Infertility is one of the most heart
wrenching trials that I can think of. Having been blessed with five
beautiful children I cannot imagine the pain that comes with years of
waiting to hold a sweet baby in your arms. Unfortunately someone very
close to me is currently going through this sorrow.
My older sister and brother in law have
been married for over three years, and in that time have been unable to
conceive a child of their own. Both of them dearly love children, and they
are the best aunt and uncle I could hope for my children to have. They
have decided to move forward with their plans to adopt. They were approved
to adopt with a local pro-life
Christian adoption agency
and have hopes to add a child to their
family soon.
The following is their story thus far, that
they wrote for their adoption blog.
“It was a very happy day in October
2008. We flew off to Oregon for a lovely honeymoon, bought our house, and
settled into our new life together. Not a storm cloud on the horizon. Life
was beautiful. Then came the time we decided we were ready to add children
to our home. Our journey into parenthood was going to be simple. Or so we
thought. You see, we had it all planned out. Before we were married we
spent a great deal of time talking about our future plans and hopes. There
was no doubt in our mind that children would take a front and center spot
in that future home of ours. In fact, we were quite specific in our plans.
We would have our biological children first, then adopt the rest of our
family. Reality would not be following our laid out plans.
After a year of trying to have a
biological child it came to us that we just might have an issue here. We
read, talked, and read some more. A visit to a doctor was in order.
Without running any medical tests some advice was given. Advice that
didn’t work. Soon we made an appointment with a specialist. This doctor
advised treatments that would be time intensive, invasive, and stressful.
All in our effort to have a biological child. At that exact point in time
Jennifer didn’t feel she could go forward with such a plan. Jennifer’s
mother had moved in with us during the midst of her terminal illness, was
on Hospice, and Jennifer was her primary caregiver. Jennifer was unable to
leave her mother for 5 minutes in the house by herself at that point, let
alone for multiple appointments. That type of infertility intervention
would have to wait. A third doctor was visited to find some simpler
medical help. Several medications were tried to no avail. By now we both
were weary of the money, time, and stress involved with continued efforts
to have a biological child.
For some reason God has not opened the
door to biological children either through prayer or medical intervention
thus far. So we began the journey we had always intended on taking, the
journey into adoption.
We knew we could and would love our adopted children just as we
would a biological child. Jennifer had immediate family that was adopted ,
and we had friends who had adopted all or some of their children.
We are at this time praying that God
will open the doors to the children who are to be in our home. We look
forward to the day when we will be parents, and prepare ourselves for that
time. We don’t know when that door will open, but we hope that the time
will come soon.”


Currently they are waiting to be chosen as adoptive parents and are
working on saving up the money for an adoption.I am delighted to be able to host this online fundraiser for them!
Many companies came together to offer thank you gifts for some of the
people who enter the fundraiser. While I wish we had gifts for every
single person entering, we have 18 awesome
, so there will be 18 winners-each person
receiving one random prize. 
To be entered to win these fantastic prizes, I am encouraging that
you donate $5.00 to their adoption fund, which is set up through
You can pay through a credit, debit, bank account, or
Paypal account. If the Lord lays on your heart to give more, feel free to
do so. Just $5.00 by itself will not go far towards an adoption, but if
multiple people donate $5.00 it will quickly add up! Remember how the Lord
multiplied the fish and bread!
Here’s how you can enter to win one
of these prizes:
You can earn two entries towards
inning these prizes.
1. Leave an encouraging comment for
Neil and Jennifer!
2. Earn an extra
entry for sharing this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog! Leave
the link below of where you shared it at for a second entry.



Donate Here!


Easy Fundraising Ideas



The following companies have graciously donated prizes for this
fundraiser. There are over $700.00 worth of items below!

Doorpost is a Christian company that
focuses on Character Training from the Proverbs. Known for their helpful
training charts, they have provided wonderful materials for parents
looking to train their children up in the Lord. They are giving away a complete character
training package
– value of $157.00!

Beco Baby Carriers are
one of the best carriers on the market! I love using my Beco with our four
month old baby, and our two year old loves to be carried in it also. This
is one of the best purchases a new mother could make. You can follow them
on Facebook to stay
up to date with new products. They are generously giving away a Gemini carrier in
the Sierra print-value of $130!

More Than Alive
sells quality vitamins, herbs, Berkey Water Filters, Essential Oils,
Books, and more! They have a unique Mother’s Day package that would be a
wonderful gift for that special mom in your life! This package includes
Supermom Vitamins, Herbal Antibiotics, Moisturizing Lotion, Raw Cocao
powder, Peppermint essential oil and more. One person will receive this Mother’s Day
, a value of $79.00!

