I’m normally one to resist planning Christmas out or decorating before Thanksgiving, but this year I’m already thinking ahead to Christmas, and more importantly the Advent season.

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I have shared a little bit about what advent means in a different post, but it really doesn’t matter what you call this time in December. It comes down to this one thing.

We must be carefully preparing our children to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, instead of letting the busyness of the season steal away their hearts. The true meaning of Christmas is not about Santa Claus, gifts under the tree, yummy food to eat, holiday movies, and family gatherings. It’s about remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I like to take it a step further and constantly remind my children as we talk about his birth in December, that without this birth taking place, there could have been no death, no resurrection, or salvation for our souls.

As parents we actually have been given a tremendous opportunity to help our children understand more about the great sacrifice that Jesus did on our behalf through Christmas. You don’t have to wait until the week of Easter to go over this, it naturally fits into the month of December if you celebrate advent all month long.

So with that being said, I’m going to share resources that will make it easier for you to do this in your home. I know the month is so busy, and the last thing I want to do is create my own month long study to do with the children.

Advent Calendar

Using an Advent calendar is probably what most people do, but so many times the advent calendars are not centered around the Lord now. Lego calendars, playmobil calendars…really anything you could think of is available. I’m not saying these are all bad, we did a girl’s Lego calendar last year as a fun side thing, but we always focus on a religious advent calendar, and if we do something fun it’s the side thing.

We have used this fabric advent calendar for a few years now, and the children love taking turns pulling out the daily figure and building the nativity scene throughout the month. Of course I always put baby Jesus last, so he is the final figure put up.

This year I’m looking at getting these advent cards for children. They look beautiful, and they have different questions on them depending on the age of your children. We could hang them up on our mantel, or somewhere in the house, or use this amazing pocket calendar if I wanted to invest in it.

I have meant to use the Birth Of Jesus study by Grapevine Studies for several years now, and just never made it happen. I’m hoping this is the year we do this.

Some free resources that I’ve found online to help your children prepare for Christmas

Nativity Advent Coloring Page  –This is good for toddlers!

Printable Advent Calendar Cards – this one focuses more on advices to do as a family together.

Names of Jesus Advent Calendar – You could put this in a traditional advent calendar, or just print off and use as part of a morning devotion.

Hands on Nativity Story

Nativity Finger Puppets – let your toddlers use these as you do daily devotions.

Fun Advent Calendars

If you want to do a fun advent calendar as well for your children, here are few that stood out to me!

Build a Lego Advent Calendar 

Christmas Tree Activity Printable – Sean created this one, it’s a fun way to let children put ornaments up on a paper Christmas tree, and then look at the paper included and find the symbol of that ornament and see what it says to do that day. It’s simple things like driving out to look at Christmas lights, drinking hot chocolate as a family, or watching a Christmas movie together.

You can find lots of food advent calendars on Amazon here, but the frugal mom in me cringes at the prices. If you want to include candy in your advent calendar, just buy a big bag of chocolate at Costco and pass out a piece as you read your advent devotion each day,

I hope this gives you some ideas as you start thinking about preparing for Christmas with your children!

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96 Comments on Resources For Celebrating Advent In Your Home

  1. As a single mom, the holidays are exceptionally hard. This extra $500.00 would go far to make my sons Christmas something memorable instead of getting just the essentials of toiletries and clothes.

  2. Entering the giveaway! We are trying to save up enough money to complete the adoption of our baby girl, due in December! $500 right now would be a huge blessing for us!

  3. We would use this money to bless others at Christmas. Our church has a Christmas Shoppe for those who can’t afford gifts for their children.

  4. I would be able to bless my kids, husband and our extended family in a big way!! We LOVE being generous, especially at Christmas time. Much of this would likely also be used to buy food to donate to a local food pantry as well.

  5. This would be a huge blessing! I would use this to bless the children I work with, and their families, as well as my family and coworkers. Money is too tight for me to be able to give as I wish I could, even the smallest would help!

  6. If I won the $500 I would use it to pay our elderly grandparents (2 sets) electric bills for the month and provide them with some much-needed groceries.

