rd grade, 1st grade and preschool. We are trying to do more Christmas related activities with those ages, as I feel like I have more flexibility with the younger elementary ages. I’m using the Christmas Guide from The Peaceful Press, and even though it says it’s for ages 3-5, children older than that will enjoy the crafts and picture books. It can totally accommodate a large range of ages. We will not get through this whole guide. Honestly I’ll be happy if we make it through half of the guide; but it’s such an excellent study that anything we do will create good memories.

If you want to try the Christmas Guide in your own home, you can save 20% off any order at the Peaceful Press website with the code “cohesivehome” at the checkout. I’m also doing a giveaway of it on my Instagram page

If you have not read Christmas Day in the Morning, it’s a must read book! I get choked up reading it to my children!

Some ideas for Christmas activities in your school days:

Make paper snowflakes – art skills

Make Christmas Cookies – use math skills and home-ec skills.

Make homemade Christmas cards for art

Sing Christmas carols each day – music

Read Christmas books each day – literature

Watch the Nutcracker Ballet on Youtube – Music appreciation

Make wrapping paper – buy plain kraft paper and let the children do rubber stamps, or color on it for art.

If you search on Pinterest, there are plenty of other ideas!

I find it crucial to balance the mom guilt that comes so easily with the holiday season, with real life demands. We can’t make every school day amazing during December. It’s not even necessary to make every day feel like Christmas morning, because then the special days would turn into ordinary days. But it is nice to give our children those special times once in awhile, especially during Christmas. So look at your schedule, plan a few special activities to make memories with them, and enjoy the season!









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