You might be all done Christmas shopping by now, but chances are, you still are looking for some gifts. You might even have your husband still asking you what you want for Christmas, and you haven’t given him a list!

Time is ticking, but here are some gift ideas for ladies who love fashion! 

Fabric rose headband

Rose Headbands – Online you just don’t get a sense of how cute these are. When we went to conventions this last spring, these headbands seemed to draw all the ladies over! They are super cute, and so easy to wear. You just tie them under your head, and mine stay on all day. We have them available in different colors at Deborah & Co. and we are still shipping out holiday packages!

Here are the colors we have available:

Baby Blue Polkadot

Blue Floral Rose Headband (pictured above)

Country Club Blue Rose

Modern Millie

Pink PolkaDot Gray 

Plum Polkadot Lace

Sweetheart Rose

Milk Chocolate

modest outfit leggings

Fleece Lined Leggings – Every woman who loves modest fashion needs a pair of these! Unless you live in Florida that is. 🙂 Everyone who has a pair raves about how much they love them, and how warm they stay in them. My sister does not even wear these unless it’s freezing cold out, because she gets so warm in them! I’m the complete opposite, I wear them almost every day, all winter long under my skirts! They are adorable with a knee length skirt and boots, but also work great under maxi skirts!

A customer review

“Cozy and warm and makes me not hate winter! I was skeptical that leggings could be fleece lined and warm without looking lumpy and awkward. But these aren’t at all. And they are so soft. I’ve worn these almost every day this week, perfect for turning a knee length skirt into a year round item. I bought the black but have already decided I need the charcoal as well.”

Available in black, brown and charcoal color!

Receive free shipping on any USA order of $25 or more at Deborah & Co, through Monday, December 12th! Use the code: CHRISTMASGIFT to save!

This blue Pink Blush maxi dress is so comfortable and looks great with a short sleeve halftee under it! I'm styling it with a dangle necklace from JCPenny.

Halftee – These make easy gifts, because you just order them in whatever t-shirt size the person wears! The perfect layering option for all year round, wear the short sleeve under a maxi dress or sleeveless shirt, or use the tank for under low cut sweaters, dresses, shirts…you get the picture! The neckline has a high or low option, I’m wearing the higher option in the picture above. We even offer a full length Halftee to wear under cardigans.

Use the code CHRISTMASGIFT to get free shipping in the US on any $25 or more order!

Long Denim Skirt that is stretchy like jeggings!

A new denim skirt – This skirt is so comfortable, it’s ridiculous! It’s like you are wearing jeggings, in a skirt! All sizes are available and shipping out quickly (sizes 4-20). This is something you would love to open under the tree on Christmas morning!

Don’t forget, use the code CHRISTMASGIFT to get free shipping in the US!

The Dressing Your Truth program will totally change your wardrobe, and help you have a closet full of clothes you adore and that look good on you!

Dressing Your Truth – How about a whole new perspective on what color clothes you should be wearing, textures, styles, and more? This could be such an inspiration as you enter a new year! Find out more about the Dressing Your Truth program here.

My very first Stitch Fix arrived! I'm super excited to be trying this new service out!

Stitch Fix – Last year my husband totally and completely surprised me by giving me a gift card to Stitch Fix!  I had not asked for this, but he had heard me talk about how neat it would be try to this service out, and blessed me with $100 to do so. I was in tears, and in shock that he thought of it! It’s been the best gift ever, because it keeps going on! If you get a gift card and like the items, you can share on your social media accounts and earn $25 credit to Stitch Fix when someone signs up through your link. So your gift could keep stretching on past that one time!

You can read more about Stitch Fix and see what I’ve received here, here, and here. I’m getting another box in the mail next week!

Cents of Style Bracelet

Cents of Style – You can get the Tribe bracelets and necklaces for just $9.99-$11.99 each, which includes shipping! It’s a special sale through Sunday. I don’t like all the sayings, but some of them I really do like.

Expect Miracles

Be Kind

Be Still



The Struggle Is Part Of The Story

(Ok, I really need this one! One day we are going to have an amazing story to tell about how we found a house to buy. Right now? The struggle is real to be patient and wait on the Lord!).

06062016-cents-of-style-new-tribe-circle-pendant-necklaces_web04_1024x1024There are many other ones! These would make great gifts! Find them all here, and use the code TRIBEGIFT16 to get the sale price and free shipping.

Romantic Scarf Scarf – This is such a romantic, beautiful looking scarf! It’s on Amazon Prime with 13 different colors, for a really good price! A scarf normally makes a safe gift for anyone, so this could be a teacher’s gift, friend, co-worker…or a family member!

I hope these gave you some ideas as you finish up your Christmas shopping! I’ve done a lot of my shopping online this year, which has been so helpful!




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