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A daunting task for any parent is to train their children in good character. Some parents who do not believe in the divine power of God simply want to raise up good moral children. However, as Christian parents our desire is to raise up young people who have a deep desire to follow the Lord. Out of that desire, they want to be moral, upright and responsible young people because they know that God is holy and has set the perfect example for us in all of these things and more.

This is no easy task. Children are prone to bicker, quarrel, lie to their parents, be lazy, selfish, and want to do anything but work. It’s the nature of man, and children are not excluded from this.  While we need to pray as parents and bring our children before their Creator, I’m thankful for wonderful resources out there that help in training our children up in righteousness.


My Favorite Resources

Bible Light Units

Bible Light Unit from Christian Liberty Press |

I really love using these little Bible light units that Christian Light Publications offers. They offer them by grade level, and my boys have throughly enjoyed them. When they get done for the year, they are actually disappointed! What better way to instill good character than by studying the men and women in the Scriptures? They are available for grades 1 through 12. My boys get through these in one semester, so I use other resources for the last semester.

Character Concepts

Growing in Wisdom

I am very thankful for the work that the Boyer family has put into creating the Character Concepts curriculum. They have a whole series available that starts for ages 4-6 and goes through high school! We have used Proverbs People before and loved it. Our oldest son is currently using the Growing in Wisdom book.

Truth & Grace Memory Books

Truth and Grace Memory Book


Children are amazing when it comes to memorizing scripture verses. We have used this book (they have two others) to teach our children scripture verses that are suited to their ages. They also have hymns you can memorize in these books.

How to Manage Your Mouth

How to Manage Your Mouth

This ebook, How to Manage Your Mouth for Kids was published a few months ago, and my oldest son used it. He enjoyed it, and I was grateful for something that specifically deals with the topic of how to use your tongue for children. Included in this ebook is a 30 day challenge for children on how to watch their mouth, they read a scripture verse, copy it, and write their thoughts about it. This ebook is best for ages 7-13, but if you have a younger child who despises writing, you need to either discuss this together or wait a year or two. I started out having my just turned 8 year old son do this, but it was a wrestle to have him do the writing. We stopped it for a year or so until writing was not such an issue with him.

How to Manage your Mouth for Kids

There is also a bundle set available for mom and child to do together!

Character Badges


We use Character Badges, a program my husband created and designed, every month with our 5, 7, 10, and 12 year old children. This has been a great help in motivating our children towards good behavior. It’s easy to have a list of all the consequences they receive if they don’t follow the rules we’ve established in our home. But to actually encourage our children on a daily basis towards good behavior? That’s more rare to find in a child training program.

Character Badge complete set

Character Badges can easily be adjusted to the needs of your family. Included in the complete set are 4 helpful charts, a full set of Character Badges stickers, the rewards system, a 20 pg. full color manual, and more!


These are the sticker badges you can earn for good behavior! Our children love wearing them.

I’d love to hear what other character resources you can add to this list!


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  1. Thank you for posting. I have actually been searching for Character Trait units this week. I look forward to getting these to use with our boys.

  2. These are all so great! Have you ever heard of Character Sketches? They are big book with two page “devotionals” that are meant to build and form good character. And each devotional has a rare or special animal that also possesses a good character quality. Another one that my sister and I loved was “More Precious than Rubies”. It is designed for young girls to go through the devotional booklets with her/their mothers. Great great one! I loved them! You might want to check some of those out….=)

    Ashley B.

    PS- here is the link to one of those that I mentioned…just if you wanted to look. 🙂
    Character Sketches:

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