Last year I learned about the Dressing Your Truth program, and I’m still so glad I went through the course and figured out what type I am!

I am a Type 1, which means I love fun, bright and cheerful clothes! I’m not as Type 1 as some, meaning I’m not interested in wearing flamingos on my clothes, but I really do like the Type 1 colors and can relate to the personality.

Dressing Your Truth Type One Stores

You can visit the Dressing your Truth online store to get an idea of what Type 1 clothes and colors might look like. I enjoy doing this when I need a visual refresher. It is really nice to go to stores with the exact colors and patterns that you know fit you, but there are so many stores out there and it can get overwhelming!

Here is a list of stores that might have some Type One clothes there. Remember that styles change each season, so I can’t promise that every store listed will always have Type 1 clothes but they are definitely stores to check out first!

Charming Charlie’s – this store is full of Type one accessories! Such cute colors with purses and scarves, and adorable jewelry! A definite must go to store for Type One people!

I took this picture on a date night with Sean. He was so sweet and came in with me to Charming Charlie’s. For some reason I loved these pom pom key chains and took a picture! Oh wait, I love them because I’m a Type one! These are so adorable!

New York and Company – This store reminds me of Type 4, more bold and sharp lines. They have a lot of black, professional type clothes, but I’ve heard other Type 1’s say they have found some great clothes here! As always, bring your color card with you when you go shop!

Gap – It depends on the season, but you can find some good Type 1 clothes here!

Old Navy I think you can generally find something Type 1 here.

Lilly Pulitzer

Downeast Basics




LulaRoe – You can find some super cute patterns and colors with LulaRoe! Of course you just have to watch for it, which if you like LulaRoe you know that is part of the whole attraction with it, the hunt of finding the perfect print!

LulaRoe Pink Nicole Dress. It's super bright and cheerful, and is a great knee length dress that is comfortable for everyday wear.

Matilda Jane – I love this brand of clothes and just wish I could afford more!

JCPenny – Liz Claiborne line

Kohls – Lauren Conrad and Elle Brand


Cato Fashions

Pink Blush

Deborah & Co. – Yes, I put my own business down! A type 1 can wear denim skirts and floral dresses!

Shabby Apple – I haven’t purchased from this company but I see a lot of beautiful dresses there!


You can find my Pinterest Board for Dressing Your Truth Type One here!



4 Comments on Dressing Your Truth Type 1 Stores!

  1. I am so happy you’ve joined DYT! I started about 5 years ago and at the time I knew you were a T1. It’s great to see you dressing your truth.

  2. Thanks so much for your blog. I’m also a Christian homeschooling mom,who found out that I’m a type q,secondary 2. I like lots of your pictures and styles. Though when I look at the DYT stores,there is very little style wise I can relate. I call my self a more romantic style. I love long flowy dresses and my renaissance style bodices and dresses. I can’t relate at all to the sports style esp pants ,etc and I love my dresses,long hair and natural look. Blessings, Friederike

  3. Do you know of any good books that address teaching modesty to girls from about 12 -18 years old? This is an area I myself have struggled with for awhile and I’d love
    to get your recommendations.

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