I had big plans for this Modest Monday. I’m finally going through a really good class online called Shoot Fly Shoot on taking pictures using the Manual setting on my Canon DSL camera. I’ve wanted to learn for a long time so it’s a fun summer project!

We went to a park Friday night for some fun family time. I took the camera and practiced taking pictures, but the sun was so bright it was hard to get very many good ones. I wore an outfit I wanted to share for Modest Monday, but at the end of play time (and right before pictures) Sophia decided to explode through her diaper. Did I mention I was wearing her in a carrier? 🙂 I was covered!

However, we still managed to get creative and take one picture.


At the park wearing a skirt for play time with my children.

I changed her and just held her over all the stains on my shirt. 😉 And it wasn’t until I sat down that I noticed I was surrounded by cigarette butts. Ha! I tried to crop them out of the picture but I couldn’t get them all.

I guess that’s just life when you are trying to juggle being a mommy blogger. 😉

If you are wondering, my maxi skirt is from Deborah & Co., my top is from ThredUP, I’m wearing a halftee tank to layer under the v-neck shirt, my shoes I just got from ThredUP (my family is still deciding if they like them, and honestly I am also), and my necklace is from Paparazzie Accessories. My friend just joined as a consultant so I bought a necklace from her.

So then I thought I’d try to take pictures again Sunday. I turned the camera on and the battery died. Problem is I’m not sure where my battery charger for the camera is right now. Ha!

Hopefully next week taking pictures will go a little smoother. 🙂

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18 Comments on Modest Monday and a Link Up

  1. What a beautiful photograph and the story behind it really made me laugh. I love the way Sophia is looking straight at the camera exactly like she knows how she should be posing! What a little darling she is. Have a wonderful week. God Bless you all. X

  2. Oh boy! Experiences like this are not fun at the moment but they sure make for great stories afterward! When we took our little three month old to church to get blessed, he had a huge diaper explosion… And I forgot a change of clothes for him. So for pictures he was just in a diaper. (0:
    Thanks for the link up, hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Truth be told, I don’t glean a whole lot from your blog about clothing and such, but I continue to subscribe and read because you are one of very few women who share real life without self-deprecating. I always appreciate your ‘opps, oh well, that’s life’ attitude about everything instead of trying to make it a joke or pity party. You remind me that I’m not alone! Thank you for that!

    • Jessica,

      I appreciate you letting me know. Is there anything I can change about how I blog that would be more encouraging to you in regards to clothing?

      I think I try to be honest because I’ve been discouraged by reading other blogs that are not honest. I know we can’t all have picture perfect homes or homeschooling experiences. There are plenty of rough days when it comes to being a mother!

  4. I’m thinking about buying a new camera also soon! That’s great taking classes it’s like a new experience of leaning and getting better of what we like to do. Thanks for sharing always and hosting!

    Tayrina from TGAWrites
    Words of Comfort for Your Heart

  5. Never a dull moment as a mommy! You look beautiful regardless and she is getting so big already! Happy Monday!

  6. I really like the photo!!! And I love the fact that you are always so ‘real’: I used to follow a lot of bloggers that seem perfect, that never struggle and it frustrated me. You are always so funny and real!

  7. Haha, great way to take a picture anyway! Nice outfit, and I like the shoes with it, just for the record!

  8. Hahaha. Oh, the joys of motherhood. Thank you for sharing an honest look into your life –with the good times and the icky times. I hope the picture taking sessions go smoother in the future!

    – Liz @ Downtown Demure

  9. You actually look radiant on that picture! if you hadn’t told the backstory, nobody would have had the slightest idea that you’d had anything other than a relaxing outing!

    • That’s sweet. 🙂 I thought everyone might get a laugh and be able to relate to a “fun” outing with baby story. 🙂

  10. Thanks for hosting this! I’m new to your blog but have loved coming back to check out all the different links and posts these last few days. I’m excited to keep following along with this lovely group of women!

  11. Life happens! Loved the story behind the pose! I actually noticed your shoes first and really like them! What are they?

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