Looking for a non-toxic scrub for those difficult pots and pans? The Thieves pots and pans scrub is super easy to make and works well! I only suggest using this on stainless steel pans though, as I haven’t tried it on any other type.

Lemon essential oil is a very popular oil for cleaning house with. It’s good for replacing the popular Goo-Gone as it removes sticky stuff extremely well. It helps with stains on clothes or even countertops (I had such good success with this!), it’s one of those oils you always want around!

And of course the Thieves household cleaner is an extremely good non-toxic, very safe cleaner that is also affordable! It’s less than $1.00 to make a glass spray bottle. You just need a capful of the cleaner and fill the rest up with water.

To make this soft scrub for those stubborn pots and pans or showers, you just need three things!

Thieves Soft Scrub Recipe

1 capful of Thieves Cleaner (you can grab a starter kit with Young Living and just add this to your order when you checkout).

1 TBSP of baking soda

1 drop of lemon essential oil

Combine all in a little bowl, stir together and then apply to that tough spot.

You can see my before and after picture here! Israel burned some sugar trying to make something in this pan, and we had already scrubbed and scrubbed at it, trying to get it to come off. I finally made this scrub and let it sit on there, used some more elbow grease and it came off!


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