The homeschool curriculum post is finally here! I always get questions about what curriculum we are going to be using and love to share each year what I’ve decided on.

Homeschooling all these different ages definitely has it challenges. I had some tears on our first day, but we pushed through and I’m hopeful this year will be awesome!

(Affiliate links are used in this post, and I did receive a few of these programs for free this year, but all thoughts are my own and everything below is what I picked out, not because I was given it for free or paid to use it. Just a blogger’s disclaimer!)

I totally switched curriculums this year to something different, and we are doing A Gentle Feast for everyone, which is a Charlotte Mason based curriculum. I have added extra things to the curriculum for my older children, just a personal preference as you can totally do it without adding to it.

10th Grade


We are switching math programs this year and using Mr D. Math for the two oldest. Mr. D Math has live math classes and also offers live help throughout the week as needed. This seemed like a really good fit for our boys, so we are going to give it a try. Mosiah is taking geometry this year, and so far he really has enjoyed this math program. The live math classes already started, but the self paced classes are available to purchase anytime and taught by Mr. D as well.


I’m so thankful that Compass Classrooms came out with a new English program called Grammar For Writers. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, so he is going to use that. I’ve printed out the workbook (over 300 pages, so thankful for my printer!), and it looks really good, definitely high school level, but not over the top intense where Mosiah is going to feel overwhelmed.

Right now you can get a free trial of the Compass Classroom monthly Membership, and try out the grammar program, as well as all of their other programs!


We are doing all the history from A Gentle Feast. He will be reading from History of the English Speaking People for British history, A History of the American People for American history, and The Book of Ancient Greeks for Ancient History. He only reads from one of these books a day, so I decided to add in an extra history to make up a traditional history credit for 10th grade.

Compass Classroom offers an amazing American History program on video (or online streaming option). Mosiah is really enjoying it already, I haven’t seen him this excited over a history program in quite awhile. He already loves history, so I was surprised to find something that would get him even more excited than usual!

I feel comfortable adding onto the Gentle Feast history because he is a fast reader, and I knew he could handle a little more.


I struggled through what I was going to do for chemistry. I thought about doing more of a Charlotte Mason approach and using the Sabbath Mood curriculum. I thought about enrolling him in the co-op that we used for biology, but I couldn’t bring myself to make him go through the Apologia chemistry book as it looked so math intensive (and if I’m being totally honest, it looked so boring!).

Finally, Sean solved the dilemma for me. When we were at our last Great Homeschool Convention in Florida, he came across ChemExplained, and he told me it was what he wanted Mosiah to use for chemistry. Sean never picks out curriculum, he only gives me feedback if I ask for it, so I was quick to check out what he found.

ChemExplained is an online course that uses videos, podcasts, worksheets, and yes, your child does lab experiments, all put together by someone who taught chemistry for years. It is math heavy, but with daily videos that teach you what to do. I feel confident that Mosiah can follow along.

So far he is liking it. I gave him the choice to do the traditional or honors course, and he surprised me and picked the honors course. If you are looking for a video based chemistry program, I highly recommend this one!


We are going to read the books that are assigned in A Gentle Feast. Right now he started Pride and Prejudice, every high school boys dream book to read. πŸ˜‰ Β I told him I would watch the first part of the six-part seriesΒ with him tonight, to help him get a better idea of who is who in the book.


We are going to use Visual Latin as our foreign language credit this year. My 4 oldest children are going to do it together. They started it today and I heard a lot of laughter as they watched it, and they all told me how much they loved it! That’s always a super good sign!


Mosiah joined a homeschool track club and is doing cross country this fall. I’m happy he is getting all these miles in running, and he is trying so hard to eat super healthy and not eat sugar or drink any pop. Yay!


He will continue with private cello lessons, and playing in a local small orchestra group. If he goes to college he hopes to get some sort of scholarship from his cello and minor in music, but he hasn’t decided yet if he is going to go to college. I’m working with my older children on theory this year in our morning time, and we will be

8th Grade


Israel is doing the Mr. D math this year for pre-algebra but he is in Mr. H’s live class. He has been in two classes so far, and always leaves smiling and tells me how much he enjoys them. I’m SO happy!