Modest Mom
is devoted to providing feminine, modest clothing for women
and girls. You can find women’s,
and girl’s
, layering tank
nursing covers,
and more! The Modest Mom is giving away a $50 gift
card to their store!

makes embellished hoodies and cardigans
for women, children and men.
They are simply lovely! I’ve never seen hoodies like this anywhere else.
Evy’s Tree is graciously giving away a $50 gift card to their store.

Here is a $50 Amazon gift card so you can pick out just what you would
like or need on Amazon!

The Etsy Store Rubys
makes these lovely wooden growth charts. This over-sized growth chart
solves the problem of writing on your walls, when measuring the height of
your children. Black, hand-stenciled numbers top this creamy white,
hand-painted 6′ by 8″ wood growth chart. Hang 6 inches off of the floor,
with the attached saw-tooth hanger. This is a value of $45.00!

Marci is a consultant for Blessings
, a business that offers beautiful christian products for
your home. They have lovely dishes, wall decor, stationary and more! Marci
is giving away this Vintage
Block Set
that allows you to create different scripture verse messages
in your home-a $42.00 value!

It’s A Blessing makes
, bookmarks, keychains and more! They are given away a
complete Proverbs 31 set-a value of $30.50!

Love Boutique
sells adorable headbands for women, girls, and babies.
They also sell lovely jewelry, This hand stamped “You
& Me
” necklace can be personalized with the initials of you and
your loved one! They are donating one personalized necklace-a $30.00

Mya Bruce
make personalized necklaces in many different designs. This necklace
is hand stamped, and comes with an 18″ chain. You can personalize it with
1 or 2 names, or initials. Value of $26.00!

Light of Faith is a
family owned company that provides books, DVD’s, puzzles and toys, godly
music, and more! I love visiting this booth whenever I attend homeschool
conferences, the family is so sweet and helpful! They are blessing someone
with a $25.00 gift card to their store.

Say it on the Wall offers vinyl
pictures and sayings for your walls, posters, doors, vehicles, and much
more! They are giving away a $20.00 gift card.

Vintage Handmade Soaps
uses all natural oils in their soaps, as well as silk milk for extra
moisturizing effect. Each bar is scented with either essential oils or
fragrance oil. With scents such as Chocolate
Tiger Fever, or Peach Blossom, there is sure to be a scent that
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offers beautiful hair products. The
is beautiful, unique, and well-made. It is also very
comfortable, and many ladies say they no longer experience pony-tail
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The best thing about the flexi-clip is that you can do your hair
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a $15.00 coupon good for anything at Lilla

Family Vision Films is a
family run business that offers high quality films for families to watch
together. They are the producers of the excellent “Homemaking
” DVD, and sell many documentaries, how-to films, movies, and more.
Family Vision Films is giving away a $15 gift certificate to their store! 

Scarfs are a wonderful way to compliment a
This white ruffled scarf from Maurices will create a finished
look for many outfits. This white Chiffon
Elastic Scarf
is a value of $14.00.

Covering her courtship and marriage to
Steven Curtis Chapman, struggles for emotional balance, and living with
grief, Mary Beth’s story is our story–wondering where God is when the
worst happens. In Choosing to SEE, she shows how she wrestles
with God even as she has allowed him to write her story–both during times
of happiness and those of tragedy. Readers will hear firsthand about the
loss of her daughter, the struggle to heal, and the unexpected path God
has placed her on. Even as difficult as life can be, Mary Beth
Chapman Chooses to SEE. Includes a 16-page full color photo
insert. A value of $12.00.

Thank you to each company for donating
these prizes!

Here’s how you can enter to win one
of these prizes:

You can earn two entries towards
inning these prizes.

1. Leave an encouraging comment for
Neil and Jennifer!

2. Earn an extra
entry for sharing this blog post on Facebook, Twitter, or your blog! Leave
the link below of where you shared it at for a second entry.



Easy Fundraising Ideas



Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give;
not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver. 2
Corinthians 9:7

This giveaway will end May 22 with winners being
announced after that.

183 Comments on Adoption Fundraiser with over $700 in prizes!!

  1. I just donated! My husband and I are in the process of adopting 2 from Uganda. We have not struggled with infertility, but feel as Christians we have a personal duty to care for orphans. We are fundraising as well and are happy to help other adoptive families along the way!

