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I was excited with this outfit because the skirt is new to me, and I just love it! I spotted this skirt on Zulily a few weeks ago and instantly grabbed a blue and white one. They were just what I was hoping for when I pulled them out of the package! Oh so pretty, and light and flowing for summer. A slip is definitely needed with this skirt though. ๐Ÿ™‚

My top is one that I love but I don’t wear nearly as often as I would like because it’s a little low for me. I’ve tried layering it with a modest layering shell, but since the top is a square cut neckline it just looks funny with the round shell. I need to make a square one for me to wear with this top. When I do wear it I’m careful to always put my hand on my shirt when I bend over…my mother taught me well in the area of low cut shirts. ๐Ÿ™‚

My special Vintage Pearl necklace from my sweet husband.

Lace at the bottom of the skirt and my white shoes I wore.

I curled my hair and put it up with a dangly flexi clip from Lilla Rose.

White lace top – I purchased at Marshalls

Blue Skirt – Purchased from Zulily

White Shoes – Walmart

Necklace – The Vintage Pearl (I engraved on it “Sean holds the key to my heart”)

Dangly Flexi Clip- Lilla Rose (I was using a size medium clip for this hair style)

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25 Comments on Modest Monday and a link up!

  1. Hi Caroline,
    Your outfit is very feminine. I love the lace and the accessories. I also enjoy your blog.
    I’ve been linking up with Modest Mondays for several weeks now, and I want to make sure that my posts fit your theme. I write 5 devotions each week about subjects of interest to Christian women, and I’ve been sharing some of my archives here on Modest Mondays plus new Marriage and Creative Home posts. If any of these are things you’d rather I not link or if I’m linking too many posts, please let me know. I want to honor your purposes. Thanks and God bless you, Gail

  2. I love that outfit! It is so pretty and feminine! I know exactly what you mean about putting your hand up when bending over in certain shirts, I do the same thing. It has been my “mission” this year to find more modest tops!

    • The shoes I bought at the thrift store several years ago. The reason I knew they are from walmart is because I bought this same style of shoes to wear on my wedding day 9 years ago! They wore out and I threw them away, then I came across this pair at a thrift store recently and grabbed them!

  3. Love the skirt! Can you tell me more about it? What brand is it? Have never shopped on Zulily before. I take it once the deal is gone you can’t get the product anymore?

    • The skirt is Dex brand, but when I google it I can’t find a website that sells them. Zulily is a daily deals place, and the deals are up only a few days. So this is not available anymore.

  4. That top is beautiful! Have you thought about just sewing a piece of fabric or lace to it to make the neckline a bit higher? Alos, I have been eyeing the danglie Lilla Rose flexi clips for a while but I was wondering, do they ever get caught in your hair (the dangling parts)? Thank you for the continued inspiration!

    • That’s a great idea! I’ll have to try doing that.

      I have not worn the full size dangly clips. I’ve heard that they can tangle your hair, but I’ve seen other ladies wear them and be just fine. I like the shorter dangly style, so that’s all I’ve ever worn.

  5. Caroline, you look so lovely! I love all your outfits, but this one may be my favorite yet! The skirt and top, the shoes; everything goes so well together. Thank you so much for inspiring others in feminine, modest dress!

  6. I absolutely love love love your skirt! I went on Zulily to see if they were still up but no luck. Maybe I will run across it one day. Beautiful outfit!

  7. Very pretty outfit! I find that the lace camis with lace straight across the neckline and around the bottom work great for shirts like this. You don’t get the funny look of a round neckline under a square one. I find these camis all over like Kohl’s, Cato Fashions and Maurices. They are all I wear because I prefer the straight across look vs. the rounded neckline. Plus you get the lace at the bottom peeking out of your shirt and it looks cute and feminine!

  8. I have a solution for your square necks that are too low. They are called cami secret. It looks like a camisole, but it snaps onto your bra and you can adjust it higher or lower. It looks great with all kinds of tops and it gives modesty while also adding the look of a camisole without the bulk. I got mine from walmart 3 for $9.99, but you can also get them from ebay for much less including shipping. They come in 3 colors. Hope this helps. BTW you look wonderful as usual. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. I love, LOVE this outfit!! So pretty and feminine. I love those types of skirts for the summer — so flowy and so breezy that doesn’t make you feel hot all the time. My mom just brought me one back from Bolivia when they went there.

  10. Along with keeping your hand to your neckline when bending over(I do that too!), pinning some folded fabric or even a cloth hankie (a vintage one would be so pretty!) could work. My sister and I used to have several neckline “helpers” that we made by simply folding pieces of fabric and zigzagged, which we would interchange between different dresses either by snaps or safety pins.

    Just received the shells I ordered from you and am so pleased! Thanks!

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