Lilla Rose Rosey heart

February’s flexi clip has just been released and I think it is beautiful! A lovely combination of hearts and roses, it is the perfect flexi to wear on date night! 🙂  It is already selling out super fast! If you want this clip you really need to order today, because some sizes (like the mini) are almost sold out already!

If you are not sure what size to order, you can go here to watch a sizing video and read more info.


Lilla Rose

Easy yet beautiful hair styles with a flexi clip

Lilla Rose

Lilla Rose offers a large selection of lovely heart items for your hair!

Lilla Rose Heart Flexi

Go here to shop.

2 Comments on Lilla Rose Flexi of the Month!

  1. I ordered my first flexi with your online facebook party. After I got it I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to get the new heart flexi!!!!!!! Thank you for introducing me to something that doesnt give my long hair a headache:)

    Blessings to you!

    • Tiffany,

      I’m SO glad that you like the flexi clips just as much as I do! Being able to put up all my long hair was just wonderful after years of not being able to put it up without a headache!

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