One great way to reduce cost in your family’s budget is to learn how to cut your husband and son’s hair. Instead of paying the barber learn to do it yourself! If your husband and son’s need a hair cut every 8 weeks figure up how much you spend on a trip to the barber per year.

Depending on how many people you have in your family it is possible you could save even $500 a year with the do it yourself approach.

My mother-in-law had always cut her husband and son’s hair with clippers. She is really good at it and has other family members who have come to her for their haircuts. Before my husband and I got married my mother-in-law taught me how to cut my husband’s hair. She taught me how to use the clippers and the different sizes of blade guards. She always used scissors around the ears. I was worried at first that I would mess up my husband’s hair. I have had some issues with one spot not sticking down as it should, but with water and comb it turns out fine. My husband insist I am doing fine and he is very happy with the money we are saving.


You may not have the luxury of an experienced teacher showing you what to do in person. However, I have found several places on the web that talk about different hair styles you can cut on men with clippers.

This site has videos about how to cut hair with clippers

More videos and articles about cutting men and boy’s hair with clippers

This is on boy’s haircuts.

For a bridal shower gift my mother-in-law gave us a Remington HC-8017B 22 Piece Haircut Kit. The blades never need oiling, has a low noise motor and all the blades you could need. It also comes with a how-to style guide that is surprisingly quite helpful to me. The kit also comes with the scissors you will need for trimming around the eras and a plastic cape. I would highly recommend this kit. I love it!

You can take a look on Amazon for this kit: Remington HC-8017B 22 Piece Haircut kit

I was able to see this clipper kit starting at $12.99.

Here is a website that tells you about different types of hair clippers and how to use them.

I want to leave you with this tip. If you make a mistake and can’t fix it just grab the shortest clipper guard and go for a crew cut. After all they are guys, it will grow back.

From Jennifer Allen

7 Comments on Frugality: Cut Your Husband and Son's Hair

  1. So funny…..I save money using clippers to cut the boys hair now, but I have my sister do it. I am still scared. I messed up one of the boys hair before and was warned to stay away from them!

  2. Slowly I've learned how to do it!
    But I too have grabbed that shortest guard few times!!!
    Thanks for a great $$$ saving tip!

  3. I have used a Robocut (Flowbee) for years. It is the type you attach to your vacuum. When we bought it for $100, there was my husband and 4 sons. At $10 a haircut then, we saved $200 the first year. That was well over 10 years ago. We've probably saved $2,000.

  4. I was in your blog neighborhood. I have to agree, this is great $$$. My family start self cutting last year and the money we would have used for cutting we were able to have a nice weekend getaway this summer. Ladies learning to cut!

  5. i noticed my husband needed a hair cut a couple days ago and he commented that he wishes I could just do it. We have some clippers we baught a while back but I can never figure out how to use them. To have a nice new pair that is easy to work would be great!

  6. I have been getting my haircut for the last two years by my boyfriend. 1st time was when I told him I needed it cut but needed to borrow money to go to the salon. He offered to cut it for me, said he knew how. He combed it sectioned it, established the guide, ensured it was even and did an even 90 degree radial cut to remove all the split and damaged ends. Best haircut I had ever gotten, and it was free. Needless to say I have not been to a salon since. I tried cutting his a couple months ago with scissors, he does NOT want his buzzed, he walked me through the process, but I got a little creative and took off more than he asked, left the neckline uneven. He was patient, didn’t yell at me, but I know I am not good with the scissors, and my boys don’t trust me with the clippers.

  7. A few months ago my husband bought a clipper set and asked me to cut his hair to help save money. I’m definitely still learning, but it’s been good enough for work purposes, and thankfully he’s not very picky so it’s not a big deal if it’s not perfect. 🙂 Now if I can just get the two-year-old to hold still for a haircut! 😉

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