I’m struggling through what we will use. I have the Language Arts book from A Gentle Feast, but now I can’t find my Mother Tongue book that goes with his grade level. I’m leaning towards having him go through the Essentials in Writing course for 8th grade. Obviously by saying all of this, you can tell we haven’t gotten much done in this subject yet. πŸ™‚

He is also doing Wordly Wise.


Israel is doing the history from A Gentle Feast, as well as going through the American History course from Compass Classroom with Mosiah.


This was another difficult subject for me to try finding this year! Israel really disliked the Apologia General science last year and I knew it would be another rough year if I had him go through it again. I’m ordering the Advanced Physical Science kit for him to go through this year, and he is going to flip when it comes in the mail! He is a hands on type guy, and so he will love the projects that he will be building during the school year.


He will be using the books provided in A Gentle Feast curriculum. We prefer to read classic books versus snippets of the book in a textbook.


He is going through the Visual Latin from Compass Classroom and loving it!


Israel really enjoys computer tech type stuff, so I want him to do computer coding this year. I signed up for a 14 day trial at Simply Coding and I’m going to have him try that out during the next two weeks and see if we want to continue with it.

6th Grade


Carrianna is doing 6th grade Teaching Textbooks. At this point my plan is for her to stick with Teaching Textbooks until Pre-Algebra and then switch over to Mr. D for high school math.


She is using the Language Arts book from A Gentle Feast. I will probably add in Essentials in Writing, as she is so blessed with good writing skills. Out of everyone in our family, I totally can see her becoming a blogger, so I want to strengthen and encourage this talent.


She is doing the history from A Gentle Feast, and she asked to also use Uncle Sam and You from Notgrass. Carrianna likes to use textbooks, so she really loves Notgrass, however she is enjoying the history from A Gentle Feast as well.


She is continuing in Apologia and is going through the Anatomy book, which she is loving! We use the notebook as well, and we actually do science every day, so they normally go through 2 books a year.


Like the older children, she is going through the literature books list from A Gentle Feast.


Visual Latin from Compass Classroom with the boys.


Carrianna plays violin, and will continue her private lessons with a teacher. She is in Suzuki book 4, and I really enjoy playing the piano with her as she practices her songs. She also plays in the same small orchestra group that Mosiah plays in. I’m also helping her learn piano.

4th Grade


Olivia is in Teaching Textbooks grade 4, and really enjoying it!


She is using the Language Arts book from A Gentle Feast.


She is doing exclusively the history from A Gentle Feast, I think it will be perfect!


Like the others, she is using the book list provided in A Gentle Feast. Right now she is reading The Secret Garden and I can barely get her to put it down each day! That’s always a good sign. πŸ™‚


She is going through an Apologia science book.


Olivia is learning the violin, and I’m also teaching her piano. Lots of music and juggling practice times around here!

2nd Grade


Deborah is using The Good and The Beautiful Math. I really, really love it for these younger grades!!


She is still working her way through All About Reading. She is not an early reader, but I’m hoping she is like most of our other ones and really takes off this year. You can see my post here on why your child does not have to read at six to see why I’m not super stressed about this. Ok, I’ll admit. I’ve been a tiny bit stressed. Sean has had to remind me of the article I wrote. Ha! I’ve stopped worrying a few weeks ago because I started seeing some really good improvement.


I’m loving the gentle approach that A Gentle Feast provides for this age level. It’s just enough for me to keep up with reading it to her, and enough that I feel like she is enjoying it and learning.


We are doing lots of nature study and reading about animals this year.


I’m teaching her piano this year.


I’m really excited to be using A Year of Playing Skillfully with Sophia this year! I’ve been wanting to buy it for quite awhile now, and it finally worked out.

Because I struggle using one thing by itself, I’m also adding the Gentle and Classical Preschool to our days. I think I can have Deborah do both of these with us, to keep both girls busy and happy for awhile.

Whew! That was a lot to write out! We are going to work on doing Nature Study this year, but I have yet to get our nature study notebooks. If you have any ideas, please share!

