I guess I’ll just come out with it.

We are not going to jump onto the Disney Plus bandwagon. 

Now before I explain why, please know that I say all of this with much love, and this is strictly my own opinion. It’s not gospel truth; it’s what our family has chosen.

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The last part of 2019 I’ve heard so many people be excited about Disney Plus. People are canceling their other streaming services and jumping on the Disney Plus service and are ecstatic about having all the classic movies available in one spot.

I wasn’t even going to try, and then lots of my children got sick right after Christmas.

So I signed up for the free 7 day trial.

Sean and I both looked through it, trying to find something we could watch as a family.

We looked, and looked, and looked.

And frankly, we were not impressed. We already canceled the free trial.

I know this is not a popular opinion. It’s growing less and less popular as every year goes on. But we try to be careful with what we let our children watch.

Before you think we are some perfect family over here that never watches anything, let me assure you, that is not the case. We enjoy a family movie night, and our children would watch a movie every day if we let them!

Sean and I had a long talk about this recently. We have to be so careful and on guard with what we watch is because it’s in our natural human desire to want to sit down and just watch a movie together.

It’s fun.

It’s entertaining.

If we watch a movie as a family, it’s an hour and a half that we don’t have to be terribly responsible as parents, we just sit back and let everyone watch the movie.

But it’s also a huge, never-ending stealer of our time.

Time is such a precious thing. You can’t buy it. You can’t get it back. You don’t earn the right to have more of it than what is already given. It’s just there, and you have to be careful with how you use it.

For our family we battle and fight against time and media.

We have set limits on the iPad we own. The children are supposed to be able to play games on it 20 minutes on Friday. It’s rare that a week goes by where that limit is strictly enforced though. Someone gets sick and we let them play, or a younger child is super crabby and we give in to the advantage of using the iPad as a babysitter.

There are even time limits set on our oldest son’s phone. At times he grumbles, but deep down he knows it’s best and that he can get so much more done with his life if he is not glued to a phone.

We made a decision years ago to not let our children watch all the Disney movies. They have seen some, but not many of them. My girls have never seen Frozen, or Tangled or many of the classics like Beauty and the Beast and Snow White. We try to avoid movies with evil witches and sorcery, and most of the Disney cartoons feature that.

Our boys have never seen Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Batman, Superman, Avengers, Harry Potter…the list goes on.

They have seen historical movies, like Gods and Generals, Gettysburg and Dunkirk. We draw the line at movies like Saving Private Ryan, because of how gory and intense it is.

What we see will never go away. Sean watched a lot of horror movies as a teenager and he can’t undo that, and hates even talking about them with me. I’ve given into watching things over the years because I hear so many other people talking about them, and think they surely must be ok if all these other people are watching them. I regret that, and it’s one of the top things on my list for this year to change.

The things we watch shape us, mold us, and help create our values. Each family has to decide what they are comfortable allowing in the home, and it will look different. But it’s a very important discussion to have. Don’t turn on the tv or go to the theatre without ever having the discussion of what your family values are and how those inform what you will/will not watch.

Otherwise you might find it the other way around. You might find that what you allow yourself to watch informs your values in ways it shouldn’t.

Media isn’t neutral. For every good theme you’ll find in a movie or show you’re likely to find twice as many bad ones. And that’s just Disney. A lot of shows/movies today  have no redeemable value to them. None. They’re toxic and they’ll ruin your mind and spirit if you let them.

Take a minute to stop and reflect on what values you are wanting to pass onto your children. Should you do a media fast? Purge your DVD collection? Or do you feel comfortable with what you are letting your children watch?

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15 Comments on Why We Haven’t Joined Disney Plus

  1. I agree – this is such an important topic and media is here whether we like it or not. Although my husband and I both had tvs in our homes growing up, we agreed not to get one when we were married (20 years ago!) We have cell phones, an Ipad and computers and do put limits on those (we have two teens and a pre teen). We do like family movie night but it’s more like old black and white tv shows that we get off YouTube on the computer. Even if most movies and tv shows had some redeeming value, there is the time factor. Sometimes I feel like if I did nothing, it would overtake our lives! So it’s definitely something that’s at the forefront of my mind, especially with our kids. Stay strong even though current opinion (even conservative Christians!) is to watch almost everything!