  2. Just wanted to let y’all know that I am praying for you and this endeavor. Many hands make light work, and so I am sure that you will reach your goal. God will provide for His children.

  3. Just sent our donation. We are keeping Neil and Jennifer in our prayers, that the are blessed with their sweet child very soon.

  4. What lovely prizes! Thank you for the opportunity to help Jennifer and Neil bring home their child. I donated to their fund and posted on my facebook page. I don’t know how to show the link here, but it is on my page. May God bless them in their journey!

  5. Caroline, I gave — and it is such a joy to have even a small part in giving! Thank you for the opportunity to help out. XOXO

  6. Happy to help & prayers for them on this wonderful journey of adoption. My husband & I adopted 7 years ago our only child & she is the light of our lives.

  7. What a great way to help your sister! We adopted our youngest from foster care. While not without it’s own set of issues, being foster parents has been a wonderful experience, and luckily, it is free to adopt children from foster care, a fact many people don’t know. (raising the funds for an adoption is such an obstacle for most families) Good luck

  8. Just added a donation.

    Have they checked with Wild Olive Tees about doing fund raising through their site, too? They have some beautiful designs and do adoption fundraising. (The name comes from the scripture passage about gentiles being grafted into the vine. Neat, eh?)

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your sister’s story with us. I just know that their adopted child(ren) will be so blessed to have them as parents.

  10. I just gave from the bottom of my heart 🙂 With 3 siblings through adoption and walking through an adoption with a birth mom/friend I LOVE being apart of this story in a very small way. Thank you for the opportunity Modest Mom, to share in such a beautiful event!

  11. We too are adopting . . . so many have reached out to us to help our adoption fund grow that we would love to help them. We are excited for the children the Lord may bring to their lives. What a blessing it is to help others!!!

    We donated a little while ago – then we just donated again!!

    We put it on Facebook here:

  12. I just donated! What a wonderful idea. My oldest daughter and her husband have been unable to conceive after almost 5 years of marriage, so this touches my heart. I will be praying for your sister.


  13. My oldest son came to us by way of adoption (and then the next 3 were biological children). I like to think that God prevented us from having biological children just to bring our son to us first! Adoption is and always will be near and dear to us, and we hope to adopt again some day.

  14. I just recently started following your blog and it has been such a blessing to my life. I look forward to your blog each week and am thankful that you are reaching out to wives and mothers. I donated and will keep your family and their adoption in my prayers.

  15. Just donated. Will you let us know how much was raised from this post? It’s always amazing to know how generous people can be and that there are still many generous and godly people in this world.

  16. Saying a prayer for Neil and Jennifer today. Can’t wait to see what God has in store for their family!

  17. I donated and shared via facebook but I can’t seem to figure out what the link would be, sorry. Blessings in your adoption journey!

  18. Dear Neil & Jennifer,

    We are walking the same road that you are on… waiting, hoping, (fundraising), learning to thank God for His timing in our lives. One thing that has astounded me has been the outpouring of love & support we have received from other adoptive families. It is our honor to make a donation and to pray for your children. Our arms are heavy with the emptiness today, but we wait with great Hope and anticipation that God is weaving together a story that we will one day look back on and thank Him for every second we waited. Part of our story now includes you and your family on our prayer list….:)

    Blessings to you both,

  19. I will be purchasing a “visa” gift card so that I can make a donation soon (hopefully in the next couple of days). But until I am able to make that purchase/donation, I will be praying for Jennifer & Neil and the child(ren) the Lord will be placing in their home & hearts.

  20. Neil and Jennifer- I am so thankful that the Father has his own perfect idea of perfection for our life! He has already painted that picture to for your life too, and in His timing he will reveal it, perhaps one brush stroke at a time. In the end you will know and understand His will and it will be PERFECT. 🙂 Hugs!

  21. Jennifer and Neil, my husband and I enduring infertility as well. We too are in the midst of saving money (mostly by living on his income and saving mine) for an adoption, which will most likely be international. Blessings.

    “Well He knows what best to grant me
    All the longing hopes that haunt me
    Joy and sorrow have their day
    I shall doubt His wisdom never
    As God wills, so be it ever
    I to Him commit my way.”
    (from the hymn “All Depends on Our Possessing)

    “Though You have made me see troubles, many and bitter, You will restore my life again, from the depths of the Earth You will again bring me up.”
    Psalm 71:20

  22. What blessing to adopt. After trying for many years, my brother and sister in law lost 1 child and then couldn’t conceive anymore. They chose to adopt almost 8 years ago and picked up my niece Mary Grace from the Hospital. I’m thoroughly convinced that GOD made their baby inside of someone else’s belly. She fits so well into our family. I pray that you have a similar experience and truly know GOD’s Blessings for your family!
    Blessings always In HIM,

  23. God is faithful. “Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it.” (1 Thess. 5:24) I am proud to have donated and wish your sister and brother-in-law the very best on their adoption journey!

