After three years of using Teaching Textbooks, I can confidently say it’s been the best math program we have tried for our family.

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Believe me, I’ve read all the reviews that are for and against Teaching Textbooks, and we have tried many of the other popular math programs out there. The only thing that has worked for my two boys has been Teaching Textbooks, and as we enter high school this year I decided to keep going with it and hopefully graduate our oldest with Teaching Textbooks.

This year we will have four children using Teaching Textbooks. For Kindergarten through 2nd grade I typically use Horizons math (though I’m trying something new this year with my 1st grader, so stay tuned for that review!), and then in 3rd grade we switch them over to Teaching Textbooks. I did the placement test and decided to keep our 3rd grader in the 3rd grade level of Teaching Textbooks. Some people go up a grade level – it all depends on what your goals are. I knew I couldn’t handle a challenging year of math with our 3rd grader as she can easily melt down when overwhelmed. : /

After trial and error we have found the best way to use Teaching Textbooks (again, this is what works for our family). I require all of my children to watch each lecture, even if they think they know it. They also do every single problem and they are required to have the student workbook and write in the book as well. I feel like this is a very important step that a lot of people skip. It’s important to solve the math problems on paper, to help it really stick in their heads.

Up to this point we have always used the CD’s, but I was really excited with the online 3.0 version that just came out this year!

My children have been trying the online version and they have all given me really positive feedback. They love all the new buddies and backgrounds that they can change, and it’s really easy to log in to the website. The basic look of Teaching Textbooks has remained the same, so it’s not confusing for children to switch over to the online version. There are just some fun new options if they want.

I can teach elementary math, but when we approach the older grades it’s my weakest subject. I’ve been so thankful for Teaching Textbooks, because not only does it give the daily lecture, but it also self grades each lesson. I just have to ask my children each day what grade they got, so I know if we are on track to keep going or if we need to stop and redo a lesson. It saves me a lot of time as a homeschooling mom!

While Teaching Textbooks can be the perfect answer for both struggling math students and those strong in math, you can’t always be hands off with it. We realized several years ago that our oldest just was not grasping math concepts like he should, and finally started paying for a homeschool mom to tutor him. We don’t have to do it weekly, but we still pay for her to come and help him and I don’t see that stopping anytime soon. It’s very important to me that my son has a good grasp on math. I don’t think he will ever say math is his strongest subject, but I want him to get through all the upper math classes and be prepared for college if he chooses to go. Teaching Textbooks has helped him get caught back up, and we are finally to the point where we are starting on grade level this year (starting Algebra 1 in 9th grade).

Some of my favorite things about Teaching Textbooks

They Provide Help!

I recently found out that you can call Teaching Textbooks and ask for help with a math problem! They have students who regularly call in each week, and this is such a good option for struggling students!

They Replace Disks!

If you are still using the CD version, you can replace a broken disk for $15. We had to do that one time and it was so nice to have that option, instead of buying a whole new set!

They Review Problems!

I want my children to always be reviewing the math concepts they have learned. I love that Teaching Textbooks continues to bring up old concepts just to make sure they have a grasp on it and are remembering how to do it.

They Have Large Family Discount Plans!

Teaching Textbooks now offers different pricing plans since the online version came out. They even have a large family discount, which you can see here, or read through the graphic below!

Teaching Textbooks Large Family Discount Plan

Trying to stay on top of curriculum each year can be a lot of work, and I’m so grateful for the help that Teaching Textbooks has been in our home. If you are trying to find a new math program, Teaching Textbooks just might be what you are looking for!

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8 Comments on Why Teaching Textbooks Is Our Preferred Math Curriculum

  1. You mentioned having the physical book is helpful. Do your children do their tests on the computer? I noticed that they will keep a record of their test scores for you. I assume that would involve taking the test on the computer?

  2. I absolutely love using the CDs! My girls do their math problems in a notebook just to save the cost of buying the actual book. My favorite things about the program are that it’s self-grading, so I don’t have to grade math – yay!! lol I also appreciate the lectures that teach them the lesson and that they can watch how to do the problem if they got it wrong after the second try. It’s perfect for our family!

  3. Wow, your first high schooler! Congratulations!!

    Thank you so much for this review. We are planning to switch our students to Teaching Textbooks when they get into either Junior or Senior High School. Right now we use Christian Light, and LOVE it, but I think it would be too time intensive to use with multiple students.

  4. Caroline, it looks like they now recommend the online subscription, so it’s not necessary to purchase any printed books at all, right? Do you think a looseleaf notebook to work out problems occasionally would be sufficient?

    My daughter struggles in math, too, and two years of tutoring has been very expensive! I’d really love to see how Teaching Textbooks might help her catch up, and also save us some money. How often has your tutor had to come help your son? Does he just save up the questions that Teaching Textbooks wasn’t able to answer?

    • I think a looseleaf notebook could easily work.

      Our tutor comes as needed now, we did have her coming once a week for awhile. I agree, it does get expensive. 🙁 She helps him grasp new concepts (he is in algebra now) that he just doesn’t seem to comprehend. I struggled in math during my high school homeschooling years and never got the help I needed, so it’s just been really important to me that he makes it through high school with a good understanding of math. It’s not as important to me that he excels in it, just that he gets the concepts.

  5. I print a “Table of Contents” from their webpage so I can keep up with what they are covering and a place to jot down grades. I found it easier to do the averages by chapter also …

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