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I used to not have very high opinions of MLM companies. Could you actually earn anything as a normal mom that wasn’t going to require 30-40 hours a week, normally in the evenings and weekends, doing parties and shows? I had pretty much made up my mind that I would never be involved with any sort of company where I was a consultant for them.

That is until I discovered Lilla Rose.

I still remember when Paula Ramn approached me, as a very small blogger, and wanted to know if I was interested in reviewing a flexi clip. I was so skeptical, and told her as much. She assured me that there really was a clip that could hold all of my waist length hair, and so I told her I’d try a clip and do a review.

After trying the Princess Tiara in a size large I was sold on the concept of flexi clips. A few months later I thought about actually joining the company, as I was so excited to have finally found a clip that would hold up all of my thick, silky hair!

Princess Tiara Flexi Clip from Lilla Rose

The rest is history. I did join, and I remember when I got my first check in the mail that was around $20 I was so excited! I was actually selling some online through my blog. It was an amazing concept to me!

Fast forward 4 years later, I have an amazing group of ladies on my team. 99% of them are all online and  I have never even met them! There are so many different opportunities available, and many different unique ways to sell Lilla Rose.

I’ve only done one home party for Lilla Rose, and have grown my business online. Other unique ways consultants have grown their Lilla Rose business is through sharing at their homeschool co-op, giving out free clips to friends to try, sharing on their Facebook pages, doing online parties through Facebook or doing catalog parties, and yes some do shows and home parties. It all depends on what your situation in life is, and what type of income you want to earn.

Lovely Flexi clip!

There are some unique things about Lilla Rose as a company.

  • What company do you know of that the owner of the company actually personally calls you and welcomes you! John Dorsey, the owner, tries hard to do that!

  • Lilla Rose is owned by John Dorsey, but it is like a family business as he is married with two high school age daughters. I’ve even heard that they have homeschooled, but I don’t know the details if they still are. I just thought that was neat to know!

  • When I call the back office, everyone is incredibly friendly and even knows who I am.

  • The compensation plan is very generous. You can earn 30%-45% commission every month.

  • Last year I was winning several awards that Lilla Rose offers (they have monthly, annual, and yearly awards you get to work towards, and they are attainable awards, not like some trip that only the top salesperson could ever reach!). John Dorsey called me to just tell me I was doing a great job, and keep up the good work. That totally made my day!

Lilla Rose has been a true blessing for our family, and I love that I can be part of a company that offers such lovely and practical products.

I am delighted to share that you can join as a consultant and receive free shipping on any starter kit that you choose through the end of July!

Join Lilla Rose Now!

Five Reasons you should become a Lilla Rose Consultant!

1. Lilla Rose is a young company, with HUGE potential! It is far better to join a company that does not have a consultant in every town, so you have huge potential!

2. Flexi Clips sell themselves! Once someone tries them on, they almost always love them! Soon they will start telling their friends about it, and you will be building up a customer base.

3. There are no monthly fees to meet, and the only yearly requirement is that you have $29 in sales for the entire year! This company does not pressure you; they are an amazing company to be a part of. Your own website is free, which is unusual!

4. You can earn 30-45% commission on all sales, plus receive the same discounts on products you purchase!

5. You can sign up as a casual consultant to merely sell to friends and family, either online or on your Facebook page. Or you can be a more serious consultant and sell at parties and shows. The possibility of a outstanding part time, or even full time income is there, depending on how much time you have to put into it.

Join LIlla Rose Now!

 Some Commonly Asked Questions

“I live outside the USA, can I become a consultant?” 

Lilla Rose only allows consultants who are in the USA only, so that means no Canadian consultants or anywhere else outside of the USA.

“I’m so confused as to what kit I should order, please help me figure out which one is best for me!”

I joined with the Party Kit and it was perfect for when I started. But if I had to do it over again, I would have started with the Fast Start Party Kit Option. Even if you only sell online, it is wonderful to have flexi clips to use for reviews and giveaways, sharing with friends, and building up a personal inventory. Remember, to sell the clips you have to wear them!

When you purchase the Fast Start Party Kit, you are receiving $1,100 worth of clips for $549.95 (plus tax). You are now qualified to earn bonuses on anyone who signs up under you. If you are serious about selling Lilla Rose it is an excellent, one time only opportunity. Once you join you cannot purchase the Fast Start.

“Can I choose what clips come in my kit?”

You cannot pick what clips you would like in your Party Kit. If you are getting the basic Party Kit, you will receive 5 clips, mini through large in a variety of styles.

If you are wanting to earn some extra income, this is a fantastic opportunity! Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help other women earn a little extra income!

10 Comments on A fantastic opportunity to earn money as a stay at home mom

  1. I LOVE lilla rose! I am interested in doing this just for the discount… but I Would probably not sell to anyone but myself and maybe some friends… cam I be a consultant if I am only planning on doing that? Can you cancel your “consultantship” and is there a penalty for doing so?

    • You have to purchase $29 a year to stay active as a consultant. If you don’t spend that amount, your account goes inactive.

  2. Hello. I just bought my first flexi-clip (after trying to convincing myself for about 2 months haha), and I LOVE it. I would be interesting in doing the consulting, but I don’t know a lot of people where I can market the clips. I recognize that the fast start is a wonderful deal/savings; but I just don’t know if I could sell that many. Would it be worth me signing up to be a consultant with only the party kit? I don’t have a blog or anything.

    • You might be surprised with who you end up getting interested in your clips! You might have friends at church, school groups you are involved in, etc. comment on your clips and be interested in them. You could do a really casual open house party at your house, and let your friends play with them while you all visit.

      Lots of people choose the party kit, and quite a few people choose the fast start option. It’s really up to what you can afford and feel comfortable doing.

      • I am a more…. nervous/anxious person. Perhaps I should just do the party kit. And then just start wearing them a lot and sort of “display” them.

  3. Sounds like you’ve found a great company! I love that you’re so successful online, conratulations! I also belong to an MLM company in travel. MLM can offer an opportunity unlike anything else! I love it so much I ended up becoming a home business success coach! Good luck with Lilla Rose, I’ll watch so see if it ever does open up in Canada! =)

  4. Hi I’m interested in selling Lila rose products only through my blog. I think her products are so cute. Could you please tell me if I have to buy her products in order to sell it and then ship them by myself. (Like Mary Kay) Or can I sell it through a link in my blog. I think the second option will be much better for me. Please let me know. God bless you, thanks for the opportunity.

    • Priscilla,

      Hello! You do not have to keep any inventory, you can just use your link on your blog and get orders that way. Having clips in your hair that you can wear and take pictures for your blog really helps, but you don’t have to keep business inventory. I hope that helps!

  5. Oh I am SO interested in this opportunity! I received my 1st Lilla Rose clip last year & now they are all I wear! I LOVE them! I have tried 2 other direct sales opportunities in the past & didn’t even make it a year as not enough people were interested. I like that the clips are reasonably priced. I suppose I could even join & then just buy 1 or 2 myself if I had to, while trying to sell to others. I kinda stink at selling things, though. Wow, this is a long, rambling comment – sorry! I’m definitely going to pray about this!!

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