Autumn. Cool breezes, glorious colors, campfires, soups, and hot drinks. And cleaning and organizing and re-decorating! That’s what I’ve been doing lately! When Caroline asked me if I’d share a blog post about Autumn decor I was delighted. Because I’d been cleaning and organizing but not doing so great in the re-decorating department. I might have completely skipped the Autumn Decor if her email hadn’t shown up in my inbox! It got me in gear and I’m so glad because my house feels fresh and happy again with a new look for these weeks of Autumn before the Christmas decor comes out and takes over!

fall decor-2

Autumn Decor doesn’t have to be extensive or over-the-top to give you the feel of the season.

fall decor-5Pumpkins are always plentiful and if you don’t grow your own there are always lots of people selling them – from the traditional American pumpkins to Cinderella pumpkins, French pumpkins, and more.

fall decor-3

Adding a few orange pumpkins to what you already have gives you an instant ‘Autumn’ look and a fun pop of color.

fall decor-6Limelight hydrangeas are a wonderful flower to grow as the height of their blooms happens in August and by Autumn you have wonderful, half-dried blooms all ready to make your decor wonderful. Add a few in a pot by your front door and include a few pumpkins for a warm welcome to all your friends and family.

fall decor-7

fall decor-1

The flowers in my urns were getting very sad that summer was over and drooping pitifully. In September I replaced them with some Mums, and when the Mums started drying up I took them out and added the burlap and pumpkins.

fall decor-8

A quilt, pillow and an old book in a porch chair is a great way to get an Autumn look too.

And now – let’s go inside!

fall decor-13

One of my favorite ways to decorate for Autumn is with things brought inside from outside. Things that really belong outside – like sticks. It adds a bit of whimsy and fun, a bit of the unexpected.

fall decor-14

fall decor-11

I think the dark color of the books lends itself to an Autumn look. Tucking in quirky little treasures like this thrift-find-horse makes it personal and fun too.

fall decor-12

A fun bottle with a hydrangea dresses up the shelf right inside my front door.

fall decor-15

More sticks, some blue/green pumpkins, and dried Hydrangeas from summertime declare that Autumn has arrived.

fall decor-16

Inside the cupboard I’ve tucked dried Hydrangeas and a few large faux acorns to keep the Autumn feel going.

fall decor-17

fall decor-19

The outdoors took over my living room too! These sticks made themselves right at home on my 12+ foot long shelf. My olive bucket with Hydrangeas feels comfy on my coffee table.

fall decor-18

fall decor-20

Another faux acorn and a wood ‘cake stand’ adorn my side table. Yes, it is feeling very much like Autumn has arrived! Chilly outside, warm and cozy and decorated inside.

fall decor-21

Stuff some pretty leaves inside a cloche for another fun way to bring the beauty Autumn indoors.

fall decor-22

fall decor-10

fall decor-9

I liked the look of mixing the natural colored pumpkins with the orange pumpkins too.

My biggest tip for Autumn decor is to use what you have on hand, bring in things from outdoors, and just have fun with it!

Thanks, Caroline, for having me over and letting me share a bit of my decor!

I’d love for you to visit me at Sew a Fine Seam!

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your front door. If you don’t mind me asking, where can I get one like it? It’s absolutely beautiful!!!

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