I thought it would be fun to do something totally different for Modest Monday! Who doesn’t love to look at wedding dresses? I thought I would share some modest wedding dress pictures today. It is so common to find strapless wedding dresses, but you can still find modest wedding dresses, especially online! I used google to find some modest wedding dress websites.

It really is possible to find modest wedding gowns today!

If you are wanting a more casual wedding gown, this is a lovely dress.

This is a lovely ball gown wedding dress!

I really like this dress. I think I would prefer to not have the lace on the skirt part, but it is pretty.

I love the look of this vintage gown! The skirt part reminds me of something Audrey Hepburn would wear!

I really like the flowing skirt on this gown. It reminds me of the long formal gowns of the 1940’s. The neckline is a bit low in my opinion. You always have to remember you are going to be bending over, hugging lots and lots of people on your wedding day!

Such a romantic looking wedding dress!

This is such a romantic looking wedding dress!

I like the modern twist this modest wedding dress has.

I like the modern look of this modest wedding gown.

This two piece wedding dress reminds of the victorian time period.

This two piece wedding dress reminds me a little bit of something from the victorian time period.

I loved Jill Duggar's wedding dress! Such a romantic looking dress.

Finally, here is Jill Duggar’s wedding dress! I thought her dress was lovely, and really appreciated seeing the before and after pictures of how they made this dress modest. Unless you see the before picture you could never guess what this dress used to look like!

I thought this was a fun interview to watch about Jill’s dress, and what Michelle thought of it!

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17 Comments on Modest Monday (Modest Wedding Dress Edition) and a Link Up!

  1. I love those wedding dresses! I particularly liked 1 & 3. I wish I had been more careful with my dress. I modified it a little, but looking back I wish I had modified it more.

    Thank you for helping young women to make good choices that they won’t regret! xx

  2. Ooooh, very pretty! My favorite was number #2. I was fortunate to find a wedding dress with a neckline that wasn’t low but dresses were a lot more modest back when I got married, I think. Thanks for hosting today!

  3. I love these dresses! I know looking back, I wish I had picked a more modest wedding dress. At the time, the current style of wedding dress made it difficult, and I had a lot of pressure to go with the popular style! I still loved my dress, but now know I don’t have to cave to what is popular and what others think!

  4. These dresses are all so pretty!! My mom made my dress (back in the ’80s when “homemade” was seriously frowned upon). It was beautiful and modest. 🙂
    Thanks for hosting another great link up.

  5. My favorites were #3 and #4! My wedding gown was a Gunne Sax dress (It was the 70’s) it was pretty modest although the neckline was a bit low. The thing I loved most was that it had pockets!

  6. Very pretty! Modest dresses are pretty easy to find here in Utah, where about half the brides need one, but I ended up designing and sewing my own with my grandma. It was a special experience, and I got to have a unique dress!

  7. We are knee deep in wedding plans so this was perfect. We did find a modest gown for my daughter–modest in appearance and modest in price. These are beautiful, too. Thanks for hosting! ~Pamela

  8. I really like the first 4 dresses. All beautiful with different styles to them. I like the idea of a series with bridesmaids, flower girl, graduation, and special occasion dress ideas shared.

  9. #5 was my fave. I’m not a fan of all that lace on top. I’d probably be itching all night, and be red from it. I did like the lace on the bottom of # 2 tho. A pretty accent.

    • I’ve always loved the idea of a vow renewal for our 20th or 25th wedding anniversary. It’s such a sweet idea! My husband is romantic enough, I think he would even be willing to do it. 😉

  10. Those dresses are all lovely! I abhor strapless dresses -or as I call them ‘topless’! I’ve altered some wedding dresses and bridesmaid and prom dresses to make them more modest. Even just a wide strap can make a huge difference in the look of the dress. And you don’t have to be buttoned up to your chin and frumpy to be modest! All those dresses you featured are tasteful, modest, and beautiful!

  11. Beautiful dresses! I love ones that look like ‘Cinderella’ myself, with a medium train. So pretty 🙂
    Thanks for hosting the link-up! One of my favs.
    Rachael @ Diamonds in the Rough

  12. I love the idea of having a modest wedding dress! I definitely want to have one that covers me up on my wedding day. You can still find really pretty ones without looking too old fashioned or out of style.

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