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You may have come through the holidays and realized, like me, that something had to change. I took some time during our holiday break to organize a little, and the main thing I wanted to tidy up was toys. Today I’m going to share with you how I organized our toys. It has made such a difference in our house!

If you ask my husband, he will say our children have lots and lots of toys. If you ask me, I think it is about average. 🙂 It really depends on the family, and how many children they have. We don’t have big toddler toys, I have never really had any of those sort of toys for my children. When they are little they have blocks and books, cars and trucks for boys and dolls for girls. One of my boys loved a doll when they were little, and that was just fine as well. 🙂


Normally the more children you have, the bigger the house you get. We are opposite, we have shrunk in our house size as our children are getting older. The main level of our house is 1000 square feet. We have a finished room downstairs, but that holds 3 bookshelf’s and then all our inventory for Deborah & Co. It was getting a little crazy in our small house with a good spot to put all our educational toys, games, puzzles, blocks, etc. While my husband was on break from college, I looked on Craigslist and was so excited to find this cabinet from IKEA for $100.00!

Cabinet to organize all our toys from IKEA |

It is HUGE! We had a different white cabinet here before that I used as a pantry. This is much bigger then the other cabinet! It works out great for putting tubs of toys in. The charts on the front is the Character Badges program we use with our children.

Before I started filling this cabinet I went to my children’s rooms and pulled out the toys that never seemed to stay organized and put away. For the girls it was their Loving Family dollhouse items, and their magnetic dolls. The boys didn’t have a good spot for their wooden blocks in their room, so I took those. Items with little pieces that are constantly scattered on the floor are what makes me go slightly batty as a mom.

I’ll take you shelf by shelf and show you what I have in our toy cabinet. (Affiliate Links Included)

Top shelf of our toy cabinet! |

 Top Shelf 

This is the shelf I put our games on. We don’t have a giant collection as you can see. The games we have are:

Battleship, Candyland, Walk the Dogs, USA Bingo, Wooden Chess and Checkers, Made for Trade, Blokus, Sumology, and Uno Attack.

In the containers I have our Snap n Style Dolls. The girl just got these for Christmas and they love them! I also have our Math U See blocks in a container. We don’t use this curriculum anymore, but I still use the blocks regular to help the children understand concepts. The smaller container holds the Engino set that our oldest received for Christmas. These are seriously awesome, and really make you think through how to build.Then we have a Melissa and Doug ice cream set, Magnetic Dolls, Homemade Play dough, Magformers (another Christmas gift that my girls just loved!), Brainbox games, Block Builders, and a Leapfrog picnic basket (Birthday gift for our 2 year old).

Second shelf where I organize my toys |

Second Shelf

In the two big white containers we have our Wedgits and the Loving Family set. In the middle containers there is a snap circuit set, city blocks, and wooden blocks. Then we have Melissa and Doug puzzles, and a Turtle Maze for our 2 year old.

Third Shelf with toys on it. |

Third Shelf

On the last shelf I have our Geosafari, megablocks, A science set, small wooden blocks, and a tub full of busy bags. 

I’m so glad we spent the money to purchase this cabinet as it has been such a help to me! I try to let the children stop and have what I call Brain Game time during school. So they might pull out a puzzle and build it, use the Block Builders, or the Perplexis game that my oldest just got.

The boys still have their legos in their room, and some dress up army outfits, etc. The girls have their dolls and strollers in their rooms. This is what works well for us in our house!



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    • Thanks! We are releasing a Character Badges Program in a 1-2 weeks, and those charts go along with that program. We have used it with our children for six months now (my husband designed it) and really love the results! 🙂

  1. Thanks for the motivation!! My children’s toys have been driving me crazy for months now. I used to store some away and rotate them around, but got out of the habit. I spent most of the day yesterday making space in closets, boxing toys up and putting them away. It is much better now and I feel like they will appreciate things more!

  2. We also live in a smaller home, which I love. Truthfully, it helps in keeping things like children’s toys culled to a reasonable minimum, in my opinion. I love your organization! We can’t use plastic bins (3 yo has an allergy to plastic) so our things are in open baskets, placed where we use them most.

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