  7. Since my husband has been out of work for so long I would probably use the money to pay our bills. Our children have been raised knowing that Jesus is the real reason for the season & were never told anything about Santa.

  8. This would be such a blessing this year. My daughter has had two foster children since March who are 2 and 3. These two babies do not even know who Santa is! It would ALL go to make this a magical Christmas.

  9. Thanks for the give-away opportunity! If I won, I would use the money to to help pay off some debt instead of adding to it.

  10. We would use the money to plan a few fun family outings this Christmas season. We already do quite a few activities, but a splurge on something we wouldn’t normally do would be fun.

  11. With $500 I could get something really special for each of my young grandchildren. They are wonderful boys and I love to see their eyes sparkle when they are excited!

  12. What a great giveaway! Thank you! I would use the money to help with a remodel job we’re doing so we have more room for hosting our church group.

  13. I would use some of the money to buy some new clothes. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight in the last year and have been making do by taking things up but I really need some new clothes at least in the skirt department. I would use some to be a blessing to another family in need. If anything was left I’d probably spend it on whatever was needed in our family.

  14. Wow! What an AWESOME HUGE gift this would be! I could bless my family in so many ways- food, gifts, books, pay some bills and bless others with some food goodies.Thank you for your kindness shown to whomever is gifted!

  15. We would be able to eat and pay some bills and even get Christmas gifts for our grandchildren! My dear husband is not getting much work right now, so this would be a true Godsend.

  16. We would be able to eat and pay some bills and even buy some Christmas gifts for our grandchildren! My dear husband is not getting much work lately, so this would be a Godsend.

  17. Actually, I can’t decide if I would use the $500 to buy gifts for our 8 kids or do a memorable activity with them, or to go towards my cancer treatments. I’m leaning more towards the memorable activity with them.

  18. This would be a blessing to our family because my husband lost his job a few weeks ago, and we are struggling. I would spend this money on groceries, with a present for each of my kids. Thank you!

  19. These Advent ideas look really good. I like that there are so many to choose from. Thank you for the giveaway. It will be quite a blessing to whomever gets chosen.

  20. If I won, then the $500 would be split to purchase baby supplies for our 5th, and help fund our upstairs remodel. we currently have all 4 kids in a big bedroom down stairs, and they would like to spread out.

  21. I would put the money toward a mini vacation for when my husband returns from deployment / before my son enlists in the military.

  22. We are a very frugal family, so having some “extra” to give this Christmas would be such a blessing, to talk about, decide what to give and to whom, etc.

  23. I love the season of Advent. There is so much to teach and I am grateful for the resource ideas you have included. Thank you for the time and effort!

    Also, a $500 blessing would be substantial to us.

    Louise (MizzouLou)

  24. Thanks for doing this giveaway! We have 8 kids (3 of them with December birthdays!) and Christmas coming up next month, in addition to our yearly vehicle property tax bill which is almost $1650 (and I forgot it was going to be that big!) So even the idea of winning is exciting! LOL.

    Happy Thanksgiving (and Blessed Advent!) to you all!

  25. We can’t even afford a tree, so to say this would be a blessing is an understatement. My daughter’s birthday is in December too. I’m afraid all she’ll get is a cake.

  26. With 9 children, Christmas is always tight. Gifts and treats are certainly not the reason for the season but it’s still hard to feel like you can’t give your kids a special Christmas season. A little extra spending money would certainly help us and we could even bless someone else in some way! Merry Christmas!

  27. Thanks for the giveaway! I think we’d put the cash towards fixing out bathroom. We have to replace the shower, but we’d love to get rid of the nasty vanity too!

  28. First, I would buy the kids’ curriculum for next year. Then, I would catch up all of our past due bills so that they would stop calling my husband at work. If there was any left over, I would like to buy him a new pair of shoes for work. He stands and walks all day and wears through his shoes quickly.

  29. If I won I would use the money to make more holiday memories by going on festive outings and also get outdoor gear for my kids because they like to play in all weather.

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