10 Fun Activities to do at Christmas Time With your Children!

I’m sharing this list of 10 fun activities to do with your children at Christmas with the understanding that I do NOT do all of these activities with my children during December! Some mothers are amazing about doing something special with their children every day during December. My energy level is at a pretty low point right now, so I don’t have expectations of doing everything on this list. We will do some things off this list though, and the children will love whatever we do!

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Most of these activities I’ve saved throughout the year on my Winter/Christmas Pinterest board.

Deborah and Co Pinterest Winter/Christmas Page


Truth In The Tinsel eBook!

1. Truth in the Tinsel daily Advent – We are really enjoying doing Truth in the Tinsel this year! I’m keeping things simple and I found a free printable booklet to glue all the printable ornaments in. All my children love to color and I love seeing how creative they get with their books. I have some children who spend a great deal of time on the details, and others who want to just get it done and glued in their book. 🙂 Every child is different and it’s interesting to sit back and watch them.

Host a cookie exchange!

2. A Cookie Bake Day – We do this every year and have so much fun! We get together at my mother-in-law’s house and my sister comes (who is married to my brother in law so it is her mother-in-law’s house also!). We each bring ingredients to make several items each. It might be cookies, fudge or candy. Then we split it all up and normally share with neighbors. It’s so much fun, we all look forward to it each year!

Make a felt nativity set for your children to play with!

3. Make a felt nativity set – This looks so cute and an excellent way for younger children to recreate the Christmas story over and over again. I’m hoping to get to Hobby Lobby and get the felt to make it. There is a free template available to make this!

Make snowflake ballerinas

4. Make snowflake ballerinas – My girls will love this project! If you can follow directions to fold the paper and can cut, you can make these!

5. Go Christmas Caroling- Every year we try to go visit a nursing home and go Christmas caroling. It is so much fun to bring joy to their faces and it’s good for children to learn how to minister to elderly people.

Make a Marshmallow Snowman!

6. Make a Marshmallow Snowman! We would have trouble getting the marshmallows on the paper instead of our mouths, but that is all part of the fun, right? 🙂

nativity craft for kids

7. Make a printable nativity with a free download and toilet paper rolls.

Homemade Cookie mix for gifts!

8. Make homemade gifts with your children! There is a list for 25 handmade gifts under $5 here. I love some of the ideas!


9. Have young children practice their letters with these sweet nativity play dough mats!


10.  Have a Little House on the Prairie Christmas! Amy from Raising Arrows has some great ideas put together on some fun activities to do.




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  1. Thanks Caroline! It is snowing here and I have some leftover goodies from making graham cracker gingerbread houses so we will make those cute snowmen today. Love all those ideas on the Little House Christmas and peeking at those as well.

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