Instead of sharing a normal outfit post I thought it would be fun to share some pictures I took of our weekend. We went to a historical day called Walk Back In Time, it happens to be where Sean’s Grandma lives and they do this event every year. Sean’s Grandma is about to turn 95, so we wanted her to see Emily and just spend some time visiting her, while also letting our children spend some time at the Walk Back In Time event.

I have to say, it just wasn’t the same without Israel this year. The boys were in Colorado all last week for a backpack camping adventure and got home Sunday morning at 1:00 AM. Israel loves history and all the wars, and the Walk Back In Time is set up in different time periods of wars. It’s pretty neat, but the girls were not nearly as impressed as Israel. 😉

Sophia standing in front of a real Indian Tepee.

Somehow about a month ago she started becoming afraid of Indians. She doesn’t want to go outside by herself because Indians might be out there. We realized it’s probably from watching some Little House on the Prairie episodes, but we keep reassuring her that it’s fine, Indians are not going to bother her!

We show up at this event and there are people dressed up as Indians with tepees everywhere. She was so funny, she kept asking Sean why they were there and was a little uneasy, which is why you see Sean holding her here!

I was playing around with taking pictures on the manual setting on my camera. They are not perfect, but life is not perfect. I’m trying to learn more and more to just go with the flow. I’m excited to practice more, I bought a guide that shows me the exact settings to use for different situations, which will help me become more natural at shooting on manual.

Emily slept for a few hours in this wildbird sling, I’m SO thankful that I went ahead and grabbed a ring sling to try with her, it’s been such a help!

The children went into a one room schoolhouse and each found a school desk to sit at and listen someone tell them what life was like in a schoolhouse. It is a neat concept, but I think homeschooling sounds simpler. 🙂

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  1. Poor Sophia – lol! How cute!

    I was a docent for a similar “park-turned-live-museum” type of experience. During my team’s act, we spoke nothing but the native language (I am Native American, myself!) After the program I went up to some of the kids to talk to them a little. One little boy turned to me, wide eyed, and burst out: “YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?!” Needless to say, I laaaaaaughed.

    Thanks for reminding me of that story. lol!

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