  24. I often think, “What if my daughter was born to someone else.” It helps me remember that we are all children of God and someday I hope that I can adopt and show a child what God’s love looks like. His heart is wide open. This fundraiser is such a great idea! I just donated and I will be praying that many more do the same!

  25. I donated because I truly believe in what you are doing. I think it’s a wonderful gift to be able to show love to a child who so desperately needs it. May God bless you in your endeavor.

  26. Neil and Jennifer, may God bless you on this journey! He has a good plan for you, to give you a family!! So many children are in need of loving homes, it’s beautiful to see good Christian family desiring to provide a home for some of these little ones.

    Although not able to donate very much at this time, as we are preparing for missionary service in Africa, I hope God uses all these small donations to cover the costs for you!

  27. Donated; God’s heart is for orphans… the choice to adopt is a wonderful exression of His heart for the lost and orphaned… which we all are until we come to Him! May He make straight your path, providing for you each step and directing you to the child/children He has called you to shepherd! We are happy to help you reach out to a child!

  28. We are in the process of adopting as well, and have been waiting for a child a year now. The Lord has perfect timing! And He owns the cattle on a thousand hills. He will provide for you guys in His timing. Bless you on this journey

  29. Jennifer & Neil, Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. I am so excited to see where God leads your adoption! 🙂 We have had the blessing of knowing many adoptive families, and they are truly miracle families. God has a plan, in His timing it will happen. Jennifer, I can tell you are going to be an excellent mother! 🙂 We’re so happy to help you and your growing family out. How blessed you are to have such a caring and compassionate sister, too. I have one of those, too! Jenny

    Caroline, I happily posted a link on my facebook. 🙂

  30. My family knows how it feels to want to conceive so badly. Jennifer’s story really touches us. We pray that our donation blesses her and her family!

  31. Jennifer and Neil,
    We’re praying for you still! We can’t wait to meet the new life that will soon become a part of your family.
    Jessi and Brian

    God Bless

  33. What an exciting journey! Donated, wish we could give lots more! We hope to adopt in the future also and I’d love to read updates on the process. 🙂

  34. My husband and I both dealt with infertility for three years until God gave us a beautiful baby girl.I pray for encouragement and strength through this trying time. Just know God is here with you through it all!

  35. God bless you for wanting to bless a child.Every child deserves loving parents. I will keep you in my prayers.

  36. Jennifer and Neil,
    I stand with you in agreement that the Lord Will meet your financial needs according to His riches and glory. I will pray for this blessing to begin your family.
    Also, check out, they buy unused/boken gold, silver and platinum jewelry. It is an easy way to have a party and make some $$. A non-profit organization can have a fundraiser and make $$ too. (referred by me)

    I also shared this fundraiser on my FB and Twitter page.!/hollyworld!/HollyforHouse

    Holly Henderson

  37. Just donated and left them a comment on their blog. Love when people adopt, our oldest is adopted we struggled with infertility for almost 5 years than after our adoption was final, God has opened my womb 4 times so far

  38. We gave to your adoption journey. As a family that has grown through adoption, we can testify to the amazing provision of the Lord. Adoption is dear to His heart. When we adopted, our oldest daughter, around 8 at the time, saved her money and gave it to us as a gift at Christmas for adoption. In my heart I thought, how could her 10+ dollars make a dent in our adoption expenses. The Lord quietly spoke to my heart that He used a few small fish and loaves to feed thousands. Well, God did use her. I shared that story on an adoption grant application. We received a grant and the lady we worked with commented that she was impressed with our daughter’s heart. Through that grant, God raised over $9,000 dollars. You will look back, when you have your child in your arms and see HIS incredible hand of provision.

  39. Hello, just donated. What an awesome thing. Imagine if we, as followers of Christ, pulled together like this more often!! I feel so blessed to be part of this journey. Our family will be praying for Jennifer and Neil.

