It’s that time of year when I wish I could just sit by a roaring fire all day long with a good book, but life must go and so I dress as warmly as I can!

Dressing modestly in the winter months can look something like this –

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Lots and lots of leggings and tights! I personally don’t like how tights feel (I’m always tugging at them to stay up!) so I wear leggings with boots.

As for my favorite leggings, I’m wearing some I found at Costco. They are soft, but not as warm as I would like. I’ve heard a lot of ladies suggest these fleece lined leggings and that they work well for tall ladies as well. It’s definitely on my list to get a pair!

You might notice I’m not wearing leggings in this picture. That’s because they were all dirty, so I was just cold all day!

I don’t normally wear denim to church on Sunday mornings, but I wanted to wear this new sweater and it really just goes with this skirt. I thought it looked dressy enough with the boots.

Someone recently asked me if I still wear jeans sometimes. I really haven’t found a pair that I like, they all feel so tight after wearing skirts for almost all of my life! At this point I mainly just wear skirts and dresses. I’m not against wearing jeans once in awhile with the right top, but I’ve realized I’ve opened up the door for my girls to wear jeans way more than I prefer. We recently had a long talk about that with them. 🙂

I love this sweater! It’s so cheerful and warm, and the colors are perfect! I’m wearing a medium and it fits perfectly. It says hand wash, but I wash it in the machine and then lay flat to dry. It comes out great! They have several other colors available.

I don’t talk about wearing perfume on the blog because almost every scent gives me a massive headache! What I started doing last year was wearing essential oils as perfume, so I had Stress Away on this day. It serves a two-fold purpose, it smells great and really lives up to it’s name as being great for relieving stress. It’s my mom go to oil for when I’m stressed!

It comes in the premium starter kit (along with a beautiful diffuser) and there is a special offer for free shipping this month! I’ve never regretted getting this kit, we use it constantly!

Do you like being bundled up during the winter months, or do you prefer summer clothing? I’d love to know!



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  1. I had to have a talk with my daughter about wearing jeans all the time as well. It’s hard because yes, I think they’re ok but I also was raised skirts only so I find them hard to get used to! My husband likes when I wear them. 😜

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