If you are hoping to come on here and find some inspiration for your 4th of July outfit, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint. I gave up on putting together some amazing 4th of July outfit, it just didn’t seem worth it to go buy expensive maternity clothes for one day right now, so I’m going to make do with my Stitch Fix blue polka dot shirt and a skirt. 🙂

We decided Friday night to go out of town and see my dad and step-mom who live 31/2 hours away. I shared some pictures on my Instagram account of our swimming adventures, it was an beautiful pool in a super fancy neighborhood, and was a special treat!

Pink and white striped maternity dress

Pink and white striped maternity dress

The dress is from Target, and while I normally am not crazy about the high/low look, this one is really comfortable and the high look starts low enough. Ha! I hate wearing anything but maxi length right now because I know my varicose veins look horrible, but sometimes I just can’t help but wear something a little cooler because of the summer heat.

Pink and white striped maternity dress

I wore a bright pink lip stain for the day, just for a splash of color. Sometimes it feels really bold, but it went well for this outfit and I needed the color. I don’t often braid my hair like this, but it felt perfect for the hot summer day!

What I Wore

Dress – Sleeveless Dress by Ingrid & Isabel

Cami – Short Sleeve Halftee

Shoes – from Marshalls

Earrings – Paparazzi

Makeup – Younique

Link Up Time!

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  1. Hello Caroline,

    Thank you for hosting. You look so chic and fresh. I think there will be a baby girl soon. Have a great week ahead. I brought a dish from home..Filipino Chicken Tocino.

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