I didn’t even get a chance to talk about our morning time. That has been a HUGE success so far, I can’t even tell you! I’ll have to cover that in a different post, since this one is long enough for you all to read!

I’d love to hear what curriculum you have decided on using this year! Leave a comment and let me know!







14 Comments on Homeschool Curriculum For The 2019-2020 Homeschool Year

  1. I will be using All About Reading for my 9 year old and 6 year old. Math will be a combo of Life of Fred, Math U See, and Kumon worksheets. For most other things, i follow Amblside Online. I have Exploring Nature With children, which i do rather sporadically. We also do Reading Eggs.

  2. Such a sweet post!
    We use some many different curricula/books. For Pre-K, K, and 2nd, we are doing Little Hands to Heaven. I added some other things to it from Learn and Grow, Teach Me About God, Character Concepts, and Peaceful Preschool. They also use Rod and Staff preschool books.
    For most grades we use Rod and Staff for Reading, English, Spelling, and Bible. We use Practical Arithmetics for Arithmetic and we do Hands on Math once a week.
    We are working through Time Travelers for History, adding living books to our studies. For 8th I think we will be using a world history text as well.. not decided.
    For Science we are using Masterbooks Elementary Science and General Science.
    We use other things, too. I can’t think of it all right now.
    I am excited to begin next week!

  3. We use mostly free sites amd print outs for our homeschooling. My 16 yr old does Algrebra 2 and Biology on Khan Academy. He does American Lit on easy peasy. Sociology and World Geography on Georgia Virtual and Latin we do from a Latin Book but I might have to check out what you are using.
    My 9 yr old we do all his English (writing, spelling amd reading) plus his Math from grade 4 complete curriculm book. He also does level 1-4 Physics/Chem and Ancient History through easy peasy. He has puckwd French this year so we are using Learning French with Alexa on YouTube…

  4. Love reading your children’s school year subjects. Hope the ones enjoy Algebra as much as we did.
    Happy school year.
    Marilyn and Marion

  5. I grew up home schooled and am super excited to finally be a home school mom myself, with my son starting Kindergarten. There are sooo many more options than when I was growing up! We decided to do Tapestry of Grace Primer for history/lit/geography/crafts. The plan is to start Year 1 in first grade, if we like it this year. I’m a little curious what made you switch from Tapestry. We’re also doing Saxon for math, Masterbooks for science, Logic of English (last minute switch from AAR) for phonics, Handwriting without Tears for writing. I am doing a morning time that includes Leading Little Ones to God as part of Bible, and have some art, music, poetry, etc resources to mix into morning time as well. For what it’s worth, I was one of the first to use Apologia Chemistry and I really enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve got grades 4, 3, and K this year doing My Father’s World – Exploring Countries and Cultures, All About Reading/Spelling, Language Lessons for Today (MFW), Writing Skills for Today (MFW) and A Reason for Handwriting D for the the oldest, Zaner-Bloser Handwriting for the younger two, and Singapore Math. Also adding Kids Cook Real Food and The Talk (intoxicatedonlife) as electives. That’s the “plan” at least. Last year we accomplished less than half of what we set out to do.

  7. Thank you for suggesting Exploration Education science kit. When you described it, I knew my 12 year old son would like it. We have done zero formal science because I really have not found what works for us. We have tried Apologia and do not like it. It is too text-bookish for me. My son is very mechanically minded and does not really get into the nature journaling and all those Charlotte Masonish things. So, this is a perfect fit. He can use his mechanical knowledge and build things without too much textbook stuff. He does several lessons a day and plays with the things he makes every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  8. Dear Caroline,

    Thank you so much for sharing your curriculum choices for the year. Your list is amazing, and I am amazed at what you can make happen! Right now I have only two students (and one half-student) and find the workload overwhelming. You’re handling something like quadruple that workload, wow!

    We love Christian Light’s curriculum for math, reading, and language arts. We also use Story of the World, Memoria Press Latin, and ACE Science.

    Have a wonderful school year!
    Diana J.

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