You all know how much I’ve enjoyed getting Stitch Fix Boxes the past few years. Now my children can enjoy it, because Stitch Fix for kids is now available!

I’ll be honest, when I first heard that they were coming out with kids boxes my first thought was that there was no way I could afford it. A lot of items in the adult boxes can be around $40-$50 each, and really nice jeans and dresses are more than that. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the kids boxes are not like that, you can select lower priced items in the $10-$20 range and they send you some adorable stuff!

Right now Stitch Fix offers clothing in sizes 2-14 for kids. I ordered my middle four children boxes, and you would have thought it was Christmas morning when they arrived!! Every day my children would ask me when I thought the boxes would show up, and it was so much fun to watch them open their boxes!

While most of it felt familiar since I’ve ordered from Stitch Fix before, the biggest thing that is different is that each child is sent 8 items to try, instead of 5. I actually really liked having more items sent for them, especially since the prices were a little more affordable.

Stitch Fix offered credit for each of my children to try the boxes for the first time, so we were blessed to easily be able to keep some items from each box.

Here is a video of our 8 year old daughter seeing her Sitch Fix box for the first time!

Here are some tips for getting started with Stitch Fix Kids.

Have your child beside you when you sign up for Stitch Fix Kids! Unless you are signing up for a toddler, you will want their input when you fill out the style form. There are pictures of outfits put together and you let Stitch Fix know if you dislike or love that outfit. It gives them a general sense of your style. There were definitely styles that I knew my children didn’t like, but it was nice to have them there and see what they said.

Plan your budget for Kohls prices, not Walmart. We were sent quite a few shirts and shorts that were $14-$18 each. They were very good quality (the boys shorts much better than Walmart shorts), so I didn’t think those were horrible prices. However if you strictly shop at Walmart, that’s still a little higher in price. I’m willing to pay that for nicer clothes, just not for play clothes.

My only complaint is that I said on all the notes left for the girls stylists that I wanted skirts, dresses and tops. We were still sent some shorts and jeans along, but we also were sent some adorable dresses that we kept. My girls do wear jeans sometimes, but we really didn’t need anymore.

Olivia just had her hair cut and I love how it turned out! She really liked this striped blue tunic top and I knew it would go great with her jeans, so we kept it. This shirt was $18.00.

A side note…we really should have blown the freshly mowed grass off the driveway before we took these pictures! Oh well. 🙂

Israel ended up loving this outfit, and this is what we kept for him! When he first pulled the shirt out I thought there was no way he would like it, but after seeing it on him both of us really loved how it looked together!

The shirt was $18.00 and the shorts were $14.00.

These are my favorite dresses that we kept from the Stitch Fix Boxes! They are the Hanna Anderson brand and the quality is amazing. I think they are so sweet and can be worn so many different places. This dress was $36 which is more than I normally spend, but I know it’s what you pay for new Hanna Anderson clothing.

Deborah is wearing her new dress and new sandals that they sent along as well!

Our two oldest girls were sent these matching maxi dresses and they instantly fell in love with them! I loved the floral print, and it was an easy decision to keep them!

Each of these dresses were $28.00.

These sandals from Stitch Fix are so adorable, and it was an easy decision to keep them as they went with her dress perfectly! They were $20.00 which felt perfectly reasonable for new sandals! Look at that bow! I want a pair just like these. 🙂

Will I do this again? My children are certainly hoping I will! I think it would make a great birthday surprise for a child, and something a grandparent could do as well! Just tell the child what their spending limit is, and let them pick out some clothes!

It is also a good time to try this for those of you who do back to school shopping. It could make it easier on mom to just have a box sent with clothes to try on, instead of taking your child out shopping!

Sign up to try out a Stitch Fix Box for yourself or your children here! 

If you are new to Stitch Fix, the above link will give you $25.00 in credit!


*I received free credit to Stitch Fix but was not paid for this post. All thoughts are strictly my own.




3 Comments on Stitch Fix For Kids Is Now Available!

  1. Your children are beautiful. I love Olivia’s new haircut. You look so pretty in your new hairstyle Olivia. The clothes are lovely. Thank You for sharing your children’s new clothes.
    God Bless
    Marion,Joan and Marilyn

  2. I am a grandma and am doing this for my granddaughter in August for her brithday,I love most my fix and she is a little Diva,I agree a great birthday present! Hope she gets some lovely dresses like yous did,as that is what I also ask for.

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