I have dreamed of this day for years now. I’ve thought through how I would share this news with you. I’m just going to come out and say it.

We bought a house!

I can still hardly believe it!

If you are a long time reader, you know that we sold our house 4 years ago so Sean could go back to college and finish his graphic design degree. We moved into a small rental house, and even though we were maxed out moving in here, we had another baby at this house.

We have made businesses, homeschooling, and life with six children work in our small house (the main level is around 900 square feet, and the downstairs is for business). But it’s not been easy.

I’ll admit, I’ve been obsessed with looking on the realtor app. Every day. Every night. First thing in the morning. For several years now. We have driven by so many houses and never felt peace about any of them.

I had about given up hope, and then we found one in a part of town that we really were not looking in. The quiet neighborhood won us over though, and the large yard with over a half an acre.

But get this.

Our new house has 5100 square feet (including garages).


I never dreamed we would get a house this big! It’s all because we waited on God to send us the right house for our family.

So here are some more fun details. Because Sean doesn’t want me to share a picture of the front of the house for privacy reasons, you will have to use your imagination. πŸ™‚ It’s a huge ranch home though. It’s an older house, from the 1970’s. We said we were not going to buy a fixer upper, because we didn’t have time to fix it up with running businesses. However we changed our minds. Ha!

We love watching the Fixer Upper show together on Amazon Prime, but after our offer was accepted the children and I started watching it every day at lunch time for new inspiration!

The house has 4 bedrooms on the main level, and get this, 3 bathrooms! After just writing the post on how we have survived with 1 bathroom for 4 years now, it’s going to be lovely to have 3 bathrooms. Sean and I are especially excited to have a master bathroom again!

It also has a large formal dining room, when you walk into the house. Sean is planning on building us a table, and we will buy chairs from IKEA to go with that. We will also split that room up and finally get my grand piano back from my mother in law’s house! So part of the room will be a music room, for piano, cello and violin practice each day!

The kitchen is huge! It felt like every house we looked at that was good size, had a tiny kitchen! I was giving up hope of getting the large kitchen that I dreamed of, until we saw this house. You can see pictures of my current small kitchen in this post.

The kitchen was a huge job to take down the wallpaper, but we are almost done!

I also have main floor laundry, right off the kitchen which is nice.

Plus, we have a large screened in porch off the living room that the children already love to play in!

Downstairs is huge and a little overwhelming as it needs work. We will have plenty of space for our businesses and much more!

We closed on the house this past Monday, but we will not be moving in until the end of July. We are currently taking off lots and lots of wallpaper, we have to paint the whole main level, and then pull up the carpet because we have unfinished hardwood floors under the whole main level!

I will be sharing lots and lots of before and after pictures inside the house, which will be so exciting! I’ve been getting paint samples and I can’t wait to narrow down my selection.

One other thing I have to tell you. This house backs up to some really good friends of ours, and some other really good friends live about 3 blocks away! You can’t get much better than that! Our children will grow up surrounded by their friends!

You know what is really exciting about all of this? We have you dear reader to thank. Every single Flexi Clip you have purchased, every person who has joined my Lilla Rose team, and every person who has been a loyal customer to Deborah & Co.

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Finally, all of you who have purchased our digital products, like our Well Ordered Kitchen planner, and our Homeschool Planner!

We just have to stop and say a huge Thank You for helping us grow our businesses to where we could finally purchase a home! When you support small businesses you really have no clue the blessing it is for that family!

To show our appreciation, we wanted to offer some great sales for you!

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Again, I have to say thank you, thank you! I can’t wait to welcome you into my new home through pictures!

Praise God for His blessings!


31 Comments on Finally – A Home to Call Our Own!

  1. I am SO thrilled for you all. We are a family of 9 that have been living in 1100 square foot rental for 8 years. We are in the ministry so had to sell the only house we ever owned (and could afford) to move for the ministry. Its hard and I know the excitement you are feeling. I LOVE the Lord provided you a BIG BIG house more than you could have dreamed!!!

    • Oh Stacy, bless you! I felt bad sharing this post knowing that some families would still be in the situation we have been in for 4 years…a small house with a large family! I hope God richly blesses your family as you minister to others!

    • Stacy, I feel your pain. My husband is a pastor and we’ve always had small houses with lots of kids (7) and not nice houses either. I can’t imagine a 5000 square foot house. And to make matters worse, our church threw us under the bus so we have to leave our current house which we’ve been in for 20 years (3 of our kids were born in this house and we have a baby buried in the cemetery right next door). Yes, being in the ministry is tough and many American Christians have no idea what their pastor and family are going through. πŸ™

  2. I’m so happy for you, Caroline. We were also in a house that was too small, 1250 square feet plus an unfinished basement that was practically unusable. 1 1/2 bathrooms, but only 1 toilet worked. It was just too small for us and our 5 children. My oldest was also in multiple sports and the drive to get him to and from practice was not working. We really wanted something close to our school, close enough that our kids could bike back and forth.