  40. What a wonderful cause! I am glad to donate. We will be starting on the adoption journey soon and the finances of it all is totally overwhelming. But I know God will bring it all in some way or another. Thank you for doing this for your new little niece or nephew. =-)

  41. I am very excited for Jennifer and Neil! My husband and I are four years into infertility…so we understand the heartache of being childless, but we also know the hope of adoption! My husband and I are excited to be able to donate towards this adoption. We are blessed to be a part of this wonderful journey and look forward to reading more as it progresses! We hope this will be us someday (adopting a blessing from God). Love and blessings, Jasmine

  42. Thank you for the opportunity to help your sister and hubby. Our children are such a blessing in our lives and I can’t imagine life without them. May God bless them with a quiver full. 🙂

  43. May the Lord Yeshua bless you so mightily with the children of your heart!!! I pray that all the resources that you need are provided, along with supernatural favour with all organisiations, countries, those in authority and every person along the journey you have along the path of His divine Will… Glory!!!! <3

  44. God tells us that He has known us since before we were born. He knew when & where we were conceived & that He has made us perfectly & wonderfully…the baby you are “growing” in your heart He already knows!! He has already chosen that child for you. What a blessing knowing that God has it all worked out & I pray that you will hold that baby in your arms very, very soon!!

    I wish I could fill your donation pot completely so you could get that sweet baby more quickly!!! I have shared your story on my fb page and hope that your goal is met super quickly!! May God richly bless each of you & may that sweet baby know exactly how much they were loved before they even got here to you!!!!

    And Praise the Lord for your sister that loves you so much!!!

    Please share pictures when your baby arrives!! We are praying for you!! And don’t ever get defeated or concerned, we are all standing beside you holding up your arms!!

  45. What a wonderful thing to do. I left a donation for you, and I pray that God will really use this fundraiser toward bringing you your child. My husband and I looked into adopting, but due to his physical condition most countries will not allow us to adopt. I’m happy to help others on this path. 🙂

  46. Praying for you both! My husband and I went through four years of infertility before God opened the womb and blessed us with our daughter (who’s now four). Her birth was followed by two consecutive miscarriages, and the birth of a son (who’s now one) that we were told was miscarrying, too, and I am currently 25 weeks pregnant with a second son. God definitely took us on a path we would never have chosen for ourselves, but He drew us to Himself in ways that I don’t think would’ve been possible apart from the pain and loss. He has used our story to impact those around us in amazing ways (the look on the doctor’s face when he saw a baby and a heartbeat after telling us we were miscarrying was priceless and I know a gift from God to testify of His greatness to all present). I only hope hearing our story will encourage you to trust more in Him and to know that He is more than able to go beyond all of our wildest dreams (I never thought I would be able to get pregnant without any drugs or so quickly, but here I am pregnant by His grace!). God has amazing things in store for your family, and you will be in our prayers! It is an honor, privilege, and a blessing to be able to help you in this. The most encouraging thing I know to tell you is something I’m sure you already know, but trust in what you know about God and His character and not in the situation you find yourselves in. God is always perfectly righteous, all-loving, omnipotent, and has promised to never forsake us, leaving us the Comforter in His Holy Spirit.
    “He maketh the barren woman to keep house, [and to be] a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.”-Psalm 113:9
    Love in Christ, dear brother and sister! And may He show you His exceedingly abundant mercy and grace through this!

  47. Neil and Jennifer I pray that God will bring a special child into your lives. Blessings to you on your journey. I am so thankful that I am able to help in a small way. I hope that everyone who sees your blog will donate.

  48. God bless you on your adoption journey…we have traveled this road over a few times with great delight and LOVE to help others do the same! Donating and shared on facebook 🙂

  49. hi! we just donated… wish we could give more, but hope it helps! may the Lord bring you a precious baby in your arms soon!

  50. I have a friend who just got back from Peru with her new baby and God has blessed them tremendously as will He bless you too! Praying God’s will in your lives as well as the life(s) of your babies He will bring to you! Your sis in Christ, Ashley.

  51. Dear Neil and Jennifer,

    I am so glad the lord has led you to this path. I speak to you as an adopted child myself and I can speak with great honestly that you are going to greatly change and bless the life of the child that you are taking in. No matter where the lord leads them in their life they can look back to the angels in their lives that the lord sent them as parents, and know that this is the roots the anchors that have kept them floating without purpose from home to home or through tragedies in life the way so many others who will not have the blessing this child does will. I know without my wonderful parents my mom and dad who took me in as a small infant I would not be the woman I am today and would not have had as beautiful of life as I do with my own little ones. I know you think this child will be your blessing and fill the void you are so missing but the child you bring in will never be able to express in words the profound impact you have in their lives by giving them love faith and security. Thank you both for taking this road. God Bless .

