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Saturday we had a fun day baking Christmas cookies at my mother in law’s house. It’s become a yearly tradition, we always did it years ago with my mom, and once I was married we invited my mother in law to do it with us. Now that my mom is no longer here, my mother in law always hosts it, and we have a fun time. Though the heartache is always present because my mom is not there baking with us. ((Hugs)) to all of you who have that same ache this holiday season. I always miss my mom but Christmas time just makes it harder.

I had fun doing some editing of the first two pictures from cookie bake. The first one is supposed to have a vintage look to it.

What I Wore:

Long Denim Rainbow Skirt –Deborah & Co.

Red Knit Top – Target (last year I think)

3/4 length cropped shell (We will have long sleeve halftees in stock this coming week!)

Brown Boots-Thrift Store but you can find similar here

Gold and Red Earrings: Deborah & Co.

Baking Cookies with my oldest daughter! I love using my Bosch Mixer for big batches of cookies!

These pictures were taken Sunday. I finally wore the new formal evening skirt and I LOVE it! The skirt flows so nice, and I like that it is fully lined so you don’t have to wear a slip under it.

Wearing my hair up in a Lilla Rose Flexi Clip. I braided the sides of my hair, then twisted it all up in a size large clip. 

Wear a flower pin on my sweater. My almost one year old nearly destroyed it by the end of the day! Take heart young mom’s, I understand it’s hard to accessorize sometimes!

Black Shoes from Walmart

What I Wore:

Formal Evening Skirt: Deborah & Co. 

Grey Sweater: Kohls

Flower Clip: Kohls

Black Shoes: Walmart (several years ago)

Earrings: Wired Vintage Etsy Store

Flexi Clip: Lilla Rose

Makeup: Cowgirl Dirt

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15 Comments on Modest Monday Outfits & A Link Up!

  1. Thank Deborah! My mom passed 2 yrs ago, the day AFTER Christmas, so Christmas is always just that much harder. A reminder… :-(. We spent Christmas 2 yrs ago in hospice, what a way to spend Christmas. At least my mom had her whole family there. Something she wanted for many years.

    • Oh I’m so sorry Danielle. That would be incredibly difficult to have that date to remember right after Christmas. It’s such hard thing to lose a mother, you literally lose your best friend. We were there with my mom when she passed, such a bittersweet memory. I had prayed for months that I would be there with her when she passed and I was so glad the Lord took mercy on me and let me be there.

      • Oh Caroline, forgive my brain this morning. Not sure what I was thinking, even as I typed Deborah I was thinking, this doedn’t seem right.

        Thanksgiving is also hard, that black Friday she was given the weekend to live.

        Thank you, we spent many days with her those last days. So grateful I aas able to travel to go to her. Each day does get better, I miss calling her everyday the most. The stories she would tell me, and I wasn’t really paying attention to. Or the food she would make that I wish I had asked her how she made it. Things you think you have years to ask about. One thing I tell people now, we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, nor our loved ones, ask those questions today. Say the I love you’s etc. I think the tragedy in CT put it in perspective for everyone.

  2. Thanks so much for hosting! My daughter and I enjoy looking at the beautiful outfits you feature each week. She is 9 and it is so encouraging for her to see the promotion of modesty and beauty instead of the images that society bombards us with everyday. Many blessings to you! Lisa

  3. You look beautiful! I love your pictures every week, and I love the link-up. I get more traffic from your site than any other. It’s such a blessing to me and my blog! I also love visiting with the other ladies each week. It makes me look forward to Monday mornings 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to invest in others.

  4. You look great, and you are so blessed to have your mother-in-law help you carry on traditions so that they will have meaning for your own daughters down the road. This is my first Christmas without my mother, who passed into heaven unexpectedly at the young age of 50 right before Easter. It’s been so difficult, because we lived far apart anyways, and Christmas 2011 was the last time she flew out to be with my family – so I’m going through all the familiar routines thinking about last year and how it’s been a full year since my children last saw her. I so enjoy your posts and I enjoy supporting your business. God’s blessings on you and yours.

    In Christ,

  5. I love your tradition of baking. I’m not linking to you today because I did my post today and didn’t realize this was still open so I didn’t put your button on my post. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am so excited to see you baking with your daughter. I got the biggest heart tug this weekend when my daughter (now 22) texted me a photo of a baking day with her boyfriend. Read my story here:

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