Even though we live in a small house, it was important to me that we make room for our new baby. I wanted to create a special space just for her.

Something I haven’t mentioned is that this time around we did something we’ve never done before and got an ultrasound and found out what we were having! We kept it a secret (not even our children knew) but when I put this nursery together they were pretty sure it was going to be a girl. 🙂

Do you have a small master bedroom, but need a nursery? It's still possible to create a baby nursery in your small bedroom.

While I wanted to put together a nursery that was girly, I also didn’t want to spend a lot of money, or purchase a lot of items that could only be used for a girl. If we have a boy in the future it would be nice to use some of these things again.

The nursery really started with the scripture print. We found it at Hobby Lobby and both Sean and I fell in love with it. While you always pray over the health and safety of your baby as they are growing, we prayed extra hard for Sophia. This scripture brought me comfort, so I really wanted it on her nursery wall.

Scripture print found at Hobby Lobby for a girl's nursery.

I looked on Pinterest for nursery ideas and really liked the gray chevron look. Since that can be neutral, I went with gray colors and chevron where I could.

Chevron lamp and Thirty One organizers for a baby nursery

I had been looking and looking for a lamp that would match. Everything I liked was expensive, so I just held out hope I would eventually find something. Shortly before she was born a sweet reader blessed us with a $50 gift certificate to Diapers.com as a baby gift (the kindness and love you all show me just blows me away! I was almost in tears over the gesture!).

I found the lamp base on Diapers.com and found the matching lamp shade on Zulily that I purchased with credit. It was unbelievable that the exact company happened to be on Zulily right when I was buying the lamp base!

The little Snap Bins by the lamp are from Thirty One and I use one for her socks and the other holds her headbands.

Chevron Changing Table Cover

I found the chevron changing pad cover at Target for around $15. Sean liked this one because the chevron part is actually washable. That has proven to be helpful already!

The bunny is super special and it’s actually mine, because it was my mom’s (she passed away several years ago). I’ll admit, I slept with this bunny once or twice during a really difficult time in my pregnancy. It was like getting a hug from my mom, which I really needed.

Thirty One Totes are wonderful to hold baby clothes!

The beautiful gray bins are from Thirty One. I have some of their tote bags, and we use them for library bags but I had never seen their bins. They don’t just look pretty, they are really sturdy and I see these lasting for a long time!

Thirty One Bins to hold diapers

I use the longer Your Way Rectangle size bins to hold my cloth and disposable diapers.

Thirty One Totes to organize clothes I have the Junior Cube bins that are full of clothes in the baby changing shelf. The first one holds the current size clothes and the one in the back holds clothes that she will grow into.

Thirty One Large Bin

I didn’t get a picture taken of this one, but I have the above square storage bin sitting beside the changing table and it holds the baby blankets and my baby wraps and carriers. It is a huge bin, and will work good for toys when she gets older!

We did move our bedroom around to fit the changing table in. The bed had to be moved right up against the wall, and the two dressers we have are side by side. We also have an Arms Reach Mini Co-Sleeper by our bed, so it’s a tight fit but it works.


Thirty One has generously offered to giveaway a Your Way Rectangle bin and matching lid of your choice! *USA giveaway only*

*Thanks to Thirty One for sending me the above items to use in the nursery!*
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6 Comments on Creating a Baby Nursery in a Small Master Bedroom!

  1. Such a precious nursery! With the danger of being banned forever as nitpicking, I was a bit confused at your ‘about’ in the sidebar: isn’t Sophia baby #6 now? It says a ‘mama to 5 children’? 😉 Know you have way too much on your hands right now to notice but I thought I’d be unpopular and ask!

    • So funny! She is three weeks old, I haven’t even thought to change the sidebar yet. I’ll go do that! 🙂

  2. Oh good idea! I am expecting my 1st and have as a baby dresser/change table an old buffet that has cupboards with shelves instead of drawers. The Thirty One bins look perfect for that!

  3. Thank you so much for this! We are expecting our second in September and this time around we do not have a room for the baby, and there isn’t any room in our son’s room. The new baby will have to be in our room for quite a while and I will need to use my dresser as the changing table. Your ideas were wonderful as I’m starting to think about how I will decorate the little space we do have.

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