  52. Know your not alone in this journey…My husband and I both are going through this and have been since weve been married…Weve done IVF twice until we both lost our jobs and our insurance. I had a miscarriage on my second IVF and we moved onto adoption. It was the easiest decision of our lives and pray one day to be blessed. Im not able to send a donation as my husband just got laid off once again but Wishing you all the best!!

  53. God is amazing and I am so glad you are sharing this with others! I know God will Bless you and this child!

  54. We donated as well! Praying our God multiplies it to meet every need & that He brings that sweet little blessing home soon!

  55. Shalom Caroline,
    I do not know you, I just found your site the other day. When I saw this fundraiser for your sister and brother-in-law, I was touched by it. My heart goes out to those who have not had children (yet) and yet, they want them. I hope in my future to have a large family but only the Father knows that. But, I just wanted to leave a comment to say that I just donated (under my father’s name) and that I am praying for Neil and Jennifer. I pray that they will not only be blessed with a adopted child, but that the Father will open Jennifer’s womb so that they may have biological children as well … for in Him ALL things are possible.

    Blessings, ~Sarah

  56. My parents didn’t have me until after 10 years of marriage. Today they have a total of eight children with five biological, one with the Lord, and two adopted. Adoption is incredible!!

  57. My heart goes out to you. While I am pro-choice, I have a deep respect for pro-life families who adopt. It shows a true commitment to your beliefs. Anyone strong enough to truly live what they believe deserves all the help in the world. I pray that God sends a lucky child to your loving home very soon.

  58. Keep hopeful. I have had quite a few families around me adopt and it is a long process. It does happen and when it does being a parent is amazing, as I’m sure you know. I hope you make it there soon. Someday soon and we can hear more of your story. My husband and I want to have another one then adopt out of the foster system. Hearing adoption stories really makes us smile.

  59. Dear Neil and Jennifer,
    I believe that those who welcome an adopted child into their family are amazing, may God bless you throughout this process and hold you close through each step.

  60. Trusting God will provide the money for ya’ll! Just remember that God has a special plan for you all. He opens and closes the womb! think of Sara and Hannah, oh and Elizabeth. God had a reason for their infertility…to glorify HIM! 🙂 I helped by donating some.

  61. Neil and Jennifer your story is emotional and I pray that you get all the funds you need. God can do amazing things, I’m currently raising funds as well to pay rent while I’m serving at a church camp and I have been so blessed by friends and by extra jobs to earn money. I am not married yet so I have not had the chance of my own but children are amazing. I have worked with them for years and I myself want to adopt once I have a stable home to place them in (I’m a college student). This post was timely and very touching, I’m currently deciding majors and Social Work is the top of my list and I desire to work with Pregnancy Care centers or the Foster care system. Long story short thank you for letting your sister/in-law share your story. May your house soon be blessed by a child (or children).

  62. We will be keeping you in our prayers throughout this journey. The Lord will indeed bless you abundantly, for you are so very, very dear to Him! He will not abandon you.

  63. You both are in my thoughts and i wish you the best of luck. We also struggled with infertility and know how hard it can be!

  64. We will pray for a smooth adoption process. We’ve been through this journey, but were unable to see it to its completion. But we learned that it’s a true miracle in itself. 🙂 Blessings to you and your family!

  65. Blessings to you Neil and Jennifer! May God bring you exactlyt the child for your family at exactly the right time. We know He will and He is ABLE! May He give you patience and peace as you wait and also when you are raising your children.

  66. I have encouragement from our own journey of adoption. My husband and I too had problems getting pregnant. At the time it was the biggest trial that we had even gone though and I didn’t understand why God would not bless us with children. During that time we kept my husband’s autistic nephew during the summer months to give his mom a break and be a godly influence in his life. His bio mom was having a hard time with his disability and we felt led to ask to adopt him since we had helped care for him since he was small and God was not giving us our own baby. She said no. We were very disappointed and continued to ask God for a baby while keeping the nephew over the summers. Long story short, God blessed us with 2 boys and the week that our first boy turned 2 and our second son was born my husband’s sister called out of the blue to offer custody of his nephew. Things were getting hard for her and she remembered our offer from 4 years before. She then signed over rights allowing us to adopt him. What a story that could be only orchestrated by God! We joke that boys were a buy one get one free special that week for us. looking back we can see God’s hand in it all, we would have never offered to adopt this boy had we gotten pregnant when we wanted. God is in control and His timing is perfect, we have since had a baby girl bringing our children to 4 and hope to have many more both biologically and adopted.

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