Today we have something special! Two friends of mine graciously agreed to be highlighted on Modest Monday, so their pictures are below. I hope that these weekly pictures are giving you inspiration and new ideas on how to dress modestly! 
Jessica from Candle in the Night blog  is a mommy of two little girls 21 months and under. So she is busy! She still manages to get to church looking cute and put together! 
I love Jessica’s scarf, it really adds a lot to her whole outfit. She is wearing boots, which adds a whole different feel to the outfit than if she had worn black dress shoes. 

You can’t see the back of her hair, but it was gorgeous! She had it curled and pulled up in a flexi clip from Lilla Rose
Jessica is a nursing mom, so while she looks very put together and cute, this outfit is also practical and meets the demands of a little girl who wants to eat and cuddle with her mommy! 
Patty is a mom of two little boys two and under. Patty’s strength in her wardrobe is that she knows what colors complement her red hair (which is beautiful! ). Wearing the right colors for your skin and hair makes a huge difference. You can look glowing and alive, or washed out and blah depending on what colors you wear. 

Patty is a nursing mother also. She is wearing a nursing dress but you can’t tell since she wears a pretty sweater over it. A necklace adds a simple touch to her dress. She has brown Mary Jane type shoes on (sorry I cut her shoes off in the picture). 
Now I want to hear from you! The first Monday of every month I’m adding a link up to this post so you can share your outfits or blog posts on modesty and femininity. Please link up below, and grab the Modest Mondays button to put on your blog post so others can come and visit! 



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10 Comments on Modest Monday {And A Link Up!}

  1. This isn't a topic I have blogged about so I have nothing to link-up this week. But now that you've brought it up 🙂 I'll have to give it some more thought! And in the meantime, I'll enjoy looking through all the posts that join you here to learn and be inspired!

  2. I love that beautiful blue that Patty is wearing! And I'm totally stealing Jessica's boot/scarf idea soon; I'm so terrible at accessorizing and deciding which shoes to wear (especially to church…sigh).

  3. I really like the second pic. I'm a plus sized women, and it's nice to see how a plus sized woman can look very pretty and modest!

  4. Hannah,

    Patty sewed her nursing dress, and I think she even came up with the design. We are working on possibly offering a nursing dress this spring on The Modest Mom!

  5. Can't wait to join in on this one another week. (I had major surgery and am not at all feminine right now! I'm to swollen to fit into anything but sweats and hurt to much to bother with hair!)

  6. Such cute outfits 🙂 I love the use of scarves, they can really dress up a simple shirt and make it look fabulous. Sorry about all my linky's (Spring Dreams)- I was having problems with the link up!

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