Looking for sweet, vintage type dresses for your little girls? This year I came across a new to me online store called Eleanor Rose. I fell in love with the style and prints of the dresses and our youngest two girls have enjoyed wearing these fun popsicle dresses all summer long! The company offers dresses that reflect innocent girlhood, and it can be hard to find clothing that is super feminine and girly and sweet.

Eleanor Rose dresses for little girls.

This weekend Sean and all the children went out of town for a wedding reception and I stayed home. I just didn’t feel like traveling with the baby coming in August and so I stayed home and set up the baby changing table in our room and have it all ready for whenever the baby comes. I also did what felt like a bajillion loads of laundry on Saturday, and then slept in until 10:00 AM on Sunday and then took a nice long bath! It was so nice to have the house quiet for the weekend, I told myself that’s probably the last time I’ll have this happen for at least a year!

The girls wore these dresses to the wedding reception, as it was a casual outside reception.

Every great once in awhile Eleanor Rose will run a sale and have select dresses for $15 or $20 each, which is when I grabbed these. I have Thanksgiving dresses set back for the four girls that all match, I’m really hoping they fit for this Thanksgiving!

Deborah’s new brown sandals came from a Stitch Fix box for kids. My full review of the boxes are coming soon, but I will say it was a huge success around here!!

What the Girls Wore

Dresses – Eleanor Rose

Deborah’s Sandals – Stitch Fix Kid’s Box

Sophia’s Sandals – Walmart

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  1. Cute dresses! And good for you on having some time to relax on the weekend, you deserve it! Long baths are the best!

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