  2. Thanks for this post! For a long time, I didn’t want Disney Plus either, but getting it was the compromise for cancelling Netflix.
    My husband is adamant that our kids (ages 4 & 2) know superhero movies and I feel like they watched them too soon. I grew up pretty sheltered from a lot of movie and tv shows, while my husband grew up in an abusive family situation that used non-stop tv as the babysitter. Sadly, he was exposed to adult themes/horror movies at the age of 5, He has a hard time understanding that most PG & PG-13 movies are inappropriate for our kids.

    Unfortunately, I can’t change the fact that my kids have seen all the superhero movies. But I’ve managed to ward off Harry Potter and Frozen 2 (although I’ve received a lot of flack from friends). My 4yr old freaked out from Toy Story, so I’ve been able to use discernment to help convince my husband. In the meantime, more prayer as our kids gets older.

    • I do not know how old your children are, but there are some great movies about people and their heroic deeds out there that I am sure your chi,seen might enjoy!

  3. gently, I am but a heathen to you Christians but I do have an opinion on good Movies. I do not like the Potter Movies as an consider the story to be rather uninspired and basically a rewrite of the Tolkien Works. But I love Rowling Phantastin Beasts and where to find them. Eragon is also worthwhile for those so inclined. My Boys enjoyed *The BookThief* a Vera good movie about the Nazi Regime and its Impact. I can also heartily recommend
    The Book and the Movie of *Das fliegende Klassenzimmer* by Erich Kästner, one of Germany’s greatest writers.

  4. This site has some good movies with English subtitles and I am sure there are English versions aviable as well. https://www.goethe.de/ins/gb/en/spr/unt/kum/dfj/dkk.html
    I can not recommend the works of Erich Kästner enough, although the old movies are better (the language is true to the Books) I believe it is important for and Young Person to know about the Nazi Regime, not just the War but the madness of the system. Most schools here begin talking about it by 8th grade.

  5. Wow, I am super-impressed with your boldness here, and with your willingness to share. Thank you!!! We are really struggling with the media thing right now, and I so welcome your input. Good job for being willing to put that out there despite the flack I’m sure you’ve received over it. Thank you again!

  6. That’s the craziest thing I have ever read! Go Pretend things bad don’t happen and shelter your child till they are incredibly depressed..Frozen! Really? Lol My child loves frozen and I can’t imagine ever hiding her from that.. I can’t imagine hindering them by not letting them enjoy some good movies because they “act out witches? Or pretend a world with them? Yet, We encourage imagination in play? But it’s not Ok on the television!

    • I knew that not everyone would understand our viewpoint, and that is ok. It’s just our personal belief. We definitely don’t shelter our children, we talk to them about many things going on in the world. I see where you are coming from, but we have seen the benefits of not letting our children watch everything out there.

  7. Thank you for sharing this! Our family has chosen to be very selective in what we watch and we often feel alone in our stance, even among our church family. However, we know it is far more worthwhile to focus on the things that God says are important and to avoid watching the things that are against His character, even though it may be hard at the time.

  8. I have put a lot of thought into this topic lately. One thing that stands out to me is this feeling that we “need” to be watching TV or movies in order to be normal. However, when I think over human history, we have only had films or TV for about 100 years. What did people do before then? In the whole of human history, it’s really not that unusual to not watch TV. My family does watch some TV and movies, but I want to make sure it is intentional and not accidental.

  9. I admire you and your husband for your decision I reared my two children in the seventies and eighties – during the era that M-TV became popular. I never allowed it in our home. I’m sure I earned the title Meanest Mother in the World, but like I told them: One day I will stand before God and answer to Him about what I allowed to come through that tv screen. I still look at it that way in my home to this day.

    And about Disney – I stopped giving them my money a long time back when they began “gay days”. I refuse to support them in any form or fashion.

    Blessings and God bless you for being a good parent.

  10. This is the kind of boldness that honors God! I agree with this completely. When my oldest children were young, the Lord convicted me that I should not show my children shows that didn’t honor Godly principles. “By beholding we become changed.” I grew up watching many movies and shows, and it definitely influenced me. My desire is for my children’s hearts to be set on things above and Philippians 4:8, however, our adversary is cooking society like frogs so that sin no longer looks like sin. Would Jesus sit down and watch sin for entertainment?? Of course not! He is our example. Thank you for taking the narrow road on this topic and being willing to put it out there.

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