We went away for the weekend to my Dad’s house, so we could spend Father’s Day there with him and my Step-Mom.


Little miss Sophia who is 2 decided to keep things interesting. My Dad and step-mom built a really nice house a few years ago, so everything is in nice condition. She had on a swim diaper and sat down on the cream colored stairs and slid all the way down, leaving a trail of poop behind on the carpet. I wanted to disappear when I saw that!

We no sooner got that all cleaned up, then I realized she had disappeared again and was sitting on a bed eating chocolate caramels, and of course getting chocolate all over the white bedspread. So once again, I go downstairs and tell my step-mom about this and we get the comforter going in the wash.

Then I had a huge battle with her over eating chocolate cake in her high chair. I finally won, but oh not fun!

Did I mention that we forgot her pack n play? Oh yes, we really did. She sleeps good, but she is very particular about sleeping in her pack n play since she is used to it. She slept with me the last night, and Sean slept downstairs in the basement. LOL She rolled off the bed in the middle of the night and woke up screaming, which woke me up in a panic.

Whew. It was a weekend I won’t forget. Otherwise we had a great time, we visited Daniel Boone’s home which was a lot of fun for my 11 year old son who adores Daniel Boone and Davy Crocket!

I just got this striped maxi skirt from the Swap website. It’s a Gap brand skirt, and I love how comfortable it is! The only striped skirt that Gap has on their website right now is this wrap Midi skirt and I’m not sure how that would be. You could always check in the Swap website though, they sell gently used clothing and I’ve been super happy with the clothes I’ve gotten! Plus you get 20% off if you are a new customer using this link!

I’ll tell you a tip. I took a course on clothing and fashion and they said if you wanted your stomach to look smaller, don’t wear a white shirt. I really do think it’s true. A solid blue shirt would look more flattering with this. Does any other mom get tired of trying to disguise a tummy who struggles with Diastasis Recti, and not wanting to look pregnant? *Sigh* The struggle is real you all! So I put pictures up to be honest, and to let you know that you are not alone!

Moving on…here are my favorite lace up sandals. I can’t find a link for something just like these. Here are some similar sandals, but they are not exact.  Sean found these sandals for me at Marshalls in the Spring!

Finally, an XS Flexi Clip to hold my hair back.

What I Wore

Skirt – Gap Brand found on Swap website

Shirt – Liz Clairborne Shirt (lots more colors available, highly recommend it!)

Sandals – Similar ones

Flexi Clip – Lilla Rose

Link Up Time!

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12 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up!

  1. Oh what memories you made! Well, your daughter made! I actually hope you forget times like this. smile

    I’m sorry. I accidentally put my Thrifty week post in twice. I don’t know if you can delete the second or not. Please forgive me.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. I’m right there with you on the tummy disguising. Good tip on the white shirt… I absolutely love your skirt. And as for the 2 year old issues… I chuckle in Christian sisterly love. That’s just the way it goes with them sometimes isn’t it? I’m glad you all had a nice family weekend in spite of all the toddler mayhem.

  3. Caroline… I had to laugh (in sympathy, I assure you!) about your trip. With 6 kids, I have been there/done that and had the experiences that made me cringe, but we lived through them and can laugh later… sometimes MUCH later. 🙂 So many memories…good and bad, but they all bind us together as a family! Thank you for hosting.

  4. We went to a homeschool day at the Daniel Boone house a few weeks ago. It was amazing! They had a full schedule that kept us busy the whole day, and we had a lot that we wished we’d been able to do longer. There is another coming up in August. You should check out the calendar on their website and see if you can make it to one.

  5. Maybe we were just born in the wrong era. I used to chuckle whenever I went to my doctors office some years ago. He had old advertising flyers framed in his exam rooms. One was for “syrup of figs.” The before picture was a slender young woman and the after was one that was of her looking, what my mom used to call “corn fed.” LOL It’s all relative! But all kidding aside, I think you look great!

  6. Caroline you look great. I don’t notice your stomach at all. I do notice your great smile and cute earrings. But having closed a 4 finger DR myself and still dealing with core strength and other issues from having kids, I really understand where you are coming from. I think almost always we are our own worst critic. Thanks for sharing your beautiful outfits,glimpses of your family life, and bits of your heart here.

  7. Sounds like a very exciting weekend. It’s a great story to tell in the future at her wedding or graduation. 😉 My parents have a couple in me from that age. sigh.

    I don’t think your stomach looks big at all. I think it looks fine. And Donna is right, I’ve seen old advertisements that told of wonderful products to “fatten you up” too. 🙂

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