I’m back again with a look at what we did for Language Arts this year! If I’m being honest, Language Arts is my least favorite topic to teach. I don’t enjoy all the technical steps of grammar and writing (which I’m sure sadly comes through in my writing), and it’s been hard for me to really enjoy teaching this subject to my older children.

The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts

We have used The Good and The Beautiful Language Arts for the last two years, and at the request of my children we are switching to something else this year. My oldest did the high school Language Arts this year and found it hard to work through, and I didn’t feel there was enough writing in it for him. My 7th and 5th graders asked for something different as well, so we are switching to the Language Arts program that goes with A Gentle Feast. We will be using Form 2, so we are going to use the Language Arts that goes along with that year.

Carrianna is a writer, she is always writing down stories and poems and she has requested to use something very textbook like for grammar. I found a Bob Jones book in her grade level at a used homeschool book sale, so she will work her way through that as well. It fits her personality!

Israel and Mosiah will be using Our Mother Tongue book for studying grammar (A Gentle Feast Language Arts book calls for it).

I loved the Language Arts Bundle found in the Build Your Bundle Sale (today is the very last day!). Mosiah will be reading A Scarlet Letter this next school year and there is a study guide in there for that book! I definitely grabbed that, as I know it will be a challenging book to work through.

Cathy Duffy Language Arts Bundle

I also grabbed the Arrow study guide by Bravewriter, and the Morning Time plan for A Gentle Feast. Olivia will read The Courage of Sarah Noble this year, so that study guide will be good for her to use.

We will be doing lots and lots of reading as well next year, but I’ll have to wait until I have a better grasp on that before I share our book lists.

Make sure you check out The Build Your Bundle sale before it ends tonight! I was shocked over how much I saved by shopping through this sale!

Build Your Bundle - The Biggest Homeschool Curriculum Sale of the Year


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