    We started looking and everything was too expensive, or too small, or across a busy road, etc. Then the Lord dropped the perfect house in our laps, and we won it an auction for an unbelievable price. The previous owners had raised their 8 kids there….. a perfect house for a large family!!

    So happy for you!! Have fun painting!

  3. Oh how exciting! Congratulations! We also had to remove a lot of wallpaper when we moved into our house 2 years ago. I feel your pain… haha.

  4. So happy for you and your family! It looks like the house has good “bones”. πŸ˜‰ The kitchen looks really nice, minus the wallpaper. ha Will you leave that as is, or do you plan to change it?
    We live in a big house, too- about 4500 square feet, plus garage and screened porch. It is nice to have space to spread out and to host visiting family and friends from out of town!

  5. This post nearly brought tears to my eyes! I’m so glad for you! I love your blog so much and have appreciated so much of what you have to say. I loooooove your entrepreneurial spirit. Congratulations!

  6. I’m so happy for your family!!!! 5100 sq ft is amazing, especially for a large family and potentially more members. Thank you as well for providing such businesses to us. I’m excited to see pictures of the inside. Are the kids using all three other bedrooms?

  7. Wow, Caroline! I’m so happy for your awesome news! What an encouragement to wait on the Lord and practice contentment in a hard situation! We have four kids in about 1300 square feet (only two working bedrooms as we’re using the third for office space) and starting to feel a bit cramped and dreaming of something bigger, but hearing your story is encouraging! Rejoicing with you!

  8. Congratulations!!! That is very exciting and I’m so happy for you and your family! How lovely to have all of that space! (I love the bright kitchen cabinets too.) Yay! πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats❣️ I pray that our Lord will shower many many blessings on your new home and family❣️ It will be exciting to see the progress as you “beautyfy” you new home.

  10. I am so happy for you and your family!! May God bless your new home and the ministry you do there as you raise your family and serve together!

  11. Oh, Praise the Lord! I am so happy for your family! I also love to watch Fixer Upper, so I am excited to see the continued progress on your spacious new home. Thank you for sharing your life with us all…and CONGRATULATIONS!!! πŸ˜€

  12. OH I just loved reading this post…<3 it kinda made me sad as we lost our home in a fire July 2013, we lived homeless for 6 months, and then a 600sq ft trailer until we double-mortgaged to get here. This place has been one repair after another. We desperately needed a larger home which we've looked for a year, only today to finally realize we cannot move as our broker cannot find us financing. It breaks my heart as our four boys need more space. Three of them special needs. We care for my elderly mother with dementia too. The home we lost was 3600sq ft and we all live in 1200 now. Life just doesn't always turn out the way you think…even if God does have a plan. I'm so happy for you though…

    • Rita, I am so sorry. We have to move in a month and we have nowhere to go. We put a bid on a beautiful foreclosed house but were outbid by an investor. We’re trying to trust God but are so discouraged. I totally agree with your last comment. Life really doesn’t turn out sometimes.

  13. I cannot tell you how happy this post makes me. You are such a blessing to so many of us and I’m thrilled to see this. God bless you!!

  14. Yea congratulations! I am so happy for your family. Such a blessing and all that wonderful space. I can’t wait to see pictures of the transformation. You had me smiling at the part that you were looking at the realtor websites every day! That is so me right now. We are in a rental that we are growing out of and we would love to own our own home. I actually had to make an effort to cut back on looking at the house websites, because it was becoming too much of my focus, and just trust that God will provide the right house in his timing.

  15. How wonderful!!! Congratulations! πŸ™‚ I am so happy for you and your family! πŸ™‚ I have a fixer upper home and truly, it is a blessing because you get to make it *your own*! Plus, we can do things when we have the money to! It also helps us to try to be creative ~ to make things our own as well as trying to save money! God is so good! Enjoy your new home! πŸ™‚

  16. Congratulations! May God continue to richly bless your family! We live 2 houses away from our dear friends and it is the biggest blessing for our kids and us moms too!! Looking forward to seeing the progress of your fixer upper! (Love that show too!).

  17. Congratulations! This is so exciting for you! We have also lived with one bathroom for a long time, but with only 5 people so I can only imagine how tough it’s been for you. Thankfully, my hubby is nearly finished completing our second bathroom.

  18. Congratulations! We are a large family who would like more room, but God has closed the door for the time being. So good that you all waited for God’s good timing.

    Did you know there is a neat machine that steams the wall paper off? My mom let me borrow hers and it worked great! Would be worth looking into if you still have a lot of wall paper to take down.

  19. Congratulations! It looks like such an amazing home! I know that feeling of waiting to be in the right place (we’re there now), so I’m happy for you to have found it for your family! Praise God! Can’t wait to see before and after pics too…love those.

  20. Congratulations Caroline πŸ™‚ So glad for you. It looks such a beautiful home. I can certainly understand your happiness. My parents had also moved into a rental home while I was growing up and only last year I was able to buy a new home for my parents. I cannot ever forget the look on their face. And I’m very sure you must have had the same look as my mom had that moment. Many congratulations on your home again πŸ˜€

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