My husband and I were a little dismayed to discover that our oldest son is left handed. I think are reasons were different for being a little anxious about it. My husband is an artist, and he doesn’t know any good artists that are left handed-though I’m sure they are out there! I am a little nervous just thinking of all the years ahead of me to teach a left handed person to do things. As we started working on writing our letters, I knew I needed to get something to help him practice them over and over again. I went to our local Christian Homeschooling bookstore, and discovered these handwriting templates! I got the uppercase and lowercase stencils, and already they have been helping Mosiah a lot to write more neatly. Even though they were a little expensive to me, I didn’t care! The school-rite templates are even advertised to help left handed children learn to write. They will definitely be used to help all of our children learn to write.

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