Are you looking for beginner reading books? It can be so hard to find good quality books for little children to start reading with.  I’ll admit, I’ve never been a big fan of the BOB books. My children have never been drawn to them, and my graphic design husband has never been a big fan of the poor illustrations.

This year I started hearing about the Dash Into Reading Books and as soon as I saw the covers I knew these were going to find a place on our bookshelves! 

These books are handpainted and illustrated by a mom of three little girls. They are beautiful, and I carefully take care of these books so they will last for all of our other girls! There are 10 books in the series, each building on the past book to help the child learn new words and sounds.

These books were designed to where they could be a beginner reading program, but I only use them as supplement to the All About Reading program Level 1. We use these as extra reading practice, or on days where it’s super busy or we are really struggling getting through a lesson. I pull these out and use them as our reading time.

The very first page of each book has phonics practice. There are five different steps to work through.

  1. Sounds -You work on sounding out sounds used in the books.
  2. Sight Words – Between 1-4 sight words are in each book, the first book has the sight words of I, the, is and A.
  3. Blending Path – use your finger to start with the letter on the left, and blend it together with the letter on the right of the page. Some of the words you are blending together in the first book are at, am, an, etc.
  4. Blending Letters – Now you can read these two letter sounds and words.
  5. Blending Words – Finally, you have three letter words that you blend together to read.

It’s an easy way to introduce sounds and the concept of reading to young children.

I bought the activity pack that you can print off to go with each book. I’m working my way through getting it all cut out and laminated, but Deborah and Sophia have loved what we have used so far! There are adorable paper dolls and so many fun activities!

I feel like we can’t underestimate the influence that books have on our children. From the earliest age we should carefully pick the best books, with beautiful illustrations to read to them. I still am extremely careful with what books I let our older children read. Books shape our children’s minds and hearts, and what better way to start little beginner readers out with these adorable books!

Now I will say, these were not cheap. It was an investment; but I place a high value on books and also understand the costs behind creating, designing, and producing items yourself. It’s just not possible to mass produce items and offer them at Walmart prices for a small company.

Dash Into Reading is offering something really exciting! You can get the first book in the series “Fan and Sam” for free, you just pay the shipping! When you sign up for that offer you will then be taken to a special offer page where you can get the entire series and the activity pack for 50% off! 

Get This Deal Here!

*For those wondering, once you sign up to purchase the whole set, it’s $49.95 for the set and then $6.99 shipping. This is 50% off the price of $60 for the books and $40 for the activity pack.


12 Comments on Dash Into Reading: Our Favorite Beginner Reader Books

        • Is there 50% off the download activity pack for the series, or just the 1st one? It only offers me the first pack and I Don’t want to process yet if I’m missing a step.

        • Sorry to keep replying lol but I also wanted to make sure it is half off the remaining books too? Again, I’m happy to use your link but I’m unsure of exactly what it is as far as the deal goes.

          • Helen,

            Here is more information from the author: After ordering their free copy of Dash Into Reading book 1, the customer will be directed to a special offer page where we are offering the lowest price that we have ever offered on our early reading program. If they take advantage of this special one time offer, they will receive the other 9 Dash Into Reading books (10 total), along with all 10 activity packs (a special activity pack goes along with each book to supplement the child’s learning), and a parent pack that will give them step-by-step instructions and quick tips for teaching their children using the program!”

  1. So sweet! I love these! And you’re right; the illustrations are much cuter than the BOB books. Would you be able to recommend anything for a 7 year old (girl) who has read all the Frog & Toad books? She loves that series, but they’re quickly becoming too easy for her. We’re about halfway through AAR Level 2, and like you guys, it’s just nice to have some go-to books to use as supplementation. Thoughts??

    • Try the Little House chapter books! These are shorter, easier versions of the Little House books, and you can find them by searching “Little House Chapter Books” on Amazon. Some of the titles are Pioneer Sisters, School Days, and The Adventures of Laura and Jack. My kids loved these when they were at that in-between stage before they were quite ready for full-on, long chapter books!

  2. The mofffatt girls on teacher pay teacher has some great leveled readers for a little cheapet, cute graphics and fun reads. I use them with aar

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