We were told about a pond close to our new house so we went exploring after church yesterday and found it. We found this pond right in the middle of a neighborhood, and my boys were so excited! It was the perfect place to snap some pictures for today.




Ωruffle skirt


My husband is taking a Photography 2 class in college right now. I think he was just having fun here. 😉

brown jacket

It’s the middle of winter in the midwest, and these pictures reflect that well!

long skirt

I’m not sure that a white lace tee and creamy tan knee high socks really go together, but when you are still pulling things out of boxes trying to find your belongings, this is the best I could do! 🙂

What I Wore

Ruffle Skirt – Deborah & Co. (made out of fabric I found at Hobby Lobby several years ago)

White Lace Tee – Deborah & Co.

Brown Jacket – Garage Sale or hand me down from my sister. 🙂

Brown Shoes – Zulily 

Earrings – Kohls

Headband – Whippy Cake (I purchased one when they were closing out of business)

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Lilla Rose Bobby Pins
Lovely Lilla Rose Bobby Pins!


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  1. Would you please discuss sometime what you wear under your skirts as far as footwear? Here you are wearing socks. I know you also highly recommend fleece leggings, but what about the rest of the time when it’s not really that cold? Do you wear panty hose or tights or just socks? I always thought it was not seen as ‘ladylike’ to wear socks with a skirt? Is this wrong?

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